The Life pulse Mystery

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in Aspects of life

The Life pulse Mystery   Through this cosmic principle we engage with the limitless energy soup around us and affect our lives, our relationships and definitely our reality.     Are you familiar with this cosmic principle of the life pulse? The whole process of how we create our reality in this moment is astonishing and complex. The life pulse is a cosmic principle, which can assist you to achieve more clarity. Can you imagine our current reality being a mirror of what we believe? The life pulse is the principle that engages with your beliefs of how the world is. This article starts with defining the life pulse and weaves the cosmic principle of the life pulse through the sequences of our map of physics, enabling us to gain some insight into the concept of creation.     What is the life pulse? The life pulse has different components, which alternate between expansion and contraction. There is always a moment of stasis, followed by a wave of expansion, ending in another moment of stasis and leading to a wave of contraction, completed again in a moment of stasis, which at the same time starts a new wave of expansion. Everything in nature follows this principle. You can recognize it in the trees, the plants, the animals and the seasons. There is extensive spiritual literature in the Pathwork lectures around the cosmic principle of the life pulse. The scientific perspective is covered, amongst others, by Adrian Bejan, a physicist who developed the constructal law as the principle of life correlating with the life pulse.     How the life pulse affects our lives Let us use a real story to exemplify this process. This is a story of an interaction between my husband and me. My husband is a wonderful sensitive caring man. We have been married for 27 years and have already learned a great deal in our relationship.   1. Stasis in the Zero Point Field This is a moment of silence, the preparation for our outgoing movement in the expansion. We gather essence or energy from the Zero Point Field, deep within our cells. We retrieve specific information from the Quantum Hologram through resonance. What makes sense for us in this moment ‘now’. In our story the stasis is a moment of silence right before we start to walk, a deep breathing, silence in and around us. An excitement for what will unfold ‘now’. The information that holds the possible scripts for our walk, are at this moment available. 2. Expansion through our energy field and into our physical body A wave of expansion happens, in an expansion we always move outward into the world, we connect with other living beings, human beings or nature, our environment. It makes sense that in this outward movement we make sense of what is actually happening through our body-mind....

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Physics and Reality – A Map for Human Potential Part 1

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  How can Quantum Physics affect our daily life? Author Veerle De Bock explores ‘the field of endless possibilities’ that surrounds us and permeates our bodies. Physics is a map that can assist us as we navigate through our lives; delivering us insight and understanding into our fascinating life in this physical body. This map helps us become aware of our astonishing potential and the endless possibilities that exist in the ‘energy soup’ that surrounds us. In this 3-part series, we will examine the different sequences (or categories) of this map and how they relate to our daily life. In part one we will look at quantum physics In part two we will explore electromagnetism, Newtonian mechanics and gravity. Finally, part three will explain how magic resides in the connection between Quantum Physics and Classical Physics. I invite you to embark with me on this fascinating journey as we ask, what is Quantum Physics? How can the different definitions within Quantum Physics affect your potential in your daily life? The interesting sequence of Quantum Physics Nobel prize-winning physicists know, beyond doubt, that our physical world is one large soup of energy, which is organized in a specific way. In the world of quantum physics, nothing is solid. Creation in the Universe happens continuously through flashes of energy that come in and out of being in milliseconds. In order to understand the sequence of quantum physics, we define the Zero Point Field (see the work of Steven Hawking), the Quantum Hologram and Quantum Superposition (see the work of Edgar Mitchell) and Morphogenetic Fields (see the work of Rupert Sheldrake) and, look at the inter-relationship between them. The Universe, a field of endless possibilities The Zero Point Field is the almost unlimited, ubiquitous energy source (or essence) that permeates and sustains all matter and all living beings – it is everywhere. This amazing Field points to our interconnectedness – to how everything in the Universe is linked. In spiritual terms, the Zero Point Field is often called ‘the field of endless possibilities’ and is considered to be the source of all our ideas and dreams as well as the essence of who we are. Nature is an ongoing resource that allows us to experience the endless possibilities that lie outside of us in our daily life. There are many examples. You can perceive them through simply gazing into a cloud-filled sky, through connecting deeply with a tree, through sensing the mountains or perceiving even a single flower. This Zero Point Field is also present inside of us, at our heart. An easy way to connect with it is through our core qualities – those qualities that define who ‘you’ are (empathy, love, integrity, intelligence, purity, endurance, clarity, etc.). Our core qualities are our ‘essence’, the same essence that makes up the field of endless possibilities. Essence relates to our potential. As...

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Why Everything that Happens Affects Everything – Part 2

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Any story people share with you may offer an opportunity to expand yourself. Author Veerle De Bock invites you to assimilate your own hidden stories. This series of articles invites you on a journey to explore how everything is connected and affects everything. Whatever happens in your life is useful – whether it is a simple event that passes unnoticed or it’s something you do notice but miss the underlying richness of possibilities. In part 1 I introduced the fascinating triad ‘witnessing, asking and experiencing’. We explored how, by extending our awareness, we are more able to pay attention to the moment that is happening ‘now’. We discovered how a simple event such as stumbling on a stone can become a doorway to another reality, which was previously invisible to us. If you missed this article you can read it here. In today’s article, we will look at the importance of paying attention to the stories that people share with you. Each story – whether complex or simple, emotional or rational, spiritual or down-to-Earth – is part of the ‘quantum hologram’ described by physicists. In this quantum hologram all these stories are related – connected with everything that has ever happened in the past and everything that might still emerge in the future. This is the physical law behind my encouragement to pay attention to the stories people tell you – if other people’s stories are connected to our own then we can learn from them. People share their stories with us all the time but how can we learn from them? We apply the ‘witness’ to really listen to the story. The witness becomes an external process where we completely receive the storyteller without ‘doing’ anything or acting upon the story. This open and non-judgemental listening creates an environment in which the storyteller can feel able to share his or her story. The ‘asking’ is an internal process where the story we are being told merges with our own stories. We can gently ask ourselves the simple question: “What is here ‘now’?” The ‘experiencing’ is the internal process of integration through which we become able to perceive pain or other physical sensations, emotions, feelings and thoughts. Often our deeply hidden stories are touched and released as energy moves through us. To illustrate how this works, I invite you to join me on my journey along the Flemish part of the old pilgrimage path, the Way of St. James – one of several paths across Europe that converge on the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, northern Spain. I have been walking all day as I arrive at a Bed & Breakfast. During the evening the woman who hosts the B&B shares with me a story of her childhood. She was the youngest of two girls and many times she felt blamed, humbled and spited by her sister....

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Why Everything That Happens Affects Everything – Part 1

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To be in the ‘now’ we must ’witness, ask and experience.’ Author, Veerle de Bock discusses how this fascinating triad offers a doorway to other possibilities.  So much occurs, within us and around us, all the time. Most of the time, what is happening passes unnoticed and what we do notice is often not seen as a possibility – whether that be another choice, a broader perspective or insight, or even a completely new reality. You could imagine the Universe as a giant biocomputer and all these amazing possibilities as the hard drive. You are the software and can apply your amazing potential to experience, integrate and assimilate everything that happens. In the Universe, everything is connected and affects everything. Physicists describe this as a ‘quantum hologram’ that contains all that has ever happened in the past and all that can possibly happen in the future. In this quantum hologram all the different realities are available. This physical law lies behind my invitation to see everything that happens in your life as useful. Even if only one single possibility becomes our reality there are still many other possibilities available in the quantum hologram of the Universe. The link towards those other possibilities lies in what happens in the moment. In this article, I encourage you to pay more attention to what is happening ‘now’, in this moment. I will introduce you to a wonderful tool – ‘Witnessing, Asking and Experiencing’. I invite you now, to join me on one of my walks. The rhythm of walking makes it easier to open your mind and let go of preconceived ideas and concepts, which will help  you to be more open to what is happening ‘now’. A walk always confronts you with many events -both foreseen and unforeseen, obvious and less obvious. Walking, metaphorically, represents our journey on our life path. What happens this time is something very simple. Most of the time it passes unnoticed. I am walking on one of the Camino paths that cross Belgium and converge on the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in nortwestern Spain. The Camino, or Way of St. James is a pilgrimage route that has a special attraction to me. I stumble over a little stone on the road. How fascinating! I curiously ask myself: “What is here now?” There is no attachment, my mind is open. I perceive the purity of curiosity. I gently come back here, to ‘now’. There is no effort, no struggle. This curious ‘asking’ invites in me the ‘experiencing’. I perceive a little pain in my right big toe, where I hit the stone. I wait, and allow more to unfold. There is a tenderness in my heart region, moving up to my throat. I feel a bit insecure. I am patient, and slowly I perceive more and more energy moving through my body, my legs...

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