Overview of C2C Offerings

Our C2C community and movement is all about growth and bringing each and every one of us chances to change.

We’re living through a time in history when change is no longer something we can avoid.  Every day brings change – some changes are welcomed with open arms and others are more challenging.

Our C2C movement has opened its figurative arms – and its heart – to embrace these challenges.  We are adapting and evolving what we offer to help us move through changing circumstances with ease and grace and to navigate our evolution into the unknown.

At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, as an entry into the benefits we experience through playing the game, we introduced a weekly free marathon.

We had such amazing feedback about the benefits experienced by the players that it still continues every week. You can subscribe here to receive an invite.


However, we also realised that more was required in order to support both our community and those committed to their growth and evolution.

Here are some of the chances to change:

  • Facilitator training to help you understand the depth and breadth of the game.

The game guides and gives perspective, that is what we need. The core for me is remembering who we are. The abundance, which you then experience is a real gift and allows you to offer this into the world. – Eric Boydens

  • A journey to weave together all the pieces of you – your personality, soul and bigger I am – as well as all that you have accomplished so far in your life; your magnificent self is then allowed to be present and visible in whatever you do.

Enriched by witnessing the wisdom and beauty in all of us, and in the game. – Johanna Caus

  • The opportunity to join, and help to build, our community: we are continuously evolving and use the support of the game and its higher spiritual purpose to guide us when making choices, when exploring our next steps, when presenting trainings and journey – all of this under the auspices of the energy we call the “being of the game”. We dare to explore the evolution of our community in a new way.


  • Practically we offer support in these changing times in many forms by creating a sacred space where magic unfolds on a level beyond time and space. Our game looks like a two-dimensional field and is, in reality, a tool to communicate in a holographic field.


  • Many of our community offer coaching, facilitating, supervision and mentoring either one-on-one or in groups. They are highly trained and experienced in various forms of coaching and mentoring, combining these talents with the skills and subtleties of the board game – a fabulous combination to navigate life’s challenges. A link to a page with contacts is coming soon, meanwhile you can send an email with what you need to our contact page.