C2C board game: Creative version


A booklet of 80 pages with spiral binding in landscape A6 format. This booklet is used with the complete board game.


The creative version invites your curiosity, wonder and spontaneous joy. Central in this creative version are the importance of having new experiences and allowing an original powerful creative flow.

This is the intention of the creators of this version:

The ChancesToChange board game: A wildly original creative flow

This creative version speaks to the child within. Playing the game brings us wonder, curiosity and spontaneous joy. This is how our inner child experiences the space to express itself. We have a natural connection with and understand our body. We know who we really are.
We come here on earth as a human being mainly to have new experiences. As we play, our soul transforms those experiences into consciousness. Experiences are processed playfully and lightheartedly.
Our creativity helps us to live our life to the fullest. It is a profound and intense experience of joy and ease. We don’t have to win and we don’t have to achieve anything. In expressing our creativity, we remember that we are already a radiant being.


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