Communigram – how we organise ourselves

Shows how our community organises itself in a very unique way. As a forward movement we have chosen to represent ourselves through the geometric structure of the toroidal field. The toroidal field has a donut form. The image shows the centre representing the consciousness we spread into the world through our C2C movement. From this central consciousness many waves are spreading outwards in the geometric form. All these waves represent forms within our organisation each with their specific functions. Everything is connected and nourishes each other.

Our values

Our origin and lineage

“Chances to Change” reflects the endless possibilities to become what is changing.

This is the original message from our spiritual lineage received during a sacred guided meeting in May 2013, Pennsylvania, US.

“The purpose is to make our connectedness visible.  The gift you receive is the integration and accessibility of many teachings and approaches.  We invite you to become a part of a wave of new structures necessary to heal ourselves, our organisations, our systems and our world.

These techniques and teachings have a commonality in that they create the space for us to connect with our inner selves, allowing the emergence of higher levels of functioning and understanding.

Your contribution is important and valuable.  We invite you to join with us the hosts and people from all over the world to exchange, share and contribute our gifts, our skills, our techniques and our adventures.”