Dear magnificent visitor,

I feel deeply honoured and privileged to share with you what the ChancesToChange board game is and how, through synchronicities and guidance, this amazing game came into manifestation.

First of all, let me first introduce my self and share with you who I am. My name is Veerle De Bock and weaving with consciousness is my passion. All that has happened in my life so far has prepared me to be of service to the greater whole and assist all of us to navigate our journey back to unity. As I travel alongside you, I take up different roles as they fit in the emerging moment. These roles can be mother, friend, coach, healer, physician, teacher, channel, writer, pioneer, inventor, doula and many more.

Within the ChancesToChange movement, I am a driving force; I am constantly weaving and connecting consciousnesses, searching for new opportunities, playing, facilitating the marathon, offering circles of comfort, pioneering and inventing, receiving transmissions, insights and revelations. I deeply appreciate and am nourished through our C2C community, the purpose of which is to enhance all life – for each of us individuals, for the greater collective, for all that is seen and unseen.

About the board game, how it all started 

It always gives such joy and pleasure to see where we started from and where we’ve come to.

It all started in December 2016 when I received guidance to create a board game. This was the culmination of a 5-year period of exploration and experimentation with various forms of facilitation and collaboration in Europe and Africa.

I, together with others experimented with a variety of gatherings – some of them we called Guest House Facilitations, others Woman Are Medicine; and we regularly met in what we called “Sourcing” weeks. A “Sourcing week” is a call to gather which emerges through the we-field of ChancesToChange. We source the bigger field of possibilities to give us new insights and pathways into what this game would look like and what it might become.

Through those years, we were guided the whole time by our own powerful spiritual lineages. I have a very clear memory of the moment, during a sourcing week in June 2016, when we channelled the being of the game even before its physical existence.

We were told by this being:

“I am a consciousness that has been around for eons. I am intrinsically interwoven within the fabric of everything. My flow and its connected form will take you to your full potential and to every corner of the universe and allow you to take the next step with grace and ease. You are never alone.”

December 2016 saw the creation of my idea with cardboard, drawing paper, crayons, pens and a set of playing cards. A magical game was born!

After the birthing process, I further developed the idea together with a group consisting of Els Stouten, Eddie Doolan, Undine Whande, Elaine McGoogan with support from Sherry Pae, Leila Forsythe, Sarah Sporn-Koslow, Maaianne Knuth and Kirsten Osterkamp. We all allowed our wisdom and truth to be expressed through the game.

The first printed draft was realised in March 2017 and, as we continued to play, the idea unfolded at a swift pace. By August 2017, the first 200 numbered games were finalised with a great whoop of joy from all of us.

Board, box and cards were printed by Baskerville, a Belgian family business, experts in the production of board games. All the extras in our box were sourced from different suppliers. The paintings on the cards were channelled by Leila and Sherry, the drawings channelled by me. Graphic design and layout came into being thanks to Joren Declerck. By the end of August 2017 the first 200 numbered boxes were complete.

By continuing to play the game into existence during 2018 and 2019 a great deal of energy and new information became available. This inspired us to create a completely revised version of the cards, the playing instructions and the matrix. This version was finalised and printed during the first quarter of 2020.

Sources of inspiration that informed the wisdom of the game 

Thanks to the diversity and many years of experience of the inventors and co-creators of the ChancesToChange board game, wide-ranging sources influenced the creation of the game. We were inspired by these sources, we digested the information and, during the birth process, we shape shifted these inspirations back into the game in a completely new and original way.

Our inspiration came from, among others:

The work of Barbara Brennan and other healing modalities, the work of Panarchy, Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, Ken Wilber and Frederic Laloux, World Café and Art of Hosting, Dynamic and Guest House Facilitation, Process Work van Arnold Mindell, Bruce Lipton and Candace Pert, Byron Katie and Pathwork, family and system constellations, the work of Bert Hellinger, physics with among others Albert Einstein, classical medicine