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The Life pulse Mystery

The Life pulse Mystery


The Group Being_1Through this cosmic principle we engage with the limitless energy soup around us and affect our lives, our relationships and definitely our reality.  


Are you familiar with this cosmic principle of the life pulse?

The whole process of how we create our reality in this moment is astonishing and complex. The life pulse is a cosmic principle, which can assist you to achieve more clarity.

Can you imagine our current reality being a mirror of what we believe?

The life pulse is the principle that engages with your beliefs of how the world is.

This article starts with defining the life pulse and weaves the cosmic principle of the life pulse through the sequences of our map of physics, enabling us to gain some insight into the concept of creation.



What is the life pulse?

The life pulse has different components, which alternate between expansion and contraction. There is always a moment of stasis, followed by a wave of expansion, ending in another moment of stasis and leading to a wave of contraction, completed again in a moment of stasis, which at the same time starts a new wave of expansion. Everything in nature follows this principle. You can recognize it in the trees, the plants, the animals and the seasons.

There is extensive spiritual literature in the Pathwork lectures around the cosmic principle of the life pulse. The scientific perspective is covered, amongst others, by Adrian Bejan, a physicist who developed the constructal law as the principle of life correlating with the life pulse.



How the life pulse affects our lives

Let us use a real story to exemplify this process. This is a story of an interaction between my husband and me. My husband is a wonderful sensitive caring man. We have been married for 27 years and have already learned a great deal in our relationship.


life pulse and the levels
1. Stasis in the Zero Point Field
This is a moment of silence, the preparation for our outgoing movement in the expansion. We gather essence or energy from the Zero Point Field, deep within our cells. We retrieve specific information from the Quantum Hologram through resonance. What makes sense for us in this moment ‘now’.
In our story the stasis is a moment of silence right before we start to walk, a deep breathing, silence in and around us. An excitement for what will unfold ‘now’. The information that holds the possible scripts for our walk, are at this moment available.

2. Expansion through our energy field and into our physical body
A wave of expansion happens, in an expansion we always move outward into the world, we connect with other living beings, human beings or nature, our environment. It makes sense that in this outward movement we make sense of what is actually happening through our body-mind. The body-mind is the intimate relationship between our physical body and our mind (our personality).

In our series of articles around physics and reality we gained insight in the existence of an electromagnetic field that permeates and surrounds our physical body and which is generated within our physical body. This energy field contains seven levels with all our beliefs, images, expressions, feelings, thoughts, emotions and physical sensations as different vibrations. All these aspects of our personality engage in the wave of expansion.

The gift of any expansion is this moving outward towards the other. This always will affect our old stories, the pleasurable ones and the more difficult ones.
Our life pulse moves from the depth of the physical body outward through each level of our energy field. And it is hard to make sense of those different levels in an expansion. It feels as if this happens non-linear.

The information still present as possibilities in the moment of stasis becomes organized in a reality (superposition). A certain reality engages with thoughts or emotions that then will reinforce certain beliefs and create other emotions and eventually physical symptoms. All these thoughts, emotions, beliefs, physical symptoms are connected with old stories that are stored in our physical body.

My husband and I embark on a lovely walk without an appropriate map. We try to allow the unknown and to trust that we will get where we need to get. When we arrive back high in the mountains at 6 pm where we passed at noon, the situation gets difficult. I feel betrayed and angry. My husband jokes and reminds me that I get what I desire, I wanted a long walk. This is so fascinating. Instantly I feel like a victim and I make my husband the perpetrator.

3. Stasis after the phase of expansion
At the end of this expansion we have another moment of stasis. The life pulse resides now in the connectedness with the other and all living beings, we often do not perceive this moment of stillness. Yet it is important, this is our moment of choice and does prepare us for the inward movement of the contraction.

Let us return to our story. In the moment I become aware of a familiar pattern between my husband and me. I give away my power and I feel betrayed when circumstances are not as I expected.

I can make a choice, I deeply breathe in and out and decide not to go for any old pattern that exists between us.
Deeply breathing in and out is a simple tool to stay open, to become aware of choices. And it is a moment of silence, a reconnection between your soul and your body-mind.

4. The contraction back through the energy field
We make an inward movement, we reflect and introspect to digest what we discovered in our outward movement. Our contraction is strongly affected by the choice we made in our stasis. Do we stay in the one reality attached to the story or do we open up for new fresh possible realities.

Let us imagine travelling through the different levels of our energy field.
In our story I am still walking though I move inside, I do not move out towards my husband.

The seventh level brings my attention to my beliefs. We can change the belief that gave rise to the story we attracted from the Quantum Hologram and we might not yet be ready to completely let go. And need more cycling through this creative arc.
I know and gained insight not only in a repeating pattern in our relationship, I also received insight in this magic principle of the life pulse. I become part of a bigger whole.
The sixth level stands for Divine Love. We can either love our beliefs or open ourselves up for many more possibilities and experience a deep love for all the living beings in the Universe.
I perceive how unconditional love moves through me.
We arrive in our fifth level. This level holds the precise order of everything. How whatever happens is useful.
In the story I achieve a deep sense of understanding. I have the freedom to make another choice. I strengthen a clear and courageous will for the right action.
We continue our journey, in the fourth level we meet the whole area of the relationships that affect our story.
I discover that I do not really see my husband. I position a reality upon my husband that stems from an early event happened to me or around me. I feel how love flows through me when I let go of this projection.
Our third level holds space for our thoughts and how they affect our story. How we think what we believe is true.
I perceive different thoughts: I am a victim because my husband always pushes me over my limits. I easily push myself over my limits. I am a victim when I give my power away.
The thoughts are no longer stressful, they are simple thoughts and I let them pass by.
Our second level contains the emotions and feelings about ourselves.
I feel how anger and frustration move through me, without me engaging with them. It feels like vibrations moving through my energy field.
We finally arrive in the first level. This level brings our attention to our physicality, what it means to live in a human body, to the physical sensations in our body; we can be brought to a specific area in our sacred bodies. We may perceive pain or pleasure.
I literally perceive an opening of my cells, more energy moves through me. I feel how I still enjoy the walking, the simple rhythm of putting one step after another.

5. Back in the Zero Point Field, for another moment of stasis
We arrived back in the Zero Point Field deep within our cells, we can rest and gather momentum for yet another wave.




What we believe is truly creating our lives. Beliefs are how we assume the world is. Thoughts, emotions, feelings, expressions and physical sensations will affect our beliefs.

The moments of stasis are when our soul and body-mind reconnect. In these moments we have a choice.

The magic key is awareness of the different phases of the life pulse and how it operates with the laws of physics and energy in order to create our reality.

Creative waves happen continuously in and around us. An abundance Universe is real and at our disposal to manifest everything we truly desire. This is how we achieve access to our bigger potential.

This article offers hope for the creation of a more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

The life pulse is an amazing principle that is at work in our personal lives and affects the ‘beings’ of our organizations. You can read more in Becoming What is Changing: Exposition.

I welcome your personal experiences that bring light to this amazing cosmic principle. You can share them in the comment box.


The next article on this blog will reveal how the magic of the life pulse affects our inner split.



March, 31st 2014



imageVEERLE DE BOCK is a physician, healer, facilitator, trainer, coach and author of the trilogy, Becoming What is Changing. She spent nearly three decades of her life as a physician specializing in geriatric care, including a 21-year career as department head in an Antwerp regional hospital. In 2003, she began her study as an energetic healer, teacher, process facilitator and supervisor at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and since 2007 has been leading many other trainees to master these same skills. In 2010 she was trained in the practice of Dynamic Facilitation by Jim Rough, which she now incorporates into her workshops and training sessions. In 2012 she decided to devote her work exclusively to writing, facilitation and coaching. That same year, she devised a new integrative practice of facilitation she calls ‘Guest House Facilitation’, that helps teams learn how to listen and utilise both the inner and outer processes within their organisation, to see it as a dynamic and living organism, and to reconnect to its intrinsic purpose and intention. Her book, Becoming What is Changing: Exposition, is the first part of a trilogy aimed at managers, team leaders and responsible employees who wish to bring this kind of transformation into the workplace, so they can create an environment where people are happy, satisfied and continuously growing.


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