C2C board game: Complete travel version


What you’ll find inside the blue pouch: 

  • Playing board in textile
  • Cards (one box with 22 blue and 12 yellow cards A6, one box with 16 orange and 16 green cards A7)
  • An organza small pouch with two dice (one numbered and one coloured) and 7 playing pieces
  • Talking piece
  • A set of bells
  • A mini matrix

Everything fits in a blue cotton pouch ( 22 by 16 cm) with zip

+ the creative version of the game: A booklet of 80 pages with spiral binding in landscape A6 format

We assemble the board game for you and distribute it through members of our community. If you live in a country we don’t ship too at this moment, please contact us.

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ChancesToChange – A wildly original board game

Our intention in creating this game is the exploration and deepening into awareness, understanding and knowing to allow us to truly take in and appreciate that we are already magnificent beings.

Awareness is our willingness to see the totality of what is happening to us and around us, thereby allowing us to perceive more and different perspectives. Playing the game serves as an opening to access more of “us”, a doorway into our whole self and makes us ready to live our lives to the fullest.

Understanding is our ability to discern without judgement. The board game is a modern type of ceremony. It is a rite of passage through the steps of the journey of our lives, allowing our intellect to become a doorway to remembering that we are already awake.

Knowing is applying the state of being awake into our daily lives. Playing the game allows us to access the knowing of who and what we are in truth and how we serve in truth. We are here and we are free!


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