Experiencing the life pulse as an Infintity Symbol

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EXPERIENCING THE LIFE PULSE AS AN INFINITY SYMBOL. Combine the cosmic principle of expansion, stillness and contraction with individuality and connectedness, potential and resilience.   How can we bring the genius potential in each other into being? The answer is remembering this fabulous cosmic principle of the life pulse that exists in every living being and group being. What are the crucial ingredients of this magical infinity symbol? A pulsating potential A safe space Connectedness and individuality Resilience and vulnerability   A pulsating potential The life pulse is a cosmic principle that governs all of life in the Universe. It is pulsating and endless moving. It has three aspects, which are expansion, stillness and contraction. They follow each other, are intrinsically connected, one cannot without the other. An easy way to connect with the cosmic principle of the life pulse is silence. Bringing our attention to the stillness, the purple in our image, in the middle in the bottom area. This is the arriving out of the muchness of our current life circumstances, with all that happens to us and around us. In this fascinating silence nothing happens and yet everything happens. If you wish you can experience this silence in this moment. The stillness is the gathering of momentum for the next phase of the life pulse. The purple arrow shows how you move from the stillness into contraction (green on our image). It is an inward movement where you transform the outer potential offered through the exploitation into inner potential through nourishment, consolidation and integration. The wave continues and invites us to let go, which feels like a letting go of inner potential in order to achieve outer potential. We let go to create space. At the end of the contraction, we move into another moment of stillness (the purple on top in the middle). This is the silence in which we listen to guidance. What is the next step in our life, in our organization, our projects? The expansion is a moving outward, towards the other (orange on our image). What wants to be given birth to in the free space created through the letting go? The potential balances towards outer potential as newness is brought into the world. It is the pioneering. Expansion continues and makes a crucial turn towards exploitation, as you can see this is again accompanied by a movement from outer into inner potential. We have an ongoing wave, we reach again stillness in order to be leaded into stabilization, integration and consolidation. The potential that is touched into has to be integrated.   A safe space The virtual safe space is created energetically through the endless sign. As if the sacred geometry of this sign holds you. The geometry trusts that you have the answers for your own questions and challenges. The safety has the form of an ongoing wave always originating and always...

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SEVEN FASCINATING PERSPECTIVES OF YOUR POTENTIAL   How can you access your unique miraculous potential without defining and containing it? Listen deeply within and connect with the DNA in the cells of your amazing physical body.  Have you ever imagined that you have a potential that is hidden in the nucleus of each of your fifty trillion cells. In this article you will find out seven astonishing statements about your potential. Your potential is hidden in your DNA, it is not your DNA! The normal state of your DNA and your potential is dormant! Intelligence, strength, courage and integrity are beautiful values, they are not your potential! Any life experience can offer you an entry to your potential! When somebody really listens to you, you access your potential. You can cultivate those circumstances that gave you access to your potential. Your potential is joy, aliveness and love.   Your potential is hidden in your DNA, it is not your DNA! You know that each of your cells has a nucleus that contains DNA. You received that DNA from the egg cell and the sperm cell that merged in order to start the creation of a new human being. Your potential is much more then the inherited sequences of nucleotide bases which you got from your parents. Within the DNA helix quantum processes are happening all the time that allow an ongoing sourcing from the energy field of the Universe. It is this direct connection with the unlimited resources in the Universe that is your true potential.   The normal state of your DNA and your potential is dormant! The DNA in our cells is most of the time in a dormant state, like a sleeping beauty, highly protected by a coat of proteins. This protein coat needs to be switched on in order for the unwinding of the DNA helix to happen and the access to source to unfold.   Intelligence, strength, courage and integrity are beautiful values, they are not your potential! Those are important features of your personality. Our personality is the energy field that is created in the dance of your soul with your physical body. It is the product of the energy consciousness of your soul, the energy field created through your physical body and the energy consciousness of your ancestors. It is your playground in this life. You can read more about this in my book Becoming what is Changing: Exposition. Intelligence, strength, courage and integrity are vibrations in your personality and will help you access your potential. In return your potential will assist you to grow these specific features in your personality.   Any life experience can offer you an entry to your potential! Any life experience can become an entry to own our potential. Some of us know or experienced how difficult experiences or dis-eases offer a doorway to aspects we did...

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DO YOU ALLOW OTHERS TO BABYSIT YOUR POTENTIAL? I DO! Imagine your potential to be like a sleeping beauty protected by thorns and waiting for the prince to save her. Who is this prince? Is it an aspect of you? Do we all have a dormant potential? Dreams can offer us information that is not easily accessible. It opens us up for realities that might be obvious for others though not for us.   Sharing my latest dream I entered a building and found two young children a boy and a girl, at first I did not notice though suddenly I realized they were kept hostage. There was also a man kept hostage, who looked like someone I know though have not seen for several years. This man has always been a reformer, someone who wanted to make the circumstances better for others. There was something special, this man in my dream did not seem to feel kept hostage, he had something he wanted to do, to perform. One of the guardians got very upset by seeing me there, he threatened me and ordered another man to remove me from the building.   Waking up and re-entering the same dream I woke up still completely in this dream. I was wondering if it had to be considered a nightmare or simply a special dream. I also wondered how to move on. I know how to re-enter my dreams. As I got to sleep again, I was back in my dream and saw me with the children, telling them: “Always remember, that I love you dearly.” I could physically perceive the threat of the guardians.   Making sense of the content I woke up again, it was still night, I already understood how images of two films I partly watched on Thursday and Friday evening got mixed with my dream, like the children and the being kept hostage. In the morning I realized that the dream had to do with how I still allow my potential to be babysit by others. So amazing and how that has to do with a young female and male part inside of me and an older male aspect of me. This older male part is particularly interesting, as it feels like this part has no feeling of being kept hostage. Like a narcissus inside of me, that only wants to perform and be seen and will do that even if the circumstances are harsh and limited. I am astonished that I so clearly still allow aspects of me, of my potential to be babysit by others.   CONCLUSION Does this story resonate with you? There are many ways in which we can interpret our dreams. The most important fact is that it makes sense to you, the dreamer. I often see the different persons in my dream as aspects of myself. Is this metaphor...

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How the Life pulse allows you to unfold your DNA

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How the Life pulse allows you to unfold your DNA The creation of a more beautiful world requires the blossoming of our DNA. A key is awareness of the alternating life pulses of our soul and body-mind. How can you consciously unfold your DNA? We start with awareness of the life pulse and its sequences of expansion, stasis and contraction. We reach far out into expansion and connect with the outside world, ending in a moment of stasis, shifting into contraction, where we connect with self, arrive deep into the cells, and reach another moment of stasis, preparing us for the next outgoing movement of expansion. During each sequence, we engage with our DNA in an attempt to reach our potential. In this article we delve deeper into the life pulses of our soul and body-mind. The life pulse is this fascinating cosmic principle that allows creation to take place, and creation is tightly connected with our DNA. Do you know that possibly 90% of your DNA, at this moment while you are reading, is asleep? Here are some facts: • Our soul has its own life pulse. • Our body-mind thrives in waves of expansion. • Our soul and body-mind engage through the life pulse. • The life pulse assists the unfolding of our DNA. • Our DNA offers us access to our potential. The life pulse of our soul Our incarnation is one big contraction. We gather essence in a moment of stasis, before our incarnation. Then our soul comes into this human realm, and this is a big contraction in terms of the life pulse. We sink deep into the density of matter, which is a huge “going inside” for the soul, a retraction, a contraction. The soul perceives the incarnation as a separation from its Source. At the end of our incarnation, there is a moment of stasis. This is our dying process, and after our physical death our soul moves into expansion and connection with our spiritual family¬¬—we explore all our challenges and our successes. The research through Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy offers a great deal of insight into the understanding of our soul’s journey. We can discern many other life pulses. During the day your soul moves into contraction and during the night into expansion, because the soul goes out and visits your spiritual family. Meditation and introspection are also waves of expansion for the soul. The life pulse of our body-mind Our body-mind has many different life pulses. Our breathing is a beautiful example, a moment of stillness, breathing out and expanding, another moment of stillness, breathing in and contracting, and again a moment of stillness for the preparation of the next wave. Can you feel how at the end of your expiration there is fullness, a connectedness with all living beings and at the end of the inspiration, there is a...

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