Practice don’t Preach Theory U in 7 Breaths! 3rd Breath.

Posted by on Mar 21, 2015 in Aspects of life

PRACTICE DON’T PREACH THEORY U IN 7 BREATHS! 3rd BREATH.   We open up our State of Being “emotion” within the safe listening space of Guest House Facilitation, and we effortlessly dive into “experiencing” and “sensing”.   Imagine we are spiritual beings (souls) on a journey to experience life on Earth in a physical body. Our Way of Being is our most important task. Theory U is a framework, a method for profound change and most of all a Way of Being, through which you can connect to the more authentic and higher aspects of yourself. Today we embark on a learning journey to remember the capacity we have for “experiencing”. We gently open our State of Being emotion and with loving kindness we observe our judgments and connect more deeply with our soul’s purpose. This article is one of a series of nine articles. The series reveals to you the magic of Guest House Facilitation, how it allows us to dance through Theory U, effortlessly and smoothly, in its precise time and its right space. The first article facilitates our Guest House and brings awareness to this precious cosmic principle of the Life Pulse. The Life Pulse governs all of life in the Universe and also precisely governs all our processes and organizations. The second article shape-shifts the “downloading” into a “processing of Self”. The key feature of this 1st breath is holding a Listening Space. The third article extensively describes the 2nd breath. Opening reason facilitates by opening the intelligence of the brain, the “seeing” and “observing”. The key feature is curious asking: we begin to understand what we see. From the diagram you can see that we have arrived at the 3rd Breath in the fourth article of this series.   Overview of the 3rd Breath The 3rd Breath is again an inward movement of contraction (green on the following drawing), followed by a moment of stasis (red and at the inner edge of the U), continuing with an outward movement of expansion (blue) and coming to completion in another moment of stasis (again red and now at the outer edge of the U). In the contraction we open our State of Being emotion in order for the “sensing” and “experiencing” to happen in the expansion. We continue our exploration in more detail.   Contraction We bring awareness to the inward movement and we prepare to open our State of Being: emotion. Let’s have a look at the graphic representation of the dance between our soul and our body-mind and how they play with the three different States of Being: reason, emotion and will. They match the mind, heart and will used in the Theory U model. In body-mind we discern the physical body (yellow) and the energy field (blue+orange+green) which it generates. This energy field permeates the physical body and extends out of the body....

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