C2C board game: Organisational version


A booklet of 80 pages with spiral binding in landscape A5 format.


The version for organisations is an ally in these difficult and complex times in which people and organisations are reinventing themselves in order to contribute to a liveable world. This version emphasises the responsibility and unique contribution of each individual in the organisation. By playing you bring more of your true self into the organisations of which you are a part.

Intention of the ChancesToChange board game for organisations

The ChancesToChange board game is an ongoing invitation to bring more of our true self into our organisation. We focus on who and what we are and how we serve. We become aware of our unique purposes in connection with the purposes of the organisations in which we participate.

Being human

We receive many different and new experiences and bring in more perspectives for our self and for our organisation. The game invites us to allow the fullness of what it means to be human. What is the future we want to imagine into being? How can we, as an individual, and how can our organisation make choices that are sustainable and renewing? How can we be responsible for the choices being made?

Generative economy

The board game is an ally in these difficult and complex times where people and organisations have to reinvent themselves in order to be able to contribute to a more viable world. How can we allow the prevailing story to transform? We become a weaver for our organisation by facilitating meaningful conversations through the board game and root our organisation into fertile soil.


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