✨Snake Medicine Transmissions for participants repeating✨


Reaching deeper levels of “you” and allowing miracles to happen

Nine magical monthly online sessions with Elaine and Veerle

Starting on Wednesday 27th September 2023, 7 pm – 9 pm

This is for you if you have already attended a series of Snake Medicine Transmissions and you are eager to deepen your knowingness and allow your miraculous touch to strengthen.

Practical Information


September 2023 through to June 2024, on the last Wednesday of each month, starting on Wednesday, 28th June. There will be no session in the month of December – time for a break to integrate and relax over the holiday period.

Timing: 19.00 – 21.00 CET/CEST(Central European (summer)time) . All sessions will be held on Zoom.

Extra: As you know, we also offer an optional sharing session mid-month and you will receive dates/times after registration.


This is for you if you have already attended a series of the Snake Medicine Transmissions and are a part of the much grander design that is meant to be a supporting matrix for awakening and growth. It is for you if you know you are part of a great spiritual lineage of masters, teachers, healers, inspirators and ready to become more visible and become the cosmic channel you were always meant to be.

Our magnificent transmissions are continuously growing and expanding, there is always “more” information and insight which we are weaving in.

The rhythm and format

The format of each of the nine monthly sessions will be teachings around the make-up of our multi-dimensionality:

  • The sphere of the Soul
  • The kaleidoscope of Dimensions
  • The shapeshifting of Chakras
  • The sphere of the Body
  • The DNA of Evolution
  • We-space and Co-creation
  • The agreement to Love
  • The anatomy of miracles
  • The Tapestry of Everything

This will be followed by an interactive Q&A, tools to anchor and integrate the teachings as well as practical homework for you to take away as a support.

Each session builds upon the one before and as you move through each session, you are taken through the kaleidoscope of who you are as a physical and energetic human being – expressing, experimenting, integrating and transcending. The material is always shape shifting and evolving.

What is it like to live your life as an ordinary human being and at the same time recognise and live your uniqueness and magnificence in the world?  Let’s see if Snake Medicine Transmissions can begin to answer this profound question.


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