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 Post subject: Sensitivity, a new understanding....
PostPosted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:59 am 
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We are all born sensitive; it is our birthright.
Our life’s journey is an ongoing exploration with our senses, adapting and discovering. Our sensitivity is closely related with our physiological reactions in our body and with our level of consciousness in a particular moment.

Sensitivity is often used in our judgments and blame of the outer world.
You are too sensitive! And you are not sensitive enough! It would be easier if you were a bit more sensitive!
Sensitivity is our birthright and sometimes we use it as our protection against a supposed unsafe outside environment.

We harbour many images and beliefs around sensitivity. It is not safe to be sensitive. You are not valued when you are sensitive. The world needs people that are less sensitive. Sensitivity equals weakness.
And the reverse is also present. Those who are sensitive are the more developed. Your level of sensitivity is a measure of your growth.

How to transcend the judgments and images around sensitivity?
How to acknowledge your sensitivity?
Sensitivity is the use of our senses. Our sacred physical bodies offer us the ability to sense through our eyes, our ears, our skin, our muscles, our internal organs, our mouth, our nose. We instinctively perceive through those senses. Tons of information comes our way each moment.

A simple invitation is to stop several moments during the day and pay attention to your senses. What is happening ‘now’? What do I perceive? Is there an instinctual reaction in my body to what I perceive?

What do you see? How do you see? Can you see the beauty around you, do you see the other.
Our eyes contain about 70 percent of our body’s sensory perception and nearly half of our cerebral cortex contributes in the process of vision.
How does the information enter through your eyes, moves through your optical nerves and bridges through different connections into the occipital cortex area of your brain? The occipital cortex is the superficial area of the part of your hemispheres at the back side of your brain.

What do you taste? What are the flavours off the food and fluid you are taking in? What is the taste of ‘you’? Our sensory receptors for taste are taste buds, most of them are located on our tongue, a few on our inner cheeks and deeper in our throat. A taste sensation is often a combination of five primary taste qualities: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and astringent. Can you perceive how the information moves through some connections and arrives in your brain stem and continues toward specific areas in your hemispheres, in the parietal lobes?

Taste is very dependent on smell. What do you smell? Is there a specific smell at this particular moment? Is it familiar or something new? Your body can detect hundreds of primary smells and combine them to create at least 10.000 different odours recognizable to your brain.
Follow the information as it enters through your nose and very quickly enters specific areas in the depth of your brain and arrives at specific areas, right under your frontal lobes.

What do you hear? Mostly there is a huge variety of sounds coming our way. You can detect frequencies between 20 and 20.000 waves per second. Your ear can perceive sounds as quiet as 10 decibels. Perceive how sound enters your ears and mechanically affects the little receptors in your cochlea. This snail-shell shaped structure within your physical ear. The signal proceeds on its path toward specific areas in your hemispheres, on the top of the temporal lobes.

So far we paid attention to our special senses. We also perceive more general through the sensory receptors in our skin, internal organs and muscles. All these receptors offer us the tactile sensations of touch, pressure, pain and vibration.

What do you sense through your skin? Are you aware of the tissues of your cloths? Do you feel the soft breeze of air? Are you aware of sensations in your muscles? Is there any information coming to you from your internal organs? How does the information travel through your body to reach your spinal cord and from there move to specific areas in the parietal lobes of your brain?

We process all this information instinctual, we mostly are not aware of what is happening. Often an instinctual bodily reaction is the only sign. This can be a feeling of nausea, shivering, coughing, sweating and many more.
Sensitivity is a great tool at our disposition to learn what is safe and what is unsafe, what we like and what we dislike. It is the ground of our being.

Through the connection with your thalamus and your limbic system, sensations are conjured with emotion and memory.
Those memories and emotions colour your interpretation of sensory information. Through awareness you can discern new information from old images build through our memories. Awareness is breathing, pausing, waiting and allowing more information to enter you and allow a more complete picture.

A new level in sensing is stretching our understanding into the field of our sensations, emotions, thoughts and feelings. All these are part of your energy field. The egg shaped energy you have which is penetrating your physical body and extending out of your physical boundaries.

You create and continuously shape this energy field through your sensations, emotions, thoughts and feelings. The lower levels are those that are earthly bound and the higher levels are more spiritually connected. We all have an energy field and we all use and adapt this constantly through who we are and how we are.

I see a dear friend, I sense pleasure, an openness in my field, a tingling through my physical body. My emotion is joy. Positive thoughts move through my field, I think about how I perceive this friend as a gift. Feelings of happiness, openness, love unfold and strengthen ‘me’ being really present with my friend. I see my friend more intense, more whole, I see my friends potential.

I walk alone in the forest, it is extremely beautiful and cold, the ground is covered with a layer of snow. Suddenly I hear howling. I become hyperalert. I have a physiological sensation of danger. The overwhelming emotion is fear. I think that I am in danger. Feelings of insecurity and fear overwhelm my system. My body instinctively chooses for flight, I begin to run through the forest.
A beautiful deer passes behind me, I can almost touch its back. Instantaneously I become aware, I stop, I breathe, I relax. The howling are hunting dogs, I am not the target. I perceive deep compassion and love for the deer.

Awareness is the key in order to allow new insights to move through your energy field and offer you another perspective. Awareness is a magic tool in order for us to receive new perspectives on our beliefs and images.

Everybody is sensitive, we are only in different amounts aware of our own sensitivity.
We all have high sense perception. High sense perception is our ability to open our senses to a higher source of information.

How do you sense? Are you aware of your sensitivity? How does your sensitivity assists you on the learning journey of this life?
I look forward to hear from you.


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