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Honouring your truth – 3 awesome insights!

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What an incredible journey: exploring the truth of who and what you are and how you serve in this collective field filled with truths.

Just recently my family-in-law were visiting for the first time since the world changed through our encounter with this tiny virus. All my visitors decided to follow the guidelines from the government for whatever personal reasons. However, I have chosen a different path in my relationship with the corona virus.   

This brought me to a big reflection on how this family situation triggers me. How can I speak my truth from my greater self and at the same time welcome them all wholeheartedly?

Coincidentally we, Elaine and I, received guidance through a video created by Lorie Ladd giving us the seeds and the clarity to create two articles around honouring and speaking your truth which helped enormously.

In this first article we share three awesome insights which can be a guide to honouring your truth. Each of these insights has their own unique space on the C2C board game.

  • Programming is a fact
  • Feel what is true for you
  • It’s about you and your truth

Programming is a fact!

The first insight is about our programming – yours, mine and everyone’s.

Through being human, we are all continuously programmed through our society and the collective field. Waking up is literally moving out of this programming and connecting to what is true for you – connecting to the truth of who and what you are and how you serve. We begin to understand how we can be awake in certain areas of our life and still be deeply asleep in other areas. We can move out of our programming in certain areas and still be deeply entrenched in other areas. Programming feels very familiar and is, at its root, often based on fear. If we don’t follow the rules, the prescriptions, the agreements, we will be punished, we won’t belong, we will be killed, humiliated, abandoned. We give our power away to experts and we allow our thinking, being and doing to be contained in a box. We lose connection with our inner knowing.

Continuing my story. All of us, me and my family-in-law, all have our individual ways in which we buy into programming and where we have stepped out of programming. Each of us might actually have some insights to offer with regard to moving in and out of programming. I understand more and more how truly listening to each other is so important especially when the other thinks and chooses differently from us.


Feel what is true for you!

There is often confusion between how we feel and what we feel. Many people believe it to be the same thing. And it’s not!

How you feel is strongly related to your thoughts and to all the stories you have collected about who and what you are and how you serve. It is not the truth of who and what you are and how you serve!

Your body on the other hand informs you about what you feel. Your body has an amazing wisdom and is your unique guide in finding out what your truth is.

This second insight is therefore an invitation to feel what is true for you. What sensations or images do you perceive? Where are you drawn to in your body? How does your body want to move?

Coming back to my family story. I realized that what I feel helps me to connect much deeper into what is really true for me. I experienced in my body the joy of the connection between everything and everyone, whether that is my family-in-law or the corona virus. For me, this is the essence of my learning. 


It’s about you and your truth!

The third insight is not to make it about the other. It is your unique journey to find what is true for you and, even more, to hold this truth with grace and ease. It’s so habitual to make it about the other and look outwards for confirmation. Each of us has our own unique truth to be with in the moment. When we make it about the other, we risk being entangled in the drama triangle. For example, depending on your personality, you may automatically try to save the other, putting them in the position of victim. There is no saviour without a victim.

You could also automatically move into the role of perpetrator or victim, again depending on your personality. Once you have entered the drama triangle you start to move within the triangle and you shift roles all of the time. The invitation is to make it about you and not about the other, to stay out of the drama triangle!

For a long time I experienced the need to save my loved ones from the possible harm they could receive through the vaccine. I wanted to save them and protect them. This third insight helps me to understand that it is about me and my journey towards knowing the truth of who and what I am and how I serve. This will lead me into new, as yet unknown, territory that is at the same time exciting and a bit scary.


Weaving these three insights on the board

The first thing to remember is that the three insights build upon each other. You gain momentum for your journey with truth in the silence of the purple area. Here you connect with all possibilities and the potential of the void.

As you continue this journey, you turn the camera towards yourself and move into the green area.  Here you honour your truth.

Next is to become aware of the powerful programming which is present everywhere and affects everybody. This is the beginning of the realisation that there might be a difference between your programming and what is true for you. The field of the game supports you in stepping out of the programming.

The second step is to feel what is true for you and allow your body to be your exquisite guide in this discovery. You move from “processing” into the “how can I” phase of the green area and invite in the wisdom of your body. This is accomplished by listening to the intelligent design of your body and by becoming aware of “what” you feel.

The third step is to make it about you and your truth, to own your journey with truth. You continue to turn the camera towards your own personality and away from the other. You now arrive in the phase of “letting go”; letting go of projecting your needs, wants, desires and expectations on the other.

You arrive back into the purple into the phase of inspiration and the empty space between death and rebirth. Letting go of familiar patterns and beliefs; letting go of conditioning and programming can feel a bit like dying.



These explorations around finding and honouring your truth are extraordinary and not always easy. It takes a great deal of courage and compassion for the self.

Truth is a continuum. Some truths are big and universal. We are all connected is one of them. Most truths change and evolve over time depending on where you are on your unique journey. A wise teacher once said: “This is what I know now, it might change tomorrow or next week or not.”

It is a huge exploration, allowing your truth to melt with other truths, allowing more truths to become visible to you as you travel towards the greater truths.

We practice these journeys to find our truth in our ChancesToChange board game. The game brings many questions to us to help clarify our programming. You can play one-on-one with a facilitator. We have several amazing facilitators. If you would like to explore with one of them leave us a message below.

Our next article is about how to share your truth.

with love and care,

Elaine and Veerle

Veerle De Bock: Each day I add a bit more colour to the world, I colour within and outside of the lines as I take up different roles. My different roles are social entrepreneur, physician, coach, teacher, therapist and most of all facilitator of emerging possibilities

Elaine Mc Googan: I am a traveller, healer and organiser of admin things. I trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing Europe over a period of 6 years.  I am passionate about supporting my healing clients, exploring what it means to be in community, as well as supporting this amazing board game.

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