Practice don’t Preach Theory U in 7 Breaths! 3rd Breath.

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PRACTICE DON’T PREACH THEORY U IN 7 BREATHS! 3rd BREATH.   We open up our State of Being “emotion” within the safe listening space of Guest House Facilitation, and we effortlessly dive into “experiencing” and “sensing”.   Imagine we are spiritual beings (souls) on a journey to experience life on Earth in a physical body. Our Way of Being is our most important task. Theory U is a framework, a method for profound change and most of all a Way of Being, through which you can connect to the more authentic and higher aspects of yourself. Today we embark on a learning journey to remember the capacity we have for “experiencing”. We gently open our State of Being emotion and with loving kindness we observe our judgments and connect more deeply with our soul’s purpose. This article is one of a series of nine articles. The series reveals to you the magic of Guest House Facilitation, how it allows us to dance through Theory U, effortlessly and smoothly, in its precise time and its right space. The first article facilitates our Guest House and brings awareness to this precious cosmic principle of the Life Pulse. The Life Pulse governs all of life in the Universe and also precisely governs all our processes and organizations. The second article shape-shifts the “downloading” into a “processing of Self”. The key feature of this 1st breath is holding a Listening Space. The third article extensively describes the 2nd breath. Opening reason facilitates by opening the intelligence of the brain, the “seeing” and “observing”. The key feature is curious asking: we begin to understand what we see. From the diagram you can see that we have arrived at the 3rd Breath in the fourth article of this series.   Overview of the 3rd Breath The 3rd Breath is again an inward movement of contraction (green on the following drawing), followed by a moment of stasis (red and at the inner edge of the U), continuing with an outward movement of expansion (blue) and coming to completion in another moment of stasis (again red and now at the outer edge of the U). In the contraction we open our State of Being emotion in order for the “sensing” and “experiencing” to happen in the expansion. We continue our exploration in more detail.   Contraction We bring awareness to the inward movement and we prepare to open our State of Being: emotion. Let’s have a look at the graphic representation of the dance between our soul and our body-mind and how they play with the three different States of Being: reason, emotion and will. They match the mind, heart and will used in the Theory U model. In body-mind we discern the physical body (yellow) and the energy field (blue+orange+green) which it generates. This energy field permeates the physical body and extends out of the body....

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Practice don’t Preach Theory U in 7 Breaths! Invitation.

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PRACTICE DON’T PREACH THEORY U IN 7 BREATHS! INVITATION.   Guest House Facilitation unravels the mystery of how Theory U unfolds, precisely as it should be, effortlessly and smoothly with the awareness of the Life Pulse.   How to bring Theory into practice? How can we hold space for the steps of Theory U regardless of the contributions of the participants, the constellation of your group and the available knowledge within the group? Imagine bringing your awareness to your breath. A few deep breaths metaphorically bring you right down the U in connection with Source. A few more breaths and you act as an enlivened steward of life’s brilliant potential. What is the mystery at play here, how does Theory U unfold with such divine precision – effortlessly and smoothly? This series of articles offers you a step by step journey through Theory U. The first article is your personal invitation into our Guest House. We present our offerings. The next seven articles engage you more and more deeply with each breath. The final article in this series weaves all of it together.     Guest House Facilitation Guest House Facilitation is a new and refreshing practice. The basic idea is the welcoming of all inner and outer guests. The inner guests are all our thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations. The outer guests are all the participants. Everybody who is present has a role in the bigger whole. Even the whispers in the background are important. The Latin word “facilitare” literally means making easy. I make the interaction with the outer participants and our inner parts easy. I use Rumi’s well known poem the Guest House as a metaphor. I do not prepare for “Guest House Facilitation” or have an agenda. It’s not possible to make plans for people who are not yet physically present. This prevents us from underestimating the amazing power, intelligence and leadership within the group. You can read more about Guest House Facilitation on the website Chances to Change. Theory U is a very precious presence in our Guest House Facilitation.     Theory U Since its emergence around 2006, the founders of Theory U understand its purpose in three primary ways. The first is to understand it as a framework; the second is as a method for profound change; and the third is as a way of being through which you can connect to the more authentic and higher aspects of yourself. Theory U is non-linear but for ease of reference throughout this series of articles, I have structured it into its linear form in the table below which summarises all the steps of Theory U, steps 1 through to 7.   CHALLENGE REACTING SOLUTION Step 1:“DOWNLOADING”: viewing the world through our habits of thought, allowing our current reality to surface. Re-structuring Step 7:“PERFORMING”: achieve results through actions, embedding the new into the larger...

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How Can You Create More ‘Market-ing’ by Doing Less?

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How Can You Create More ‘Market-ing’ by Doing Less?   Our answer is Guest House Facilitation! This new refreshing practice effortlessly gives rise to Market-ing with an abundance of offerings, tools and perspectives.   What is ‘Market-ing’? When we were recently sitting with the question how to do marketing for Guest House Facilitation (GHF), something extraordinary happened! We suddenly realized that we were becoming what is changing, and marketing transformed into ‘Market-ing’. We refocus marketing on one of its original definitions according to the dictionary: the act of buying or selling on a market. We shift marketing into ‘market-ing’. We are each of us a market—everything is already present and nothing needs to be made different, changed or ameliorated. You are already perfect as you are. You only need to be reminded, need to be mirrored. Guest House Facilitation is your guide to your own market so that you can regain insight and access to your own abundance inside and outside. This has some implications, which are astonishing. Whether you are a participant or a host in GHF, you are all equal. Your inner ‘Guest House’ is in fact a market where many different gifts are available. The outer ‘Guest House’ has many tools; you decide which ones are useful for you in any moment. There is no demand and no obligation in Guest House Facilitation; there is freedom to play with consciousness and energy. You do not prepare Guest House Facilitation, you are doing less; you dance with what is in the moment now. Nothing needs to be improved in you; you are perfect with your imperfections. Guest House Facilitation is a navigation system towards abundance for everybody.     The metaphor of the resident, the reformer and the rebel I use this metaphor to clarify the structure of GHF. This precious metaphor discerns different ways of being, and in truth we are each of us a combination of the three aspects. Depending on our circumstances, one of them will be more prominent. We need the different perspectives for our personal development. Our resident resides in our inner box with fencings created by our beliefs, images and habitual ways of doing things. The resident will help us when the circumstances or events are overwhelming or confusing. Our reformer continuously tries to improve our circumstances in the inner box. Our rebel tries out new perspectives, new solutions for old problems. Our rebel leaves our inner boxes with the fencings made of our beliefs, images and patterns. We now explain each role in the context of Guest House Facilitation.   1. The pioneers of GHF The pioneers stand at the cradle of GHF. They are the rebels of our metaphor; they play with new consciousness. They are willing to jump into the unknown and be open for new perspectives, taking into account whatever is happening as contributions for this fascinating...

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How the Life pulse allows you to unfold your DNA

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How the Life pulse allows you to unfold your DNA The creation of a more beautiful world requires the blossoming of our DNA. A key is awareness of the alternating life pulses of our soul and body-mind. How can you consciously unfold your DNA? We start with awareness of the life pulse and its sequences of expansion, stasis and contraction. We reach far out into expansion and connect with the outside world, ending in a moment of stasis, shifting into contraction, where we connect with self, arrive deep into the cells, and reach another moment of stasis, preparing us for the next outgoing movement of expansion. During each sequence, we engage with our DNA in an attempt to reach our potential. In this article we delve deeper into the life pulses of our soul and body-mind. The life pulse is this fascinating cosmic principle that allows creation to take place, and creation is tightly connected with our DNA. Do you know that possibly 90% of your DNA, at this moment while you are reading, is asleep? Here are some facts: • Our soul has its own life pulse. • Our body-mind thrives in waves of expansion. • Our soul and body-mind engage through the life pulse. • The life pulse assists the unfolding of our DNA. • Our DNA offers us access to our potential. The life pulse of our soul Our incarnation is one big contraction. We gather essence in a moment of stasis, before our incarnation. Then our soul comes into this human realm, and this is a big contraction in terms of the life pulse. We sink deep into the density of matter, which is a huge “going inside” for the soul, a retraction, a contraction. The soul perceives the incarnation as a separation from its Source. At the end of our incarnation, there is a moment of stasis. This is our dying process, and after our physical death our soul moves into expansion and connection with our spiritual family¬¬—we explore all our challenges and our successes. The research through Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy offers a great deal of insight into the understanding of our soul’s journey. We can discern many other life pulses. During the day your soul moves into contraction and during the night into expansion, because the soul goes out and visits your spiritual family. Meditation and introspection are also waves of expansion for the soul. The life pulse of our body-mind Our body-mind has many different life pulses. Our breathing is a beautiful example, a moment of stillness, breathing out and expanding, another moment of stillness, breathing in and contracting, and again a moment of stillness for the preparation of the next wave. Can you feel how at the end of your expiration there is fullness, a connectedness with all living beings and at the end of the inspiration, there is a...

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How ‘Guest House Facilitation’ Affects Your Organization

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How ‘Guest House Facilitation’ Affects Your Organization Our organizations are living systems composed and affected by each member. This ‘group being’ encompasses the magic of a future that wants to emerge.   How does it feel to consider the possibility of having an impact on your organization, no matter which role you occupy in that organization? We all matter in this human realm. The key invitation is to give each of us a voice, to listen to each of us, even to the whispers. Imagine how acknowledging a ‘being’ of a group, an organization or a family would be able to make a huge difference in that group, that organization or that family. This article offers you a definition of the ‘group being’ and insight into the magic of ’Guest House Facilitation’. ‘Guest House Facilitation’ is an assembly of attitudes and technologies that enable a safe space for this ‘group being’ to connect with its higher potential.   What is a ‘group being’? Each gathering of two or more people creates a ‘group being’. This ‘group being’ is composed of the different members and is at the same time more than the members. Whatever is present consciously and unconsciously affects this ‘group being’. The awareness of this ‘group being’ can be very powerful. In order to engage with this ‘being’ it is important to create a safe container.   The magic of ‘Guest House Facilitation’ ‘Guest House Facilitation’ creates a safe container and manifests into the human realm from a self-organizing field in the Universe. This field holds the intelligence that we need to create a more beautiful and healthy world. The name ‘Guest House’ refers to Rumi’s poem. Rumi’ invites us in his famous poem ‘The Guest House’ to welcome and embrace all our inner guests, even if they are unexpected and sweep our house out. ‘Guest House Facilitation’ brings our awareness to the existence of a ‘group being’, and we welcome all that is present ‘now’ in this group body. The group body itself in ‘Guest House Facilitation’ calls forth the emergent ‘form and flow’ of its unique wisdom and leadership. We achieve this through applying an unlimited set of mediation and conversation techniques applicable to a variety of situations. In ‘Guest House Facilitation’ you not only learn the techniques, you also understand how the components of each technique work in effecting healing, creativity and change. The ‘group being’ itself invites us to enhance self-awareness of our individual contributions and talents.  Each transformational attitude or technology creates space for skills that can enable or strengthen this specific attitude or technology.   Let us take a closer look at one or our attitudes: this fascinating triad of ‘Witness, Ask and Experience’ and how this affects our ‘group being’ and each individual member. We extensively covered this triad in several previous articles on this blog. Today we explore this...

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