Circles of Comfort

Our Circles of Comfort are a place to land and deal with the chaos accompanying the change that is currently unfolding for each of us. We create a space for you to be held and allow you to trust that you are not alone.

Thank you so much for the incredible gift you and your group have given me. Hearing my father speak penetrated right through my being. I have been crying throughout the whole recording. Although I mentally knew all the things my dad has spoken, it was a completely different sensation hearing it that way. Such a healing experience! That night after the session, I have had many insights on my past relationships and what love means. Something shifted deep within.

– Julie Lefevere

How do we work?

You ask for support for a transition moment or for an important process in your life. You send your request via email. We play in our next Open Guest Room (online or in-person) with the ChancesToChange board game and create a field of comfort, care and love. It happens playfully and naturally. We tune into your question and play in larger or smaller circles. Sometimes we represent certain people who are important to you. You are treated personally and with respect. 

What can you expect?

An experience of inner peace, security and trust. Everything is allowed to be there and is part of the greater whole. There is a potential for personal and family healing.

Afterwards you will receive an MP3 recording of the session and images of the cards that have appeared.

Who are we?

Beatrijs, Ria, Caroline, Kirsten and Veerle – We belong to the ChancesToChange community and have been creating circles for support and healing for years. There is always one of us who takes care of the personal contact with you.

Financial exchange

There are several possibilities in this wave of giving and receiving:

  • You can choose for a donation  of 11-55€ for your holding in the Circles of Comfort, to honour intentional, heart-based reciprocity. All these donations go to the C2C movement to expand and manifest its new forms into the world.
  • You might desire to pay forward a donation and top up when it feels right for you after the session.
  • Contribute to our C2C movement by bringing a friend or by buying material and bring our C2C into the world.
  • You can choose to  pay  forward for someone else to have a session in the Circles of Comfort.

Regardless of your choice you are welcome and held.

All payments are made via C2C Paypal or the Chancestochange bank account. 

Contact us through: