How can the ChancesToChange board game be of service to you?

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We are listening to your unique experience and how you give meaning to what is happening. We are shapeshifting a field of fear into a flow of joy, ease and love. These are special times. What is your current story? What is underneath the Coronavirus outbreak? What might really be happening? What is the essence of the Corona outbreak? Maybe it is the choice either to go for fear or to go for joy, ease and love; the choice to stay in survival mode or to go for new opportunities.  Fear brings more fear and limitations on all levels of our being. Joy, ease and love create health and the possibility of new beginnings.  What if we experience the Coronavirus outbreak as a flow where we can choose which forms with their related functions we create. What will we cover in this article: Experiencing the Coronavirus outbreak as a flowThe major players of the board gameWhat gives you strength and power in these timesThe dance between our small self and our true self Experiencing the Coronavirus outbreak as a flow Flow, form and function is the movement in all of existence. If we are willing to consider the possibility that the Coronavirus outbreak is a flow of life force we open up to many possible choices with regard to the forms and functions that are able to unfold. We give our self the possibility to be responsive to what happens in our life and to live with ease and joy. Yes there is the fear and yes there is the reality of people dying. It is important that we don’t underestimate the fear in the collective field, it is dense and sticky. It is invisible and contagious. Our small selves are very susceptible to fear. Each of us has his or her unique way in which our small self processes fear. Some of us experience panic attacks, some of us try to control, others stay calm and try to fix, analyse, rationalise. Some will become angry or blame. These are all survival modes related to, and triggered by, the field of fear. There are a lot of ramifications caused by a collective field paralysed by fear or being governed by fear.  Fear has no power in itself, but when so many people, organisations and systems invest in fear, it becomes overwhelming. We are allowing fear to have authority over us, creating a loop of fear. The only solution is to move our attention from fear-based choices towards our true self, aligning us to what really matters to us. What is the underlying message of the outbreak, what is it bringing us? If we consider this outbreak as a flow of life force, we are able to see it as part of the intelligent design of the earth and all life on it and as part of our evolution. This is the...

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SEVEN FASCINATING PERSPECTIVES OF YOUR POTENTIAL   How can you access your unique miraculous potential without defining and containing it? Listen deeply within and connect with the DNA in the cells of your amazing physical body.  Have you ever imagined that you have a potential that is hidden in the nucleus of each of your fifty trillion cells. In this article you will find out seven astonishing statements about your potential. Your potential is hidden in your DNA, it is not your DNA! The normal state of your DNA and your potential is dormant! Intelligence, strength, courage and integrity are beautiful values, they are not your potential! Any life experience can offer you an entry to your potential! When somebody really listens to you, you access your potential. You can cultivate those circumstances that gave you access to your potential. Your potential is joy, aliveness and love.   Your potential is hidden in your DNA, it is not your DNA! You know that each of your cells has a nucleus that contains DNA. You received that DNA from the egg cell and the sperm cell that merged in order to start the creation of a new human being. Your potential is much more then the inherited sequences of nucleotide bases which you got from your parents. Within the DNA helix quantum processes are happening all the time that allow an ongoing sourcing from the energy field of the Universe. It is this direct connection with the unlimited resources in the Universe that is your true potential.   The normal state of your DNA and your potential is dormant! The DNA in our cells is most of the time in a dormant state, like a sleeping beauty, highly protected by a coat of proteins. This protein coat needs to be switched on in order for the unwinding of the DNA helix to happen and the access to source to unfold.   Intelligence, strength, courage and integrity are beautiful values, they are not your potential! Those are important features of your personality. Our personality is the energy field that is created in the dance of your soul with your physical body. It is the product of the energy consciousness of your soul, the energy field created through your physical body and the energy consciousness of your ancestors. It is your playground in this life. You can read more about this in my book Becoming what is Changing: Exposition. Intelligence, strength, courage and integrity are vibrations in your personality and will help you access your potential. In return your potential will assist you to grow these specific features in your personality.   Any life experience can offer you an entry to your potential! Any life experience can become an entry to own our potential. Some of us know or experienced how difficult experiences or dis-eases offer a doorway to aspects we did...

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Building Cathedrals, the Secret of Meaningful Work!

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Building Cathedrals, the Secret of Meaningful Work!   There is no difference between important and less important work –work needs to be meaningful for you and aligned with what you want to create in your life! One day in 1671, Christopher Wren observed three bricklayers on a scaffold. He asked all of them the same question, “What are you doing?” to which the first bricklayer replied, “I’m working.” The second bricklayer, responded, “I’m building a wall.” But the third bricklayer, when asked the question, “What are you doing?” replied with a gleam in his eye, “I’m building a cathedral to The Almighty.” Christopher Wren is one of the world’s most famous architects, who was commissioned to rebuild St Paul’s Cathedral after the great fire which leveled London in 1666. Are you a cathedral builder?   Is there important and less important work? Let us imagine a reality story. I am hungry and I open my fridge. This fridge has been made and ended up in my kitchen through the efforts of countless hands, many of which do so-called not important work. Work many of us don’t want our children or the children we care for to end up doing if they are to succeed in life. And this is only the fridge; what about the food, the kitchen, the table and the chairs, the plate and cutlery. It is endless—so many people are involved and needed in the process of feeding me when I am hungry. We can explore this a bit further. Is important work what you would still do regardless of payment, approval and recognition? Our joy is directly related to how meaningful our work is to us, not to the outside world. What growth does our soul accomplish? How alive are we through our work? Maybe what we want most for our children is that they are alive and connected to their souls. Meaningful work may result in the highest good for all. Meaningful work may affect our environment and our children, and it is in itself not the purpose of meaningful work.   How do we become cathedral builders? We are back to our beginning statement. How do we become a cathedral builder? We first need to identify what is meaningful for us. We need to discover thoroughly what we desire to create in our lives. Not what anybody else expects us to create, or what society or our culture expects us to create, not what we so far thought we desired. This process of identifying what we truly deeply desire in this moment is not easy. The next step is to support internally what we desire. This step requires self-love. Self-love is allowing us to be alive through supporting our deepest desire. When we have achieved these two internal steps, we are ready to externally redirect our resources in order to manifest what we...

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