Physics and Reality – A Map for Human Potential Part 2

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Aspects of life

How does classical physics affect our lives, our physical body and personality? Author Veerle De Bock explores how it gives us access to our greater potential. In the first article of this series we explored Quantum Physics and how the Universe is a field of endless possibilities that surrounds and permeates all matter and all living beings. We also discussed the Quantum Hologram that stores all the information that exists within this field allowing many different realities to be available to us in any given moment. Finally, we looked at how all of this is organised to create our reality in this very moment – right now. In this article we will explore how classical physics relates to how we live our lives, how we make decisions, how we act and react and, how we see our reality. We will look at how the magic of gravity and Newtonian Mechanics influence our physical body and the fascinating way that Electromagnetism shapes our reality. Classical Physics and Our Physical Body Our physical body is the vehicle that transports us through our life’s journey. It is with us through all our life-stories and helps us keep track of those stories along the way. Let’s look at what classical physics can teach us about how our bodies pack the stories away. In particular let’s look at the roles played by gravity and the laws of Newtonian mechanics. As we all learned at school, gravity is what allows us to stay on the ground and not fly through the sky as helpless objects. Here is an example of how gravity can help store a story in your body. When I was 30 weeks pregnant with my son, I started having premature contractions. My son also experienced these contractions from inside my womb. He was a tiny baby, too young to be born but, nevertheless, something around him was contracting – we can imagine that, for him, it felt as if something was pushing him out of the safety of my womb. It must have been terrifying; it must have felt really unsafe! His whole system would have retracted trying to stay enveloped in water and completely weightless – he wasn’t ready to experience gravity. Later, as an adult, his body still contains this story of unsafety. He is skinny and does not allow gravity to have much effect on him; it seems as if he floats through his life rather than actually grounding himself anywhere. Newtonian Mechanics, on the other hand, concerns the relationship between force and motion. Electricity is a good example of a force that follows Newtonian Mechanics. Our nervous system transmits messages through our bodies using electrical impulses. An example of how this affects the body is the way in which our nervous and muscular systems work closely together. Electrical currents from specific areas of our brain send messages to...

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