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How Can You Create More ‘Market-ing’ by Doing Less?

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How Can You Create More ‘Market-ing’ by Doing Less?


Dia1 Our answer is Guest House Facilitation! This new refreshing practice effortlessly gives rise to Market-ing with an abundance of offerings, tools and perspectives.


What is ‘Market-ing’?

When we were recently sitting with the question how to do marketing for Guest House Facilitation (GHF), something extraordinary happened! We suddenly realized that we were becoming what is changing, and marketing transformed into ‘Market-ing’.

We refocus marketing on one of its original definitions according to the dictionary: the act of buying or selling on a market. We shift marketing into ‘market-ing’.

We are each of us a market—everything is already present and nothing needs to be made different, changed or ameliorated. You are already perfect as you are. You only need to be reminded, need to be mirrored. Guest House Facilitation is your guide to your own market so that you can regain insight and access to your own abundance inside and outside.

This has some implications, which are astonishing.

  • Whether you are a participant or a host in GHF, you are all equal.
  • Your inner ‘Guest House’ is in fact a market where many different gifts are available.
  • The outer ‘Guest House’ has many tools; you decide which ones are useful for you in any moment.
  • There is no demand and no obligation in Guest House Facilitation; there is freedom to play with consciousness and energy.
  • You do not prepare Guest House Facilitation, you are doing less; you dance with what is in the moment now.
  • Nothing needs to be improved in you; you are perfect with your imperfections.
  • Guest House Facilitation is a navigation system towards abundance for everybody.



The metaphor of the resident, the reformer and the rebel

I use this metaphor to clarify the structure of GHF. This precious metaphor discerns different ways of being, and in truth we are each of us a combination of the three aspects. Depending on our circumstances, one of them will be more prominent. We need the different perspectives for our personal development.

Our resident resides in our inner box with fencings created by our beliefs, images and habitual ways of doing things. The resident will help us when the circumstances or events are overwhelming or confusing.

Our reformer continuously tries to improve our circumstances in the inner box.

Our rebel tries out new perspectives, new solutions for old problems. Our rebel leaves our inner boxes with the fencings made of our beliefs, images and patterns.

We now explain each role in the context of Guest House Facilitation.


1. The pioneers of GHF

The pioneers stand at the cradle of GHF. They are the rebels of our metaphor; they play with new consciousness. They are willing to jump into the unknown and be open for new perspectives, taking into account whatever is happening as contributions for this fascinating approach. They nourish and nurture the field of GHF, and they listen for new developments and insights.

As a rebel you hold space and facilitate a we, the people. You are ready to assist the group to grasp its potential, bring it into consciousness and act upon it. We, the people starts anywhere and continues everywhere.

The rebels come to the gatherings of hosts that are organized regularly in order to attend to this new emerging field of GHF.

How do the rebels present themselves in the market? They are not easily recognizable, they move and inspire other people, it is not about them, their names do not have to be known. It is their presence, the way they radiate, which makes the difference. The rebels are like Harmonizer Souls. Michael Newton, the regression hypnotherapist, learned a great deal about our souls through his groundbreaking research into the afterlife. He discerns a general category of Harmonizer Souls. He explains that incarnated Harmonizer Souls typically are souls who balance the energy of planetary events involving human relationships. They function on a larger scale in an attempt to diffuse negative energy.


2. The hosts of GHF

There are areas where we are the reformer, we are hosts in Guest Houses, and we try to hold space in order for the circumstances to ameliorate. The beauty is that we teach in order to be taught, we heal in order to be healed. Hosts are the reformers of our metaphor.

Hosts come to GHF trainings. They become part of a huge family of hosts that are spread over different countries. So far we have hosts in the US, Zimbabwe, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Bali, the UK, Austria, and Japan.

Hosts can hold workshops as Guest Houses and apply a beautiful variety of technologies and tools available through GHF.

In our market, the hosts are the market vendors who sell all the different items. They hold space for you to discover, explore, learn, and most of all play. ‘Market-ing’ unfolds through the hosts inventing and adding their own specific tools to this amazing creative mix of GHF.

Sometimes hosts get inspired and start to do their own thing with flavours of GHF. There are endless possibilities.


3. The residents in GHF

Sometimes we are residents, we are participants in Guest Houses and we explore the fencings of our inner boxes within the safe container of these Guest Houses.

Anyone can be a participant, and everybody is welcome. There are no specific requirements. We are all human beings, and this is the only requirement for attending in a Guest House workshop. We all are spiritual beings, and we all come to achieve our soul’s purpose, to have our personal growth.

One of the major principles is how all your inner guests are welcome in our settings. As in Rumi’s poem, this can be a sorrow, a despair, an anger, an unwanted guest—yet they are all welcome. There is no enemy to conquer, all of you is welcome. We acknowledge how this very fact enables you to uncover your unique essence and gifts. The group being of GHF has specific features to assist each individual participant.

The group being creates a container through which a sacred space unfolds where awareness gently invites and inspires residents to experience deeper levels of ‘self’.

You are exploring the market, you are ‘market-ing’. You are ‘market-ing’ in the sense that you tune in and find which trained hosts (reformers) will be the perfect mix for your specific field of exploration.

The outer ‘Guest House’ is the magic coming together of the right people in the right space and the right moment. It is the richness of the mirroring through relationships, the contributions each participant offers, and the listening back and forth. The multiplicity of senses is available as in a marketplace.

The practice of GHF offers an abundance of specific tools and technologies at your disposal, and as in a market place, you walk around, you try, you listen and you decide for yourself what works and what does not work.





We are all equal partners in the fascinating inner and outer Guest Houses of this world, whether we are in this moment a rebel, a reformer or a resident—a pioneer, a host or a participant.

There is a ‘Market-ing’, an ongoing nourishment and nurturing, an abundance of colours, tastes, and perspectives allowing us to dance within the richness and endless possibilities of human relationships and human processes.

And as our title promises, this occurs by ‘doing less’. The secret is the space for the ‘Market-ing’ held by the group being. In this space, new consciousness can thrive.

We no longer need to do Marketing in the known ways. Marketing becomes ‘market-ing’ through Guest House Facilitation. We achieve a holistic marketing as the marketing guru Philip Kotler describes. This type of marketing emphasizes how everything that happens matters. We add the effortlessness through the art of the relationships between the participants, hosts and pioneers. We introduce the inner Guest Houses as integral parts of the outer mix of tools and techniques. We invite everybody to own responsibility for whatever happens to you and around you.

You can explore Guest House Facilitation and create your own experience or come and play with us at one of our scheduled events.

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July 12th, 2014


Veerle blog caminoVEERLE DE BOCK is a physician, healer, facilitator, trainer, coach and author of the trilogy, Becoming What is Changing. She spent nearly three decades of her life as a physician specializing in geriatric care, including a 21-year career as department head in an Antwerp regional hospital. In 2003, she began her study as an energetic healer, teacher, process facilitator and supervisor at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and since 2007 has been leading many other trainees to master these same skills. In 2010 she was trained in the practice of Dynamic Facilitation by Jim Rough, which she now incorporates into her workshops and training sessions. In 2012 she decided to devote her work exclusively to writing, facilitation and coaching. That same year, she devised a new integrative practice of facilitation she calls ‘Guest House Facilitation’, that helps teams learn how to listen and utilise both the inner and outer processes within their organisation, to see it as a dynamic and living organism, and to reconnect to its intrinsic purpose and intention. Her book, Becoming What is Changing: Exposition, is the first part of a trilogy aimed at managers, team leaders and responsible employees who wish to bring this kind of transformation into the workplace, so they can create an environment where people are happy, satisfied and continuously growing.


Contact Veerle about the book, or to discuss coaching/facilitation for your organisation at:

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