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DO YOU ALLOW OTHERS TO BABYSIT YOUR POTENTIAL? I DO! Imagine your potential to be like a sleeping beauty protected by thorns and waiting for the prince to save her. Who is this prince? Is it an aspect of you? Do we all have a dormant potential? Dreams can offer us information that is not easily accessible. It opens us up for realities that might be obvious for others though not for us.   Sharing my latest dream I entered a building and found two young children a boy and a girl, at first I did not notice though suddenly I realized they were kept hostage. There was also a man kept hostage, who looked like someone I know though have not seen for several years. This man has always been a reformer, someone who wanted to make the circumstances better for others. There was something special, this man in my dream did not seem to feel kept hostage, he had something he wanted to do, to perform. One of the guardians got very upset by seeing me there, he threatened me and ordered another man to remove me from the building.   Waking up and re-entering the same dream I woke up still completely in this dream. I was wondering if it had to be considered a nightmare or simply a special dream. I also wondered how to move on. I know how to re-enter my dreams. As I got to sleep again, I was back in my dream and saw me with the children, telling them: “Always remember, that I love you dearly.” I could physically perceive the threat of the guardians.   Making sense of the content I woke up again, it was still night, I already understood how images of two films I partly watched on Thursday and Friday evening got mixed with my dream, like the children and the being kept hostage. In the morning I realized that the dream had to do with how I still allow my potential to be babysit by others. So amazing and how that has to do with a young female and male part inside of me and an older male aspect of me. This older male part is particularly interesting, as it feels like this part has no feeling of being kept hostage. Like a narcissus inside of me, that only wants to perform and be seen and will do that even if the circumstances are harsh and limited. I am astonished that I so clearly still allow aspects of me, of my potential to be babysit by others.   CONCLUSION Does this story resonate with you? There are many ways in which we can interpret our dreams. The most important fact is that it makes sense to you, the dreamer. I often see the different persons in my dream as aspects of myself. Is this metaphor...

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