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The corona virus a threat or a treat? Part two

What if this outbreak offers us a whole new way of being and has the possibility to create an impact on the health of the earth and all life on it?

Are you ready to continue our engagement with the Corona virus? Are you willing to consider the possibility to change the prominent story of the Corona virus?

What if the Corona virus is not a threat?

What do we take with us from the first article in this series? The possibility that the Corona virus is a long awaited guest in our house and an inner knowing that all in creation, also viruses, is consciousness and originates from the same source. 

The Corona virus outbreak causes a lot of disruption in our social life, our health and our economy, locally and globally. We know where it starts, we have no clue how it unfolds and what will happen next. There is a great deal in the unknown.

What is happening in our sourcing week with the ChancesToChange community as we play our organisation into being?

A player throws a yellow dot

The image shows you the instructions we follow this time.

In the silence we all centre, we observe and listen to what is happening to and around us. We are engaging with the collective field. In the collective field we leave imprints of what we as humanity create and have created. It also contains imprints of all our other lives, of archetypes, family and system constellations. It is a rich archive and is our playground as a human being. It is where we engage with other life forms, such as the corona virus.

Through the listening to the collective field we are able to receive information from this field.

This is what the player receives as a message from the corona virus:

“I am here with a purpose. I have been laying dormant for eons and now is the time. I am not a mutant, I am pure DNA, pure and very ancient knowledge and I come to the surface in this very precise timing.

I have been waiting, I have been observing and I have been witnessing. I have been everywhere and nowhere. I am part of a whole new way of being, a new way of doing and knowing things, whatever that might be. I am old, very very old. I have always existed and came with the first spark of life to the planet.

I exist beyond time and space and there beyond time and space I deliver my offering. Children are often able to see me, understand me and acknowledge me. I have very strong vibrations. I am lonely, I am old, even ancient and what I offer is something completely unheard of, it is something that has been hidden, asleep for a very long time.”

We are deeply touched. How does this land in you? After a pause, we continue our game.

Another player throws a blue dot

She blindly chooses a card from the deck of blue cards. She starts describing the painting on the card. She discerns the universe and also a form that could be like a virus whirling around.

When she is finished describing the painting she turns the card around and reads the text. The title of this card is “Movement” and the subtitles are determination and freedom.

She reads the text out loud: “Movement embraces action as well as acceleration, slowing down or standing still. I have a particular effect on movement within my organisation by making choices that are not based on fear. How we move has a great impact on the earth and all life on it. Movement is essential for the existence and health of the earth and all life on it.”

She reflects on the tekst: “The Corona virus outbreak certainly causes us all to slow down and to even stand still. As the lock down of cities and countries reveals.” “So many choices with regard to the Corona virus are based on fear!” “The Corona virus has a great impact on our movement and on the health of the earth and all life on it.”


Many of us meet the corona virus through our mind in a day-to-day reality which we perceive through our five senses. This is the so-called third dimension with its definitions of time and space and a dimension following the laws of Newton. If we live our day-to-day reality disconnected from our centre, we are not aware of the wisdom of our body and of the choices our soul has for us in this lifetime. This can easily result in us being a play ball of the imprints of the collective field constantly affecting our day-to-day reality. We create our future scenarios based upon these imprints. From this view point the Corona virus outbreak is a threat and causes a great deal of fear.

And maybe there are other possibilities. Let’s sit with a few questions:

What is possible and how can we allow a consciousness that seems to be very old and maybe even belongs to the very origins of the earth and all life on it to engage with us in a playful and even joyful way? What if there are so many other possibilities to be with this fascinating virus? What if it really has an offering for us? What if it is an offering for all of us and nobody is excluded? What if it is the precise timing and what if we are ready to receive the offering, even if we don’t know it yet? What if it is the time for a huge change, for chances to change, for quantum shifts, for new beginnings never heard of before? What if we can do it?

The ChancesToChange board game brings a new wave into the world, a new way to meet the Corona virus with joy and ease and playfulness. By playing we engage with the Corona virus, we listen to it, we open our house for it. The corona virus originates from the same source as you, as us and as all of life. All of life has an intention, an unmeasurable and indescribable force present everywhere in the universe. The corona virus also has an intention and in itself is not good or bad, it is just a life form with a purpose.

In the next article we continue our game and our exploration. How do we meet the Corona virus beyond time and space. How can we live our lives with all that constantly happens to us and around us, with all the fear in the collective field and also meet a virus beyond time and space to receive its offering.

With kind regards, Veerle

Veerle De Bock: Each day I add a bit more colour to the world, I colour within and outside of the lines as I take up different roles. My different roles are social entrepreneur, physician, coach, teacher, therapist and most of all facilitator of emerging possibilities (full bio) .