Physics and Reality – A Map for Human Potential Part 2

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Aspects of life

How does classical physics affect our lives, our physical body and personality? Author Veerle De Bock explores how it gives us access to our greater potential. In the first article of this series we explored Quantum Physics and how the Universe is a field of endless possibilities that surrounds and permeates all matter and all living beings. We also discussed the Quantum Hologram that stores all the information that exists within this field allowing many different realities to be available to us in any given moment. Finally, we looked at how all of this is organised to create our reality in this very moment – right now. In this article we will explore how classical physics relates to how we live our lives, how we make decisions, how we act and react and, how we see our reality. We will look at how the magic of gravity and Newtonian Mechanics influence our physical body and the fascinating way that Electromagnetism shapes our reality. Classical Physics and Our Physical Body Our physical body is the vehicle that transports us through our life’s journey. It is with us through all our life-stories and helps us keep track of those stories along the way. Let’s look at what classical physics can teach us about how our bodies pack the stories away. In particular let’s look at the roles played by gravity and the laws of Newtonian mechanics. As we all learned at school, gravity is what allows us to stay on the ground and not fly through the sky as helpless objects. Here is an example of how gravity can help store a story in your body. When I was 30 weeks pregnant with my son, I started having premature contractions. My son also experienced these contractions from inside my womb. He was a tiny baby, too young to be born but, nevertheless, something around him was contracting – we can imagine that, for him, it felt as if something was pushing him out of the safety of my womb. It must have been terrifying; it must have felt really unsafe! His whole system would have retracted trying to stay enveloped in water and completely weightless – he wasn’t ready to experience gravity. Later, as an adult, his body still contains this story of unsafety. He is skinny and does not allow gravity to have much effect on him; it seems as if he floats through his life rather than actually grounding himself anywhere. Newtonian Mechanics, on the other hand, concerns the relationship between force and motion. Electricity is a good example of a force that follows Newtonian Mechanics. Our nervous system transmits messages through our bodies using electrical impulses. An example of how this affects the body is the way in which our nervous and muscular systems work closely together. Electrical currents from specific areas of our brain send messages to...

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Physics and Reality – A Map for Human Potential Part 1

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  How can Quantum Physics affect our daily life? Author Veerle De Bock explores ‘the field of endless possibilities’ that surrounds us and permeates our bodies. Physics is a map that can assist us as we navigate through our lives; delivering us insight and understanding into our fascinating life in this physical body. This map helps us become aware of our astonishing potential and the endless possibilities that exist in the ‘energy soup’ that surrounds us. In this 3-part series, we will examine the different sequences (or categories) of this map and how they relate to our daily life. In part one we will look at quantum physics In part two we will explore electromagnetism, Newtonian mechanics and gravity. Finally, part three will explain how magic resides in the connection between Quantum Physics and Classical Physics. I invite you to embark with me on this fascinating journey as we ask, what is Quantum Physics? How can the different definitions within Quantum Physics affect your potential in your daily life? The interesting sequence of Quantum Physics Nobel prize-winning physicists know, beyond doubt, that our physical world is one large soup of energy, which is organized in a specific way. In the world of quantum physics, nothing is solid. Creation in the Universe happens continuously through flashes of energy that come in and out of being in milliseconds. In order to understand the sequence of quantum physics, we define the Zero Point Field (see the work of Steven Hawking), the Quantum Hologram and Quantum Superposition (see the work of Edgar Mitchell) and Morphogenetic Fields (see the work of Rupert Sheldrake) and, look at the inter-relationship between them. The Universe, a field of endless possibilities The Zero Point Field is the almost unlimited, ubiquitous energy source (or essence) that permeates and sustains all matter and all living beings – it is everywhere. This amazing Field points to our interconnectedness – to how everything in the Universe is linked. In spiritual terms, the Zero Point Field is often called ‘the field of endless possibilities’ and is considered to be the source of all our ideas and dreams as well as the essence of who we are. Nature is an ongoing resource that allows us to experience the endless possibilities that lie outside of us in our daily life. There are many examples. You can perceive them through simply gazing into a cloud-filled sky, through connecting deeply with a tree, through sensing the mountains or perceiving even a single flower. This Zero Point Field is also present inside of us, at our heart. An easy way to connect with it is through our core qualities – those qualities that define who ‘you’ are (empathy, love, integrity, intelligence, purity, endurance, clarity, etc.). Our core qualities are our ‘essence’, the same essence that makes up the field of endless possibilities. Essence relates to our potential. As...

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How our Childhood Stories can Bridge our Soul’s purpose

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Awareness is closely related to how well we understand our inner make-up. Author Veerle De Bock shares five developmental steps that can help this understanding. Throughout childhood, a great deal happens to us and around us. We pack these memories away inside of ourselves as stories that help define who we are. These stories become our beliefs. We act and feel according to our beliefs. Our inner make-up reveals the connection between all these different beliefs and our soul’s purpose. It’s fascinating to look at the contents of our stories in order to reveal our beliefs and gain a greater understanding of who ‘we’ are. The combination of our personal process and our life’s task compose our soul’s purpose. The stories of things that happen to us or around us match the personal process we want to achieve. These stories make our issues clearer for us. We are able to free the gifts specific to our developmental stage. These gifts strengthen the unique life task that we have to fulfil for the world. In this article, we will explore our inner make-up through our childhood development. I will show you five developmental stages that we all go through and connect each of these stages with its unique beliefs. The stories that underlie each belief are unique for each of us. Developmental Stage 1: the need for safety and security This stage lasts from our stay in the womb until the age of 6 months. As a baby we need the safety and security that we get through bonding with our primary caregiver and from having our basic physiological needs met – food, warmth, comfort, rest. The experience of unmet physiological needs creates a lack of safety and a feeling of insecurity. These are the beliefs we harvest: “I’m not wanted.” “Life is unsafe and harsh.” “I have no right to exist.” As adults we still have a part of us that defines itself through these beliefs and their underlying stories. In order for this part of us to grow, we need to be able to create that safety and security inside of ourselves. When we have achieved this, our stories can then change. We enter this physical realm as spiritual beings, and it is hard for us to adjust to our physical bodies. When our spiritual Self feels safe, it is able to incarnate. Then, our gift can surface as an ‘embodied spirituality’. This is a connection with the spiritual world that is lived through our body. We are able to live the sacredness in our daily lives. Developmental Stage 2: the need for approval and recognition From the age of six months until the age of two, we start to develop a sense of self. As a young child, we discern our sense of self by exploring what we like and dislike. When we experience a lack of...

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Why Everything That Happens Affects Everything. Part 3.

Posted by on Nov 22, 2013 in Aspects of life

  Your strong emotions can become your fertilizer. ‘100% responsibility’ is the catalyst, says author Veerle De Bock, to create space for all of ‘you’.  This is the final article in a series exploring how whatever happens is useful. Not only is this true on a personal level, it also affects the ‘being’ of your organizations. The first article looked at how paying attention to simple events in the moment – ‘now’ – and ‘witnessing, asking and experiencing’ offers us doorways to other realities. In the second article we examined the value of the stories people share with us as an opportunity to expand ourselves. We looked at how we can learn to assimilate our own hidden stories and end the vicious cycle of defining ourselves through them. In today’s article we will explore the gift of our strong emotions. We all can recall moments where emotions seemingly appeared out of nowhere to overwhelm us and take us over. Something triggers the emotions and they surface without a conscious thought. Often our mind tries to make sense of the emotion and comes up with a rational explanation after the fact. The truth is that our minds are unable to control our strong emotions when they are triggered and these emotions can often affect the flow in our personal lives and within our organizations. All of our emotions are available within the quantum hologram of the Universe and we are able, in any moment, to make any one of them our reality. This happens when a circumstance ‘now’ triggers (or reminds us of) an emotionally loaded story that happened in the past. In an instant, anxiety, anger, sadness, fear happen to us. We are not consciously choosing an emotion, our emotions just occur through living our life. Mostly what happens is that the other realities immediately collapse and we become anxiety, anger, sadness, joy or fear. The other realities are ‘unknown’ to us as we are taken over by the strong emotion. But what if we could keep these other realities available without rejecting the reality of the emotion we are feeling? This is the secret gift behind our strong emotions. This is how they become our fertilizer. How can we access the gift in a strong emotion? We start with the triad of ‘witnessing, asking and experiencing’. We curiously ‘ask’ and allow the ‘experiencing’ to unfold. When we are sad, anxious, angry or hurt that is precisely what we experience. We witness, without judgment and gently connect with the story attached to this strong emotion. In the story we meet a younger part of us.  We hold space for this younger part of us. We apply ‘100% responsibility’. This simple, magic, healing tool connects us deeply with this young part of ourselves. We hold this young ‘us’ with a lot of empathy, love and acceptance. We say we are...

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Why Everything that Happens Affects Everything – Part 2

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Any story people share with you may offer an opportunity to expand yourself. Author Veerle De Bock invites you to assimilate your own hidden stories. This series of articles invites you on a journey to explore how everything is connected and affects everything. Whatever happens in your life is useful – whether it is a simple event that passes unnoticed or it’s something you do notice but miss the underlying richness of possibilities. In part 1 I introduced the fascinating triad ‘witnessing, asking and experiencing’. We explored how, by extending our awareness, we are more able to pay attention to the moment that is happening ‘now’. We discovered how a simple event such as stumbling on a stone can become a doorway to another reality, which was previously invisible to us. If you missed this article you can read it here. In today’s article, we will look at the importance of paying attention to the stories that people share with you. Each story – whether complex or simple, emotional or rational, spiritual or down-to-Earth – is part of the ‘quantum hologram’ described by physicists. In this quantum hologram all these stories are related – connected with everything that has ever happened in the past and everything that might still emerge in the future. This is the physical law behind my encouragement to pay attention to the stories people tell you – if other people’s stories are connected to our own then we can learn from them. People share their stories with us all the time but how can we learn from them? We apply the ‘witness’ to really listen to the story. The witness becomes an external process where we completely receive the storyteller without ‘doing’ anything or acting upon the story. This open and non-judgemental listening creates an environment in which the storyteller can feel able to share his or her story. The ‘asking’ is an internal process where the story we are being told merges with our own stories. We can gently ask ourselves the simple question: “What is here ‘now’?” The ‘experiencing’ is the internal process of integration through which we become able to perceive pain or other physical sensations, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Often our deeply hidden stories are touched and released as energy moves through us. To illustrate how this works, I invite you to join me on my journey along the Flemish part of the old pilgrimage path, the Way of St. James – one of several paths across Europe that converge on the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, northern Spain. I have been walking all day as I arrive at a Bed & Breakfast. During the evening the woman who hosts the B&B shares with me a story of her childhood. She was the youngest of two girls and many times she felt blamed, humbled and spited by her sister....

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