Chances to change

Hello from team Space without Borders – Eddie, Veerle and Elaine

Dear amazing C2C companion players,

Firstly, we’d like to introduce ourselves. You’ve not heard much, if anything, from us and the job that we have chosen within the C2C community which is to tend to our collective bigger field and to keep a bird’s eye view of how we are as a “we” – a sort of wellness check for our group field.

We generally meet once a month on Zoom and had our last meeting a week or so ago where were guided to share with you our feelings and insights as we connected with the bigger beingness of C2C.

Immediately on expanding to connect with our bigger selves, there was a strong immediate communing of the three of us with the Being of the Game as we were whooshed up to some higher level. Here in this beautiful space, we were joyfully received by the magnificence of this “we” field that we often call the Being of the Game. It was as if we were welcomed and loved by old friends.

We all experienced having an overview of the whole community, as if looking down at small villages dotted around the landscape. Although very clearly all three of us were in the same field, we each had slightly different experiences. One was around the ebb and flow of people coming into and out of the community, and then back into the community again. This led to a curiosity around power – our collective power together with the Being of the Game — a curiosity about power in general and power within the C2C community. As in any community, some are comfortable with power, some not and there was an awareness of fears and misunderstandings around power. In that moment, as we were part of this huge field of power, it was clear that the more we increase and expand the energy of our power, the more fear etc falls away. It is no longer sustainable to stay in a state of fear and misunderstanding about power.

What is your relationship with power?

We’re living in a time where we are called to step more and more into our true power in order to affect the changes needed for our evolutionary shift.

To help us understand her nature more, the energy of Power wants to share

some of her different facets and faces

  • The force of nature – and she is not always polite.
  • A divine force where oneness and unity fold into each other.
  • An explosive force as two polarities meet. In the explosion of their meeting, something new is created.
  • Power as a force is also welcoming and gentle.
  • Different expressions of true power need to be used at different times or in different situations, and sometimes that is just simply and powerfully being able to relax in the Divine.
  • Power comes from connection with the heart – so we can let go of the head. Heart is its own biggest expression.
  • Power doesn’t always feel the same – which can be confusing as we might expect that once we truly dive into our power it will always looks the same. Regardless of its many expressions, we carry this energy in us and around us always.

With love from Elaine

(for Team Space without Borders)

Chances to change

The Power of Connection through the Wisdom of our Bodies

What if we’re completely wrong when we assume our immune system has to defend us? Maybe it is an organ of discernment and recognition. 


The image above shows us one of the cards from the ChancesToChange board game. When you draw this card, you are invited as a participant to first share what speaks to you or inspires you in the painting. You then read the text and reflect on the question – how it feels to be together and how it feels to be alone.

Today we are using this card as a metaphor for the way our body, and more specifically our immune system, interacts with the outside world. In fact, there is scientific research that shows the importance of micro-organisms in the evolution of all ecosystems, and therefore also in the evolution of humans. This is our topic for the day and we would love to start a conversation about our immune system.

These pioneering studies raise new questions:

What if we have been wrong for so long?

What if our immune system does not serve to defend us against everything foreign to our bodies. Is it rather a way for us to connect with other parts within the larger ecosystem of the earth and all life on it?

Just looking at the painting, it appears to be a representation of how the cells of our immune system interact with other cells. There is a specific interaction in the middle where information is exchanged and DNA is affected. This is also what these pioneering studies show, that ecosystems evolve by exchanging information.

If this is the case, the text on the card is completely accurate. Our immune system acts with recognition and discernment. Relationships with micro-organisms also appear to be an essential ingredient in the development of who and what I am and who and what I become.

Re-reading the text on the card, you might experience a deep respect for the inherent wisdom of your body, remembering that your body loves you unconditionally. If you are willing to really listen to your body, then a deep connection occurs naturally and you know that everything is connected to everything else, and through that connection a capacity for deep healing becomes available.

It is so fascinating to allow this wisdom of our body to infect our personality. What if we do not have to defend ourselves against people who think differently to us? What if we can choose not to go into polarity? We will then continue to feel the power of connection and create new possibilities together. We know that in essence we actually want the same thing, we simply choose different paths.

In acknowledging your self and the other, you become aware of what it takes to express the truth of who and what you are through relationships. You recognise a deep knowing within you that everything and everyone comes from the same source, regardless of how you define that source – separation is no longer an option!

with love and care,

Elaine and Veerle

Veerle De Bock: Each day I add a bit more colour to the world, I colour within and outside of the lines as I take up different roles. My different roles are social entrepreneur, physician, coach, teacher, therapist and most of all facilitator of emerging possibilities

Elaine Mc Googan: I am a traveller, healer and organiser of admin things. I trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe over a period of 6 years.  I am passionate about supporting my healing clients, exploring what it means to be in community, as well as supporting this amazing board game.

Chances to change

The magic of one meeting with the ChancesToChange board game

How the actual vibrational state of a player is affected in a subtle way through imagination inspired by paintings and the sound of carefully chosen words.

We already know that magic happens as you play the board game – it functions as a ritual, assisting you to pass through specific aspects of your life. And we’ve been wondering what the mystery is that unfolds?

In this article we will follow two women who both played with the game; they played with a different version of the game on two consecutive days. The first woman played with the version for organisations and the second woman played with the full vibrational version. What happened in common to both is that they had the same blue card.

Let’s start by bringing them both in with the question “what’s here now”. They were then invited to blindly choose a blue card from the deck and share their reflections on the painting. When complete, we invited them to read the text of their blue card out loud followed by any reflections. Their turn was completed as always by asking them to check the matrix.

Let’s get started!

What’s here now

Our first player is dedicated and highly skilled. She loves the organisation she belongs to and at the same time feels she loses so much time in preparing and learning new skills that she doesn’t get to the things that really matter to her. The Coronavirus crisis at this moment offers enormous freedom to her and her colleagues; they need to reinvent how they do their jobs and set their own boundaries. Everything is available in this enormous library of life and which book is the one you need? She doesn’t perceive herself as a leader – she is a part of the greater whole and that requires a great deal of compromising with many needs and expectations.

What she brings to the game today is: “I lose my own voice in service of the ‘we’!”

The second player also connects to what’s here now for her. It is her experience at this moment that she still hesitates to stand in the light.

What she brings to the game is: “What is my fear to be in the light?”

Reflections on the painting

Both women blindly choose a blue card from the deck. They both receive card number 10.

The first woman comments on the painting of the card are: “I want to bring in my own colours which I can see at the right side of the painting, and there are strong algae like structures that are invading me. My own colours disappear.”

The second woman has a different perception: “I perceive cheerful colours, joy and fire. I discern three parts in the card which are inspiring each other; here and there I see how they gently touch each other. I see waves on the left side and there is white in it which I perceive as light. I feel mostly attracted to the blue in the middle which reminds me of the depth of my soul.”

Both women describe the same painting very differently. Whatever you perceive in the painting is true, it is your truth in this moment and is what matters to you, your experience in this moment. It can be different in another moment!  

Reading the text of the blue card out loud

Our first player is using the organisational version. This is what it says:

Her reflections are: “My organisation is in a process of fusing with other similar organisations and is losing its own lineage. There is no vision. I acknowledge the potential and the wisdom in my colleagues, I also witness how I listen, sense, align and learn and how in all of this I lose a piece of myself. I also realise how I always choose to work within a structure precisely to be safe, to be held. I don’t have enough structure on my own. It is hard for me not to have an authority offering me a structure. I miss a mother to hold me, to tell me it is all okay.“

The second player is playing with the full vibrational version of the board game. This is what it says:

Her reflections on the text are: “My family and ancestors had to be content with very little and they were. I receive more space, the ability to develop myself. I have struggled with simplicity and contentment. I perceive now how there is a mingling within me and an appreciation of simplicity and contentment related to my growing awareness. I have repaired the relationships within my lineage, I have freed the ancestral flow and I know I am held by my ancestral flow.”

The question at the bottom of the card – which stories do I rewrite – evokes something in her that touches her deeply. She shares: “I am not raised to be in the light and it is my nature to be shy.”

The coming to completion with the matrix 

Our players check the matrix. The matrix weaves the colours with where you land on the board. For the card lineage it is in the first phase of the green area, the phase of processing.

Our first player checks the matrix in the organisational version.

She shares with us: “I can access and use my spiritual lineage! It is such a joy to express myself and to speak out what I think and believe! When I honour my lineage, I bring in the fullness of my being.”

Our second player checks the matrix in the full vibration version.  

She is excited and suddenly exclaims: “It is a conditioning, I am already in the light. It is so normal!”

You can see how they both receive a further deepening on their journey with the game through the question in the matrix.

As you can see, we move through different levels of vibration while playing with these two women.

Different levels of vibration

Our starting question is always: “What’s here now?” What it actually does is ask you about your vibrational signature in this moment. It asks you what your experience is and with that come a variety of thoughts, sensations, emotions, feelings, eventually also ideas and concepts. These are all vibrations which paint your unique signature in this moment.

We know that the painting has a pallet of vibrations that is connected with the content of the card. When we invite you to reflect on the painting, you reflect on the vibrations that come to you on the level of your own imagination. You translate those vibrations into words.

When you see invasion that is what is important to you and will colour your experience. Invasion is always present in the card of lineage and an important facet of how we are with our lineage. And if you experience inspiration and gentle touch in the painting that is also true. The possibility of support and being held is always present in the card of lineage.

The texts of the blue cards have their own multilayered vibrations. They bring you a symphony of vibrational colours through words for you to explore and experience. Discern what resonates and let go what doesn’t.


Magic happens when you play with the ChancesToChange board game and it is all about vibrations. When you play the game, you start by bringing in your vibrational signature with the simple question: “What’s here now?”. 

When you start by choosing a blue card, you automatically connect to the consciousness of the game where we have all possible visions of the painting stored as superpositions in the quantum field.

When you are ready you turn the card and read the text out loud. Another multilayered level of sound vibrations reach you. Each text is woven with many different sources of wisdom and knowledge, all imprints in the collective essence.

All these vibrational experiences allow a mingling to happen with your own field, with your own vibrational signature. The process is completed and embodied through the matrix.

As we are playing in a quantum field, things are happening outside time and space as well. Both women received insight through what the other saw in the painting – both were affected by what the other perceived on different days!

The first woman noticed the richness and support and realised that her spiritual lineage was holding her, just as the second woman perceived her soul in the dark blue colour.

The second woman suddenly realised there is invasion through her conditioning and how that formed her reality, preventing her from going into the spotlight.

Something is really happening on the quantum level that feels like magic.

You are changed forever. You have a new experience and your soul converts that into consciousness which is added to your unique field.

If you want to experience your own vibrational signature and explore our board game, now is the perfect time. You can join us in our Awareness Marathon! We offer many opportunities to play with the ChancesToChange board game globally each Thursday and in open Guest rooms or scheduled meetings during the week.

ChancesToChange is a consciousness expressing itself in many different levels of vibration through a board game. There is an amazing fluidity in how you are invited to expand your vibrational spectrum while playing.

warm regards,

Veerle and Elaine

Veerle De Bock: Each day I add a bit more colour to the world, I colour within and outside of the lines as I take up different roles. My different roles are social entrepreneur, physician, coach, teacher, therapist and most of all facilitator of emerging possibilities (full bio)

Elaine Mc Googan: I am a traveller, healer and organiser of admin things. I trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe over a period of 6 years.  I am passionate about supporting my healing clients, exploring what it means to be in community, as well as supporting this amazing board game.

Aspects of life

Corona Virus a Threat or a Treat? Part One.

Shapeshift a prominent story through accessing the wisdom of your body and your inner knowing. Apply ChancesToChange as a way of living.

The Corona virus is our prominent story at this moment. It affects all of us locally and globally, it also affects our sourcing gathering here in the South of France with the ChancesToChange community. ChancesToChange is a wildly original board game and exists since December 2016. The board game serves as a doorway to wake up and live your life to the fullest. Since its creation we play everything with regard to our organisation into existence.

In this article we first have a look at the prominent story of the Corona virus. Afterwards we take  you on a journey while we play the ChancesToChange board game. You receive insights in what happens when a player throws a red dot and when a player throws a blue dot.

What is the prominent story of the Corona virus?

The prominent story of the Corona virus is that it is a threat for individuals, communities, countries and the economy. The information we daily receive is about the numbers of people affected in each country, about the speed of the spreading of the infection and how it affects us globally. The Corona virus does not seem to make any difference between good or bad, colour, race, beliefs, ethnicity, wealth.

Our collective answer is a combination of actions in an attempt to try treating the symptoms of the outbreak on an individual and global level.

We try to find a vaccin against the virus or find all kind of alternative procedures to strengthen our immune system.

We try to prevent the spreading of the virus by locking down villages and cities, even locking down countries.

We fight, we protect, we separate, we are afraid.

The most important ingredient of the prominent story is fear. Fear to become ill, fear to die. Fear that our economy will suffer, fear that are lives will be disrupted.

Fear unites us globally these days and is the reason we exclude and separate our self and others to a fascinating extend. 

Playing the ChancesToChange board game and meeting the corona virus

Whatever happens to and around us always affects the game. So does the story of the Corona virus.

This article shares some of the extraordinary insights and fascinating possibilities we receive as we play. We are all somewhere on the board and we play at this moment using both dice, a numbered one and a coloured one. The numbered one allows us to move on the board and the coloured one adds specific instructions depending on the colour we throw.

A player throws a red dot

The image shows you the instructions we follow.

We go into silence and we connect with our body. We sense and we listen. Our body is wise and so much more conscious than our everyday mind. There is a sharing circle were all the players share their insights to the player who threw the red dot.

One of the reflections is: “I see how the corona virus is a guest in my house, my house being my body.  What if I welcome this guest as in Rumi’s poem the Guest House with an open heart and mind?”

Another player shares: “I see DNA and something happening inside the DNA, as if there is a bridging, I see gates.”

A player throws a blue dot

In another turn one of us throws a blue dot and is invited to choose a blue card. The card “Unity consciousness” comes to her.

She reads the card and realises how everything in the universe, all life on earth and all of us are forms of consciousness. What if the corona virus is as an aspect of consciousness and part of unity consciousness?


Where are you? How does this land in you?

Already a lot to sit with!

Viruses have the ability, always have been the ability to exchange their genetic material with us humans. Sequences of viral DNA incorporated in our DNA during our evolution and serve our functions. So maybe what one of the players saw when listening to her body is actually true and is what is happening. What if the Corona virus outbreak serves our evolutionary purpose?

The card of unity consciousness reminds us of our inner knowing. A knowing that all forms of consciousness in the universe may coexist, also the Corona virus and are in turn influenced by the feelings, emotions, thoughts and actions of every human being.

What if our fear ignites more fear?

We will continue to play with the ChancesToChange board game.  In the second article of this series we listen to the collective field and meet the Corona virus there.

The collective field is a rich library of humanity and very intriguing, in this field we also find all the imprints of past pandemics. Do you want to be a play ball in the collective field or a co-creator of new stories?

The ChancesToChange board game offers you insight and new perspectives on whatever happens to and around you in your life.

I would love your insights and comments on this article.

Kind regards, Veerle

Veerle De Bock: Each day I add a bit more colour to the world, I colour within and outside of the lines as I take up different roles. My different roles are social entrepreneur, physician, coach, teacher, therapist and most of all facilitator of emerging possibilities (full bio) .