How ‘Guest House Facilitation’ Affects Your Organization

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in Aspects of life

How ‘Guest House Facilitation’ Affects Your Organization Our organizations are living systems composed and affected by each member. This ‘group being’ encompasses the magic of a future that wants to emerge.   How does it feel to consider the possibility of having an impact on your organization, no matter which role you occupy in that organization? We all matter in this human realm. The key invitation is to give each of us a voice, to listen to each of us, even to the whispers. Imagine how acknowledging a ‘being’ of a group, an organization or a family would be able to make a huge difference in that group, that organization or that family. This article offers you a definition of the ‘group being’ and insight into the magic of ’Guest House Facilitation’. ‘Guest House Facilitation’ is an assembly of attitudes and technologies that enable a safe space for this ‘group being’ to connect with its higher potential.   What is a ‘group being’? Each gathering of two or more people creates a ‘group being’. This ‘group being’ is composed of the different members and is at the same time more than the members. Whatever is present consciously and unconsciously affects this ‘group being’. The awareness of this ‘group being’ can be very powerful. In order to engage with this ‘being’ it is important to create a safe container.   The magic of ‘Guest House Facilitation’ ‘Guest House Facilitation’ creates a safe container and manifests into the human realm from a self-organizing field in the Universe. This field holds the intelligence that we need to create a more beautiful and healthy world. The name ‘Guest House’ refers to Rumi’s poem. Rumi’ invites us in his famous poem ‘The Guest House’ to welcome and embrace all our inner guests, even if they are unexpected and sweep our house out. ‘Guest House Facilitation’ brings our awareness to the existence of a ‘group being’, and we welcome all that is present ‘now’ in this group body. The group body itself in ‘Guest House Facilitation’ calls forth the emergent ‘form and flow’ of its unique wisdom and leadership. We achieve this through applying an unlimited set of mediation and conversation techniques applicable to a variety of situations. In ‘Guest House Facilitation’ you not only learn the techniques, you also understand how the components of each technique work in effecting healing, creativity and change. The ‘group being’ itself invites us to enhance self-awareness of our individual contributions and talents.  Each transformational attitude or technology creates space for skills that can enable or strengthen this specific attitude or technology.   Let us take a closer look at one or our attitudes: this fascinating triad of ‘Witness, Ask and Experience’ and how this affects our ‘group being’ and each individual member. We extensively covered this triad in several previous articles on this blog. Today we explore this...

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