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Corona Virus a Threat or a Treat? Part One.

Shapeshift a prominent story through accessing the wisdom of your body and your inner knowing. Apply ChancesToChange as a way of living.

The Corona virus is our prominent story at this moment. It affects all of us locally and globally, it also affects our sourcing gathering here in the South of France with the ChancesToChange community. ChancesToChange is a wildly original board game and exists since December 2016. The board game serves as a doorway to wake up and live your life to the fullest. Since its creation we play everything with regard to our organisation into existence.

In this article we first have a look at the prominent story of the Corona virus. Afterwards we take  you on a journey while we play the ChancesToChange board game. You receive insights in what happens when a player throws a red dot and when a player throws a blue dot.

What is the prominent story of the Corona virus?

The prominent story of the Corona virus is that it is a threat for individuals, communities, countries and the economy. The information we daily receive is about the numbers of people affected in each country, about the speed of the spreading of the infection and how it affects us globally. The Corona virus does not seem to make any difference between good or bad, colour, race, beliefs, ethnicity, wealth.

Our collective answer is a combination of actions in an attempt to try treating the symptoms of the outbreak on an individual and global level.

We try to find a vaccin against the virus or find all kind of alternative procedures to strengthen our immune system.

We try to prevent the spreading of the virus by locking down villages and cities, even locking down countries.

We fight, we protect, we separate, we are afraid.

The most important ingredient of the prominent story is fear. Fear to become ill, fear to die. Fear that our economy will suffer, fear that are lives will be disrupted.

Fear unites us globally these days and is the reason we exclude and separate our self and others to a fascinating extend. 

Playing the ChancesToChange board game and meeting the corona virus

Whatever happens to and around us always affects the game. So does the story of the Corona virus.

This article shares some of the extraordinary insights and fascinating possibilities we receive as we play. We are all somewhere on the board and we play at this moment using both dice, a numbered one and a coloured one. The numbered one allows us to move on the board and the coloured one adds specific instructions depending on the colour we throw.

A player throws a red dot

The image shows you the instructions we follow.

We go into silence and we connect with our body. We sense and we listen. Our body is wise and so much more conscious than our everyday mind. There is a sharing circle were all the players share their insights to the player who threw the red dot.

One of the reflections is: “I see how the corona virus is a guest in my house, my house being my body.  What if I welcome this guest as in Rumi’s poem the Guest House with an open heart and mind?”

Another player shares: “I see DNA and something happening inside the DNA, as if there is a bridging, I see gates.”

A player throws a blue dot

In another turn one of us throws a blue dot and is invited to choose a blue card. The card “Unity consciousness” comes to her.

She reads the card and realises how everything in the universe, all life on earth and all of us are forms of consciousness. What if the corona virus is as an aspect of consciousness and part of unity consciousness?


Where are you? How does this land in you?

Already a lot to sit with!

Viruses have the ability, always have been the ability to exchange their genetic material with us humans. Sequences of viral DNA incorporated in our DNA during our evolution and serve our functions. So maybe what one of the players saw when listening to her body is actually true and is what is happening. What if the Corona virus outbreak serves our evolutionary purpose?

The card of unity consciousness reminds us of our inner knowing. A knowing that all forms of consciousness in the universe may coexist, also the Corona virus and are in turn influenced by the feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions of every human being.

What if our fear ignites more fear?

We will continue to play with the ChancesToChange board game.  In the second article of this series we listen to the collective field and meet the Corona virus there.

The collective field is a rich library of humanity and very intriguing, in this field we also find all the imprints of past pandemics. Do you want to be a play ball in the collective field or a co-creator of new stories?

The ChancesToChange board game offers you insight and new perspectives on whatever happens to and around you in your life.

I would love your insights and comments on this article.

Kind regards, Veerle

Veerle De Bock: Each day I add a bit more colour to the world, I colour within and outside of the lines as I take up different roles. My different roles are social entrepreneur, physician, coach, teacher, therapist and most of all facilitator of emerging possibilities (full bio) .