A Gateway to Break Free from the Powerful Practice of Reviews!

Posted by on May 9, 2019 in Aspects of life

A Gateway to Break Free from the Powerful Practice of Reviews! A story of your experience is what is true for you in the moment, it can be “made to stick” and reveal a unique quality of how you serve. This blog article takes you into the world of reviews, a world that seems to control us and define our experiences. Do you care about the reviews people write about you or your services? Do you write reviews? Here is how we will explore and meet this world of reviews: A review of my recent experience in a restaurant What makes an experience stick? Is what I need also what you need?   A review of my recent experience in a restaurant My experience in Bistro Heritage made me smile. This is my story or if you wish, my review. I enjoyed the food and the wine and yet that is not really what made me experience joy. What made me leave the bistro with a smile on my face was the effect the gracious attitude of the maître had on me. In a short period of time I noticed him spontaneously filleting a sole for one of his young customers. A little while later he passed my table and saw my puzzled look regarding the piece of rib in front of me. He gently proposed to cut it in smaller pieces for me. It was a generous offer, he did not parent me. I felt grateful and cared for. Later in the evening I witnessed how he offered another couple a glas of rosé out of a magnum bottle. He saw their own bottle was empty and their meal not yet finished. This review shares the story of my experience. It is personal, it is unique to who and what I am. It is related to what sticks for me!   What makes an experience stick There is a lot of information available on what sticks and what doesn’t stick. The Heath brothers take you on a special journey in their book “Made to Stick”  They list a series of factors that are important if you want your organisation, product or restaurant to stick: SIMPLE-UNEXPECTED-CONCRETE-CREDIBLE-EMOTIONAL-STORY Lets have look and match these factors with my story above. It is simple, this maître sees an opening and he acts upon it. It is unexpected, he got my attention. It is concrete, I understood and I remembered it afterwards. It is credible. I believe that this way of being is what will create a more beautiful world. It is emotional, because it is about care and love for others. It is a story that can be spread into the world. This is remarkable! What if what makes us smile, sticks with us because it follows all these principles the Heath brothers mention! What is also remarkable that many reviews are limited...

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