Chances to change

Hello from team Space without Borders – Eddie, Veerle and Elaine

Dear amazing C2C companion players,

Firstly, we’d like to introduce ourselves. You’ve not heard much, if anything, from us and the job that we have chosen within the C2C community which is to tend to our collective bigger field and to keep a bird’s eye view of how we are as a “we” – a sort of wellness check for our group field.

We generally meet once a month on Zoom and had our last meeting a week or so ago where were guided to share with you our feelings and insights as we connected with the bigger beingness of C2C.

Immediately on expanding to connect with our bigger selves, there was a strong immediate communing of the three of us with the Being of the Game as we were whooshed up to some higher level. Here in this beautiful space, we were joyfully received by the magnificence of this “we” field that we often call the Being of the Game. It was as if we were welcomed and loved by old friends.

We all experienced having an overview of the whole community, as if looking down at small villages dotted around the landscape. Although very clearly all three of us were in the same field, we each had slightly different experiences. One was around the ebb and flow of people coming into and out of the community, and then back into the community again. This led to a curiosity around power – our collective power together with the Being of the Game — a curiosity about power in general and power within the C2C community. As in any community, some are comfortable with power, some not and there was an awareness of fears and misunderstandings around power. In that moment, as we were part of this huge field of power, it was clear that the more we increase and expand the energy of our power, the more fear etc falls away. It is no longer sustainable to stay in a state of fear and misunderstanding about power.

What is your relationship with power?

We’re living in a time where we are called to step more and more into our true power in order to affect the changes needed for our evolutionary shift.

To help us understand her nature more, the energy of Power wants to share

some of her different facets and faces

  • The force of nature – and she is not always polite.
  • A divine force where oneness and unity fold into each other.
  • An explosive force as two polarities meet. In the explosion of their meeting, something new is created.
  • Power as a force is also welcoming and gentle.
  • Different expressions of true power need to be used at different times or in different situations, and sometimes that is just simply and powerfully being able to relax in the Divine.
  • Power comes from connection with the heart – so we can let go of the head. Heart is its own biggest expression.
  • Power doesn’t always feel the same – which can be confusing as we might expect that once we truly dive into our power it will always looks the same. Regardless of its many expressions, we carry this energy in us and around us always.

With love from Elaine

(for Team Space without Borders)