Physics and Reality – A Map for Human Potential Part 3

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in Aspects of life

Physics and Reality – A Map for Human Potential Part 3 How can we strengthen the interplay between Quantum Physics and Classical Physics in our daily life? Through the power of intention says Author Veerle De Bock.   In the first article of this series we explored Quantum Physics and the ‘field of endless possibilities’. The second article offered insight into how Classical Physics makes sense of our day-to-day reality and how our physical body is intimately connected with our energy field.   In today’s article we will put these landmarks together and explore how we can access the complete map of our human potential by becoming aware of the interplay between Classical and Quantum Physics.   As we discovered in the first two parts of this series, Quantum Physics is all about how all that ever has, and ever will happen is organized in the Universe while Classical Physics helps us store our stories in our physical body and explains how the electrical activity in the body creates an electro-magnetic field around us (our aura). Today, let’s take this a step further and look at the ‘body-mind’ and how we engage with it to achieve our soul’s purpose. We will also explore the power of intention.   What Is The ‘Body-Mind’? Our ‘body-mind’ refers to the intimate relationship between our physical body and our energy field. We learned in the second article of this series that our physical body acts as the conductor for our electro-magnetic field. The stories that are stored in our physical body affect the magnetizing properties of the conductor thus influencing our energy field. We also learned that our energy field is our personality; we could say it is our mind. Inside our body are all our bodily systems: our tissues and organs, our cells which hold molecules which, in turn, hold atoms. Within the atoms are sub-atomic particles which are made of energy. This energy follows the principles of Quantum Physics and is the inherent wisdom of the ‘body-mind’, our connection to Source. This Source could also be described as ‘the field of endless possibilities’ that permeates each cell and surrounds us. This is Quantum Physics at work.   The Role of the ‘Body-Mind’ Using your ‘body-mind’, you are able to recycle the stories that are stored in your physical body and relive them over and over again using the unconscious interplay between Classical and Quantum Physics. Everything that happens in the Universe is information retrieved from the Quantum Hologram (see part one of this series for more detail) and organized through a morphogenetic field into the possibility (or superposition) that becomes our reality. The fact that there are other possible realities available lies beyond our current experience and the phenomenon in Quantum Physics that is responsible for this limited experience is called ‘decoherence’ or averaging out. The recycling of our stories is...

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