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Your physical body originates from an egg cell and a sperm cell that both have an energy consciousness. This is the blueprint of your mother and your father.



picmonkey_image-8 Did somebody ever say to you that you really are like your mother or your father?

My husband did recently and I got very upset.

So I began an inquiry, I really wanted to find out!

This article shares the story of how you and I make decisions in our physical body, how each of our cells creates an electromagnetic field, how we receive a biological legacy from our parents. This legacy is different from our genes.

We start our life on earth with a blueprint we inherited!

  • Our magical cell membranes!
  • What is energy consciousness?
  • An egg cell and a sperm cell
  • Not a blank canvas


Our magical cell membranes

Bruce Lipton, a well-known cellular biologist, says our genes are not defining our lives. He explains our cell membranes do.

The cell membrane continuously decides what can enter the cell, which reaction the cell will have, if something leaves the cell. A cell membrane decides about growth, birth, death, defence, connection.

Imagine! Our physical body is an organism composed by fifty trillion cells, where self-organization is governed by the cell membranes of each individual cell!

Our DNA lays dormant in the nucleus of the cell and can only become active if specific proteins switch it on. Those proteins are governed by the cell membrane. The environment of the cell membrane and the information that reaches the cell membrane is what is prompting the decisions we make in our physical body.


Energy consciousness

Each of our cells produces electricity, some of our cells like the cells of the nervous system and the heart produce more electricity than other cells in our body. This electricity creates an electromagnetic field using the physical body as a magnet.

This energy field extends out of the physical body and penetrates each cell. Which results in the fact that each of our cells is surrounded and penetrated by energy consciousness.

This energy consciousness is the medium to quickly transport information through our physical body from one cell to another, from one area of the body to another area, within organs, systems and tissues. Thoughts, emotions, ideas, feelings, concepts, images, beliefs are all energy vibrations in this energy consciousness.

All of this is extensively and exquisitely described in my book: Becoming What Is Changing: Exposition.


An egg cell and a sperm cell

If every cell has an energy consciousness so have the egg cell and the sperm cell that are the basic building blocks of our physical body. This energy consciousness that holds the blueprint of the thoughts, concepts, images, beliefs, feelings, emotions of respectively your mother and your father.

When the egg cell and the sperm cell merge those blueprints merge as well and they will assist the cell membranes of the new cells how to make decisions. Remember, the cell membranes decide how to grow and which parts of the DNA to switch on or switch off.

And stretch a bit further, your parents also got their primary egg cell and sperm cell from their mother and father. So this energy consciousness is still incorporated into the cells you got and so is the energy consciousness of your grandparents, and their parents and so on and on and on….


A blank canvas 

Some schools say a newborn baby is a blank canvas and subject to the environment. It is not, our physical body already comes into existence with a great deal of energy consciousness that holds information from your ancestors and most of all from your mother and father.

This energy consciousness can switch on certain areas of your genes and can leave other areas dormant. This energy consciousness will affect and be affected by what is happening to us and around us in the environment.



It is possible for our ancestors to control a great deal of our lives!

They affect our life experiences through the energy consciousness that surrounds and impregnates our primary building blocks, the egg cell and the sperm cell of our parents.

This energy consciousness offers us a territory to play with, a set of threads and the basic structure for the unique tapestry of our lives.

Our cell membranes create and sustain the energy that surrounds each cell and they are affected in return by this energy consciousness.

When you incarnate on earth, your soul starts to dance this intimate exchange with your body and their energy consciousness mingles.

So how can we occupy the driver’s seat in our life?

Do you have any idea? I would love if you share them in the comment box.

There is much more to discover in future articles about our personality and this fabulous dance of our soul with our physical body.

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Veerle blog caminoVEERLE DE BOCK is a social entrepreneur, a change-maker, physician, healer, facilitator, trainer, coach and author of the trilogy, Becoming What is Changing. She spent nearly three decades of her life as a physician specializing in geriatric care, including a 21-year career as department head in an Antwerp regional hospital. In 2003, she began her study as an energetic healer, teacher, process facilitator and supervisor at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and since 2007 has been leading many other trainees to master these same skills. In 2010 she was trained in the practice of Dynamic Facilitation by Jim Rough, which she now incorporates into her workshops and training sessions. In 2012 she decided to devote her work exclusively to writing, facilitation and coaching. That same year, she devised a new integrative practice of facilitation she calls ‘Guest House Facilitation’, that helps teams learn how to listen and utilise both the inner and outer processes within their organisation, to see it as a dynamic and living organism, and to reconnect to its intrinsic purpose and intention. Her book, Becoming What is Changing: Exposition, is the first part of a trilogy aimed at managers, team leaders and responsible employees who wish to bring this kind of transformation into the workplace, so they can create an environment where people are happy, satisfied and continuously growing.