How to fall in Love with Our State of Being

Posted by on Jul 24, 2014 in Aspects of life

How to fall in Love with Your State of Being Creating an intimate partnership between your soul ego and the human ego, allows your hearts to beat as one. Your soul sees through the eyes of the human self. What is our State of Being? Imagine our ego not being good or bad. Consider the possibility that you in fact have two egos at work in what you assume to be you. The ego is an aspect of this fascinating body-mind, which you chose for your partnership on Earth, and your spiritual self also has an ego. This brings us to the question: Who is the ‘I’ that is making decisions, making choices, creating, healing, dreaming and resting? This is a profound question. Let us first clarify the purpose of incarnation, and then have a closer look at the innate intelligence of the body. This brings us towards more insight around the idea of two egos. • The purpose of all of us coming into this human realm is to achieve soul growth through experiencing life on Earth. • Our physical body has a natural intelligence independent from our soul. • Inside each of us, there are two egos that signed on for a partnership. • The ‘I’ experiencing through the physical body is our soul. What is the purpose of our incarnation? We have different developmental levels as souls, and according to our level we are assigned a body-mind to have our experience and growth. Assigned might not be the right word, as we have a say in all this, we have free choice. Michael Newton explores this territory profoundly through his groundbreaking research into the afterlife. We incarnate on Earth with the purpose to allow our souls to grow through experiencing life in a physical body. The physical body is a living organism that has developed over many thousands of years and has a natural intelligence. I highlight some specifics of our sacred physical body. The natural intelligence of the body Our physical body is in close connection with the essence from the field of endless possibilities. This field surrounds and permeates everything in the Universe. In each of the 50 trillion cells we find a nucleus, which harbors the DNA, the library of the ancestral heritage, the blueprint of this living organism. All these 50 trillion cells are organized in tissues, organs and systems. The intelligence further reveals itself through the fact that there is no hierarchy in the body. The heart of the body-mind has a particular role and facilitates the connection between the physical body and its energy field. This energy field is created through the electrical currents that are generated in the physical body and give rise to an electromagnetic field that uses the physical body as a conductor. Whatever happens in the physical body will affect the energy field. Childhood stories that are...

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