Books: Becoming What is Changing: Exposition


Becoming What Is Changing: Exposition
Hardcover Edition



More than ever our world is changing and we are invited to be responsible and to allow others to be responsible! This book walks its talk and becomes what is changing. It knows that you are the perfect tool to achieve this!

A Call to Action to
Idealists, Change-Makers and Social Reformers!

If we simply continue to complain about ‘the old system’, we are only colluding with it. But when we are ready to let go of blame and judgement – and take full responsibility for whatever happens to us and around us – we can attune with the change that is already happening in the Universe, and we can achieve truly great things in our organisations, our lives and the world at large.

So, are you ready?
Then Becoming What is Changing is THE book for you.


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