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The Corona Virus a Threat or a Treat? Part three

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How can we expand our awareness to reach beyond our day-to-day reality and access a huge hidden potential which has always existed outside time and space? 

It is fascinating to witness what is happening to us and around us in this moment. The corona outbreak unfolds globally and affects countries and people without any exclusion. This creates a web of fear that is fed by many of us and related to a whole variety of reasons. These reasons are the effects of the infection and the effects of all the measures taken worldwide in attempts to limit the spreading of the virus.

What does the infection mean for you personally, for your loved ones, for the ones you rely on for your daily needs? Are you afraid to die through the infection?

How is your life affected by the measures around the outbreak? How much authority do you give to fear? Fear has no power or effect on itself, it receives power over us by the energy we individually and collectively give it.

In this series of articles, we meet the fear and the Corona Virus and all that comes with it by playing the ChancesToChange board game. We even dare to assume that the Corona virus might be our chance to change!

Let’s start with summarizing.

What did we discover so far

The first article gently starts by inviting us to centre and to listen to our body and its innate wisdom. We realise that our body might welcome the corona virus as a long-awaited guest. The article brings us the awareness of unity consciousness and of the fact that the Corona virus is a form of consciousness belonging to unity consciousness just like you and me. Unity consciousness is an aspect of being human and points to the fact that all our thoughts, feelings and actions affect all the consciousness around us and that we in turn are affected by all the consciousness in the universe.

The second article brings us in direct contact with the Corona virus as it speaks to us through the collective field. Many of us would name that channeling. We will further elaborate on this in this article. The Corona virus shares some pretty amazing content around who and what it is and how it serves the evolutionary purpose of all life! The blue card of movement reminds us how all our choices affect the health of the earth and all life on it. How there is freedom when choices are not based on fear. The second article completed with a great deal of interesting and intriguing questions and there are more questions arising.

How can we have new experiences related with the outbreak of the Corona virus not based upon the imprints in the collective field but on the essence of the collective field? How can we live our lives to the fullest and bring in as much of our totality of our self as possible?

What are the major players in the ChancesToChange board game that enable us to accomplish this.

The major players in the board game

As the image of one of the yellow cards of the game shows, we all have some major players in our life.

Lets have a look at all the main players. Our body (1) provides us as a human being with processes and symptoms related to our experience of what is happening to us and around us. This is absolutely true in this moment. Our body is our most intimate partner in this adventure of being human. Our body partners with our soul (2). Our soul converts all our experiences into consciousness and is the bridge between us as spiritual beings and us as human beings. Our soul has a script of those experiences it wants to have in this lifetime. Maybe the Corona virus outbreak is part of our soul’s script! Our experiences happen in the collective field (3), another major player. The collective field is our playground. We can endlessly repeat our old stories, or we can make changes and write new stories. It is the archive of humanity. The next player is our mind (4) which arises through an interaction between the energy of the collective field, our body and our soul. Our mind processes all the information and energy that comes to us. Our mind is an amazing processor and if disconnected from our body and soul it can become quite a challenge to live our life to the fullest and cope with what is happening to us and around us. Our mind informs another player which is our personality (5), made up of aspects and facets which are constantly changing through experiencing. The Corona virus outbreak strongly affects the roles, titles and identifications our personality has gathered throughout our lives. 

The last major player is silence (6). Silence is a place of rest and a moment of connection with our inner self. Each time we listen in the game we bring our awareness to our centre. We listen from within to source, to our body, to the collective field. The Corona virus outbreak brings a great deal of silence back into our lives.

Are you ready to continue? Remember how the virus can only give its offerings outside time and space. What is outside time and space? How do we get there? We move on to the next section, to the possibility to acknowledge the existence of dimensions and to even travel through them.

The existence of different dimensions

Let’s first see what a dimension is. A dimension is a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. A dimension with a higher frequency embraces and permeates the dimensions with lower frequencies. You see the earth-bound dimensions on the picture. We are particularly interested in the third and fourth dimension. The third dimension is our day-to-day reality with its definitions of time and space. It is a fascinating plane of existence where we can organise our self and live together. It does obey the laws of Newton. The fourth dimension follows the sets of laws and principles of quantum mechanics and is a portal into the collective field (3). The fourth dimension embraces and permeates the third dimension. You see how our body (1) and the earth easily connect with all four dimensions and you also can see how our inner channel (2) can function as a highway between the different dimensions. This inner channel is our intention, the channel grounds our soul into the earth and keeps our soul connected to the spiritual world to carry forth its purpose.

It is important to expand our self into an awareness of the fourth dimension and still function in the third dimension in our day-to-day reality. By playing we easily access the higher vibrational level of the fourth dimension. This happens each time one of the players throws a purple, a yellow or a red dot. These are the turns where we listen. In the listening we centre and align with our body and soul. We bridge from our day-to-day awareness of our mind and connect it with our body and soul. Automatically we ground into the earth and are connected with the spiritual world. We discovered over the past years that we strengthen our inner channel each time we play with the ChancesToChange board game and we are able to reach a great deal more information than we normally did. This can happen through words, images, sensations or sounds or a combination of any of these.


We made a fascinating journey with you playing the ChancesToChange board game while the Corona virus outbreak is unfolding. The major players in the board game are of course also the major players in each of our lives. We realise that within the reality of the third dimension we have limited options to meet the corona virus. How can we welcome the corona virus as a long-awaited guest in our bodies and receive the offerings of our guest in a field that exists beyond time and space. I realise that this is double scary. Meeting the corona virus and traveling out of your known day-to-day reality. And we are invited to expand our awareness out of the comfort zone of the third dimension into the quantum field of the fourth dimension while we still fully embrace the third dimension. As if the corona virus points to a vast potential which resides out of space and time and is always present. We collectively forgot about this vast potential.

We start an “Awareness Marathon” with the ChancesToChange board game. You are all welcome whether you have played with the game or not yet, whether you have a ChancesToChange board game or not. We will explore our inner channel and learn how to expand into the magical quantum field of the fourth dimension.

All that is happening to us and around us is an amazing story, it is a fascinating journey. It is the end of time as we know it and it is a new beginning. The Corona virus is a treat in many ways, already visible and not yet visible. How the outbreak will unfold is partly known and mostly unknown.

Warm regards, Veerle

Veerle De Bock: Each day I add a bit more colour to the world, I colour within and outside of the lines as I take up different roles. My different roles are social entrepreneur, physician, coach, teacher, therapist and most of all facilitator of emerging possibilities (full bio)

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