We are from all walks of life – from the medical profession, many healing modalities, coaches, and from the worlds of finance and business.  All of us are visionaries in our own unique ways.

We have either been part of the creation of the game or have found our way to the game with one goal in mind – to deepen our awareness of who we are.

And all have found a home here.

Communigram – how we organise ourselves

Shows how our community organises itself in a very unique way. As a forward movement we have chosen to represent ourselves through the geometric structure of the toroidal field. The toroidal field has a donut form. The image shows the centre representing the consciousness we spread into the world through our C2C movement. From this central consciousness many waves are spreading outwards in the geometric form. All these waves represent forms within our organisation each with their specific functions. Everything is connected and nourishes each other.

Our values


Our community is constantly growing, at the moment around 49 members.  We live and work in many countries around the world – our presence is widespread.


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