Guest House Facilitation

You are warmly invited to join us in the unfolding journey of Guest House Facilitation

GHF weaves across countries and continents

and reconnects land and people.

Guest House Facilitation (GHF) is a complex, interconnected and continuously changing practice, it is fluid and smart-flexible. GHF is a process of experiencing and only afterwards you are able to express what you experienced in words.

The basic idea is the welcoming of all inner and outer guests. The Latin word “facilitare” literally means making easy.

The name Guest House refers to Rumi’s well-known poem the Guest House as a metaphor for our practice of facilitation.

The Guest House

– Jelaluddin Rumi

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

– Jelaluddin Rumi,
translation by Coleman Barks


Our Journey Together

Guest House Facilitation brings together a variety of proven transformational attitudes and technologies to use in the full service of the “now”, in other words, to provide a deeply embodied experience of life and your unique contribution to the arising of a new world.

Each time the Guest House Facilitation will be different and new. It is a living experiential learning practice.

Whatever is present in the group will further flavour our experience and create its unique mix of inner and outer processes.

We know how we start, but we don’t know how the process continues. What we do know is that you will be changed through this experience of Guest House Facilitation and more ready to act in the world, to bring all of what you have already accomplished into fruition.

We create a safe container, a Guest House. You engage into a journey to remember your wholeness, to unfold self-organization and to reconnect with the evolutionary purpose of your human experience. We work with groups of 6 to maximum 9 persons. This journey leads you ongoing through 12 stages. When you finished you start again.

  1. Start with finding your inner silence.
  2. Connect with your personality. Assimilate, integrate, share your current challenge.
  3. Look through the eyes of the stakeholders (= those related to your challenge)
  4. How can I? Phrase your intention.
  5. What does not work anymore now? What are you ready to let go?
  6. Define the help you desire.
  7. Get inspired? Allow whatever wants to come through.
  8. Pioneer and refresh. Everybody shares what has appeared.
  9. Reflect upon the images, feelings and gestures.
  10. Conversation, moving into a “how can we”
  11. Share your current feelings and three actions you will bring into the world. Bring the newness into the collective field.
  12. Gratitude and completion.


Techniques you will experience and learn

Welcoming all voices… acknowledging the value of all voices in our lives and their contribution to life’s purpose. The inner guests are all our thought, feelings, emotions and sensations. The outer guests are all participants in our group. Everybody who is present has a role in the bigger whole. Even the whispers in the background are important. Also our circumstances – everyone and everything that is present in our lives are voices that count. All what happens in the moment is welcome.

Taking 100% responsibility… experiencing ourselves in the world as being 100% responsible… not only an integral part of the whole, but BEING the whole. I love you/I am sorry/Please forgive me/Thank you. Origin Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian Healing method.

‘Focusing’ is the practicality of Gene Gendlin’s philosophy of the implicit. Focusing is creating a pause. The facilitator invites open attention to what is happening in the body of the participant. A space unfolds and new possibilities can be carried forward (

‘Dynamic Facilitation’ df-imageis a meaningful conversation invented by Jim Rough, it is the glue in our Guest House Facilitation. Dynamic Facilitation is not a dialogue; each participant addresses the facilitator and what he or she is sharing is reflected back as writing on flipcharts named ‘data’, ‘solutions’ and ‘concerns.’ The shifts in the conversations are indicated through ‘how-statements’. (

The triad ‘Witnessing, Asking, Experiencing’. Asking is a dance between the inner process and the external event that is happening in the environment. You curiously ask yourself “what is here now?” with whatever happens to you and get a sense of how it allows you to arrive here – ‘now’. The act of asking prompts us to experience what is happening in our body. It leads us deep into our felt experience and often extends to a variety of expressions – sensory, emotional, mental and spiritual. Once we are experiencing the sensations in our body, we are then able to acknowledge where we are through impartially witnessing what is happening now. There is no judgment; we simply notice what is happening. We do not do anything; we just allow whatever happens to unfold.

Body-mind-soul model

Our soul carries knowledge and is an immortal aspect of us. Our body is our most intimate partner in our human experience. As a living organism, it is part of the intelligent design of the earth and all life on it. Our mind is energy-consciousness originating through an interplay between our soul, our body and the collective field. This model makes a fluid engagement between our soul, our body and our mind visible. It  acknowledges the intimate partnering of our soul with our body. It shows how our mind can modify and monitor information and energy, needed to live our life to the fullest.

Childhood development and family constellations: Our inner guests are the different manifestations of our consciousness. Consciousness forms energy and designs our different inner guests during our childhood development. All of who have their unique energy field or personality, their body shape and functions and their part of our soul. They express themselves with joy or pain, with shame or excitement, with delight or dark thoughts and any mixture of those.

The cosmic principle of the ‘life pulse’ and its effects on emerging processes within self, other and the earth. You will learn to discern the different aspects of the life pulse – stasis, expansion and contraction. Experience the pause in stasis, the inward movement of contraction and the going out in relationship of the expansion and how to live them in your daily life.

‘Circle Practice’ combines thoughtful speaking from the heart and the mind with listening deeply. ( This is an ancient practice used by most cultures to hear all voices and come to healing.

The U process, which represents a stepwise process. We start creating space in our intellect, recognize our taken-for granted assumptions and begin to hear and see things that were not evident before. The second step is creating space in our being to feel beyond the intellect, achieving a deeper level of attention. Finally we are summoned to create space in our doing, the ability to unlock our deepest feelings of commitment. We arrived at the state of ‘presencing’.

Otto Scharmer explains that the term ‘presencing’ combines the words presence and sense. A great deal of knowledge and insight coalesces in the catalyst of ‘presencing’. The definition is to sense, to tune in and to act from your highest future potential. You are aware of habitual patterns from the past that are no longer constructive and you learn from the future as it emerges. ‘Presencing’ leads to enacting and realizing. (

Sensing journey:

Bring what we experienced in our Guest House back to the land and/or the people

  • First step: Observe, observe, observe all that is, what you can perceive with your normal senses. What you can see, hear, smell, taste, touch….
  • Second step: Observe, observe, observe what is in between what you perceive with your normal senses? The connections and the relationships, the relations with the environment, related histories, time, space, how everything comes together
  • Third step: What is underneath that which you observe with your normal senses and that which you perceive in between? What does this being share with you?
  • Fourth step We share the story of the living being we met the past days starting each sentence with “I am”. This sensing journey connects us with the essence (the soul) of the land, the people. The letting come and expression of the new “self” happens effortlessly

Silence in order to arrive and balance. A silence where nothing happens and yet everything happens. We practice silence in GHF as the absence of words and actions. We acknowledge that the true silence is a still mind and not the absence of words or actions.

Being in nature is always part of GHF in whatever way it may present itself in the land that welcomes the gathering or training. It can take the form of a silent walk, a swim in the lake, a dance outside to the four directions.

Nature reminds us that our bodies are a inherent part of a much bigger intelligent design, that although they seem separate they are not. Nature assists the digesting of the processes within the field of GHF.

And…. always further emerging…..


How can you join GHF?

You contact us and we can offer:

Workshop: offers you an amazing opportunity to have a unique experience of GHF. A workshop can have any duration between 3 hours and several days. We can organize it or you gather a group of participants and invite some of us to facilitate.

Training: the purpose is to train people who are called into the field of GHF in order for them to apply the method in their own settings and organizations, to give workshops or to create their own unique method. The minimum duration of a training is three days.


Our emerging community of GHF

Some of the amazing wonderful people who contributed their unique resources to GHF and play a role in the emerging of our practice.

Several amongst them are also available to facilitate GHF gatherings (from top to bottom: Andreas, Edward, Baba, Undine, Veerle, Els)