Building Cathedrals, the Secret of Meaningful Work!

Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Aspects of life

Building Cathedrals, the Secret of Meaningful Work!   There is no difference between important and less important work –work needs to be meaningful for you and aligned with what you want to create in your life! One day in 1671, Christopher Wren observed three bricklayers on a scaffold. He asked all of them the same question, “What are you doing?” to which the first bricklayer replied, “I’m working.” The second bricklayer, responded, “I’m building a wall.” But the third bricklayer, when asked the question, “What are you doing?” replied with a gleam in his eye, “I’m building a cathedral to The Almighty.” Christopher Wren is one of the world’s most famous architects, who was commissioned to rebuild St Paul’s Cathedral after the great fire which leveled London in 1666. Are you a cathedral builder?   Is there important and less important work? Let us imagine a reality story. I am hungry and I open my fridge. This fridge has been made and ended up in my kitchen through the efforts of countless hands, many of which do so-called not important work. Work many of us don’t want our children or the children we care for to end up doing if they are to succeed in life. And this is only the fridge; what about the food, the kitchen, the table and the chairs, the plate and cutlery. It is endless—so many people are involved and needed in the process of feeding me when I am hungry. We can explore this a bit further. Is important work what you would still do regardless of payment, approval and recognition? Our joy is directly related to how meaningful our work is to us, not to the outside world. What growth does our soul accomplish? How alive are we through our work? Maybe what we want most for our children is that they are alive and connected to their souls. Meaningful work may result in the highest good for all. Meaningful work may affect our environment and our children, and it is in itself not the purpose of meaningful work.   How do we become cathedral builders? We are back to our beginning statement. How do we become a cathedral builder? We first need to identify what is meaningful for us. We need to discover thoroughly what we desire to create in our lives. Not what anybody else expects us to create, or what society or our culture expects us to create, not what we so far thought we desired. This process of identifying what we truly deeply desire in this moment is not easy. The next step is to support internally what we desire. This step requires self-love. Self-love is allowing us to be alive through supporting our deepest desire. When we have achieved these two internal steps, we are ready to externally redirect our resources in order to manifest what we...

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Easy Ways You Can Turn Play and Work into a Sacred Marriage!

Posted by on Aug 25, 2014 in Aspects of life

Easy Ways You Can Turn Play and Work into a Sacred Marriage!  Even if you cannot change your outer circumstances, YOU are always available and are an astonishing tool to make your work feel like play!   The recent World Cup Football in Brazil intrigues me and prompts me to wonder if we as human beings might be ready to consider the possibility to see work and play as equal. Millions of people worldwide watched the football games, spoke about it, and engaged in it. We all were looking at how a group of selected people played together as a team and gained a great deal of money and attention by doing so. Does your work feel like play? Imagine what the consequences could be if we equalize work and play.   Watching a Football game We will use the metaphor of football as a story to clarify the relationship between play and work. Imagine you are in front of a big screen and you are watching a football play between Argentina and the Netherlands. You feel the joy of the players; they greet each other with respect and dignity. The game starts, you are at the edge of your seat, so exciting, and you seem to have to look at different sides at the same time, so much is happening. You feel the energy of the players. It is full of joy and excitement. The energy is contagious. This is so beautiful—the two teams respect each other and give each other space to play. You like it, what a pleasure to watch. The first half of the game is gone before you have even checked the time. The goalkeepers have done amazing work, no ball entered their goals. You feel fulfilled and happy.   A football match is worth seeing when there is space for playing, when the football players have fun and engage with the ball. Sometimes they visibly work hard in order not to let the ball enter their goal or to make a goal, and mostly that generates less excitement and inspiration in the spectators.   We know they play with a set of rules in their minds and it seems as if the difference is made when players are able to transcend the box of rules and catch the attention of the public. They do something more than what you expect; they create the circumstances for play, for enjoyment, for creativity.   What is needed for a football team to establish this? Underneath all of this, from my perspective, are again the Harmonizer Souls who hold the space for this to be possible. Michael Newton, the regression hypnotherapist, reminds us of this amazing specific group of souls that are able to transform negative energy. His information arises from his far-reaching research into the afterlife. A coach can be an amazing Harmonizer Soul, not doing...

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