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Author:  veerle [ Thu Aug 29, 2013 6:39 am ]


How can ‘we’ find answers for our current worldwide problems around health care, food administration, farming, and education? ‘We’ is you and I; ‘we’ refers to our inner and outer communities.

'Guest House Facilitation' is a specific way of facilitating, of holding space. The ‘Guest House’ is inspired by Rumi's poem by the fact that each gathering is a Guest House and each participant is a Guest House (The Essential Rumi. HarperCollins Publishers, USA: 1995). The text of the poem is available in the ‘Invitation’ of this forum.
‘Guest House Facilitation’ implies outer and inner processes. It is a mix off all kind of new techniques of enabling space with tools for inner process work.

Our inner box is the space inside of us where we engage with our unfinished business, with our defences, our fears, our attachments, our habits.

‘We, the people’ are spiritual beings incarnating into this human realm. Each of us moves through a difficult and painful birthing process that creates a residency inside of us with fencings. This residency is our inner box. It is a gift, an ongoing opportunity to explore and learn. To discover more of ourselves, to remember who we really are.

Each inner box embodies different aspects of reality. I briefly introduce the Integral Theory of Ken Wilber. Ken Wilber provides us with a useful model that defines the different aspects of reality of our inner box as quadrants. The four quadrants refer to the aspects of truth in every field of knowledge. The exterior is as important as the interior, the personal as essential as the collective (Ken Wilber. A Theory of Everything. An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science and Spirituality. Shambala. Boston. 2000).

Our inner box is continuously affected by the waves of the life pulse. The life pulse moves through these quadrants and gives them substance and life force. The life pulse is a universal principle that is governed alternating waves of stasis, expansion, stasis, contraction and again stasis (For more reading about the principle of the life pulse you can consult the Pathwork Guide Lecture No. 55. The Cosmic Expanding, Retracting and Static principles.

Both quadrants that belong to the exterior aspect belong to the expansion wave, how we go out into the world, engaging with the other. The wave starts with ‘I’ and moves to the ‘we’, from the individual towards the collective.
The two quadrants of the interior aspect belong to the contraction wave, first the ‘we’ and then back to the ‘I’. Contraction is a going inside, it is digesting what has unfolded in the outer world. We have a stasis momentum in the ‘I’ and one in the ‘we’. Stasis is a gathering of momentum for the next aspect of the life pulse to unfold.

The table offers short descriptions for each quadrant.

STASISEXTERIOR, ‘IT’ Objective description, scientific research. Physiological. BehavioralEXTERIOR, ‘ITS’ Institutions, systems. Social, economic, material. StructuralSTASIS
STASISINTERIOR, ‘I’ Personal meaning. Sense of self. Psychological, subjectiveINTERIOR, ‘WE’ Shared values. Relational. CulturalSTASIS

Each individual has an inner box and so has each ‘being’ that arises through a gathering, or in a community, in organizations and in systems.
The whole idea behind ‘Guest House Facilitation’ is to allow you or any group to reside as long as you wish in this inner box. To explore, distinguish, discover, try out thoughts, sensations, emotions and feelings. Experiencing is the magic principle that allows us to transcend and include our inner boxes.

Acknowledging the presence of an inner box is necessary for healing, growth and transformation.
We explore in this blog how ‘Guest House Facilitation’ engages with the inner box. This unique format of facilitation allows a process of spiral dynamic to unfold through the life pulse.

I feel excited. Are you?
In Rumi’s poem we see the first stepping-stones for the creation of our space for facilitation.
Each gathering of people is a Guest House, we honour and respect each individual participant. We acknowledge how each individual is a Guest House through bringing into our space his or her wonderful astonishing potential.

The following story exemplifies ‘Guest House Facilitation’. Let yourself immerse in the story, enjoy the breakthroughs, experience with us the colourful, wonderful facets. We pore over the new and renewed techniques of enabling space and other tools as they appear in our story.

The setting is an online workshop with five participants. They are highly trained professional energy healers from around the European continent that form an Energy Healing Group. They bring all of their expertise from different fields together, and work as a group to heal individuals, organizations, corporations and other energy fields.

We open our session with a check-in conform the structure of Circle Practice.
Circle Practice is as old as mankind; Christina Baldwin and Ann Linea have brought this ancient form of gathering back to modern life. We are reminded of the practice of sharing our concerns as members of communities sitting in a circle. Circle Practice combines thoughtful speaking from the heart and the mind with listening deeply. A principle is to start with a check-in where each participant communicates where they are (You can connect with Christina Baldwin and Ann Linea on

The level of sharing immediately reaches a deep level. A participant shares: “Am I ready to leave my known choices and move into the unknown?”

The start of our online-workshop was delayed as we encountered difficulties to connect with one of our participants in the UK. She honestly addresses her stressful thoughts: “Do I need to participate in this online event? Is there a deeper meaning happening, revealing itself through those technical difficulties?”
She applies in the moment the teachings of Byron Katie.
The Work is Byron Katie’s approach of inner work with the use of constant inquiry of your stressful thoughts (

After the check-in we move towards the participant that holds most of the energy in this moment. She guides the group to our first how-statement: “How can I be present in my heart and with you?”
We use different principles of Dynamic Facilitation.
Dynamic Facilitation, created by Jim Rough, is one of those magic, engaging new techniques of enabling space for meaningful conversations to unfold. A main ingredient of Dynamic Facilitation is deeply listening to the participants in order to create new levels of understanding and choice-creating. The participants sit in a half circle and all address the facilitator. The facilitator records everything that is exchanged in a specific order on flipcharts with ‘Data’, ‘Concerns’, ‘Solutions’ and ‘Problem-statements’. Shifts happen as the process unfolds. (You can read more on

The process continues, our participant offers a solution: “By bringing clarity into my life, I am more connected to my heart. I communicate to the outside world who I am.”
One of the principles in Dynamic Facilitation is that we wait until the participant is completely finished. Only then another member can continue: “There is a thin line between our vision and our heart, the inner and outer world.”

There is a deep opening from the mind, a letting go of preconceived ideas of how reality is, should be. The group arrives at the profound question: “What is reality?”
This is a powerful example of Presencing and Theory U. Judgments are released and cynicism is gone, the group is ready to show its vulnerability.

Theory U is the theoretical model encompassing Presencing, a term introduced by Otto Scharmer that combines the words presence and sense.
Theory U represents a stepwise process. We start opening our mind, recognize our taken-for-granted assumptions and begin to hear and see things that were not evident before. The second step is opening our heart to feel beyond the mind, achieving a deeper level of attention. Finally we are summoned to open our will, the ability to unlock our deepest feelings of commitment. We arrived at the bottom of the U: this is the state of Presencing.
The definition is to sense, to tune in and to act from your highest future potential. You are aware of habitual patterns from the past that are no longer constructive and you learn from the future as it emerges. You connect with Source. Presencing prepares you for the upward movement of the U, which leads to enacting and realizing.
Theory U and Presencing are beautifully intertwined with the Circle practice and with Dynamic Facilitation (

The group deeply connects with Source. The next question is: “Who am I?”
A participant speaks: “The stories are so similar. Each day I connect more and more with the oneness. Where am I in all of this? I felt distressed and wondered where my individuality was in all of this. Suddenly my cells began to talk with me. First one cell spoke and then more of my cells. My cells shared with me: We are all you and every single one of us is necessary.”

This is a profound sharing, the group hesitates and we circle back to our question around reality. “Do we need to define reality?”
All life moves in spirals, so does ‘Guest House Facilitation’, so does the way how we move through our inner box and out of it, we move in spirals on the life pulse and we meet the same issues again and again until we are ready to receive new aspects, that so far we were unable to deal with.

The group is prepared to reach into new material. The unfolding wave brings our awareness to our amazing sacred bodies. We have fascinating cells that do compose this body as has been shared already and how they communicate with us and reveal their wisdom. “What if the secret of the new structures that we need in our world today lies in those very cells of ours?”

A silence unfolds. Silence is a communication without words and a very precious attribute of ‘Guest House Facilitation’.
One of the participants starts to speak: “Through one cell, I see our whole earth as a cell. I am shaking a bit. I feel a deep calling coming from the whole earth as if it is one cell, as if I am becoming that calling.”

Another participant adds: “If we align our organizations and align the DNA, then we will have a healthy earth.”
“How does our DNA combine all the different sequences and dimensions?”
This gives rise to a concern in one of the participants: “I am lost!”

‘Guest House Facilitation’ uses whatever surfaces as opportunities for experiencing, teaching and learning. We move together through an experiential, allowing us to have a visceral sensation of our DNA and its dimensions.
We start to go to our ‘deeper feeling’. This deeper feeling is our soul, our intention. Effortlessly this ‘deeper feeling’ connects us to the Source, the Zero Point Field of endless possibilities, to essence. Through this bath of essence, we move our focus into our cells, into the nucleus, into the DNA.
We witness how this essence creates pleasure, flow and life force in our DNA. It is not affected through how we name it whether that is a strong force of quantum mechanics, God, core star.
The DNA gently and effortlessly aligns itself with our soul and again is not affected in any way in how we name it. We can describe it as a weak force of quantum mechanics, or as our hara line, our intention in our DNA.
When we sink deeper into matter, we discern the electromagnetic wave of our DNA helix. We experience deep inside our cells, how this electromagnetic wave allows the DNA to unwire and express itself mechanically in the physical reality.
When we are ready we gently return to our online workshop.

The technique used in this experiential resembles Focusing.
Focusing is bringing your attention inside. Eugene Gendlin invented this technique. He introduces the ‘felt sense’ to name what is happening inside your precious body as a reaction to your environment. The ‘felt sense’ encompasses all that you know and feel about a given experience in the moment (Focusing. Bantam Books: New York: 1978).
You can apply this technique in a gathering in different creative modes. Focusing knits the other conversation techniques together and guides them to a deeper level of awareness. You invite the participants to sit with what is happening inside them. You notice the inner guests that make their appearance. As a facilitator you welcome the inner guests. The process is listening deeply and reflecting back what the participants express. The reflection creates a movement allowing the participants to check with their ‘felt sense’.
Your ability as a facilitator to also notice and welcome your own inner guests greatly adds to your credibility and authenticity.

We return as a group towards our cells: “How can our cells show us how to move fluently through the different realities?”
We again circle back; the new aspect that emerges in this moment is embodiment.

The arising statement is: “What is embodiment for me? How can it relate to where we are now?”
A participant shares: “Embodiment brings me to alignment. I experience myself and through that I experience the other.”
Another participant feels confused: “Embodiment completely moves me away from my feeling. Then I start to think about ideas and concepts…. “

We perform another experiential applying the tool of Focusing. Each of us is invited to deeply connect with our cells, which is embodiment. We are invited to gently reach out staying deeply connected towards the ‘being’ of our gathering. This ‘being’ can assist us to stay connected. It takes a bit of time for all of us to make that connection and keep a strong connection with our cells.
When this is established we visualize an organization in front of us and connect with that organization. We meanwhile stay connected with our own cells and allow the ‘being’ of this gathering to assist us. We witness what is happening in ourselves, if there is a specific place inside of our bodies where we are drawn to, if there is something surfacing….
When the experience feels complete, we breathe and gently come back to the meeting.

Through the principles of Circle Practice we ask each participant to share about their experience.
One of the participants contributes: “Inside me I am part of a sphere, as if I am a moon shaped part of this sphere. This is how I connected with the ‘being’ of our gathering. My shape changes when I connect with the organization, I felt it inside of me, I was molding. It helps me to feel that I am one part of a sphere. We create a container that helps and holds space for whatever that wants to unfold.”

We arrive at the end of our assigned time together; we allow the wave to come to completion. We apply the principles of check-out of the Circle Practice and the concepts of Dynamic Facilitation. In Dynamic Facilitation you complete the content and the process. You create closing statements with the group.
Those closing statements arise out of our deep Presencing, our connection with Source.

There is a mystery behind our human experience that can only be explained by a deeper source, a Higher Mind. We all have access to this spiritual intelligence and our access is through achieving vertical leaps in our awareness and allowing New Thoughts to arise. This enables us to transcend and include the objective rational perspective of our inner box.
We experienced deep into our sacred physical bodies; we connected with our cells. We explored ‘embodiment’.
Who ‘we’ are is contained in each single cell of our amazing bodies. Each single cell has meaning and is important and is reflecting ‘us’. From our individual cells we are able to connect and reach out to our organizations. We transcend the social perspective of our box and gain a visceral understanding of ‘we’.
When we sink deep into the nucleus of our cells, we connect with our masterful DNA and explore its different dimensions. We understand at a deep level the unwiring of our own DNA and the DNA of our relationships and organizations. An unwiring that does allow our amazing potential to become accessible. Out of itself our stories change. We include and transcend our cultural perspectives.
We are experts in seeing inside and a key element is allowing this inside seeing to be balanced with our outside seeing. These two tracts of seeing connect in our heart. Our heart has an amazing electromagnetic field and acts as our own innate facilitator. Opening and stretching our heart naturally unfolds in more real contact. We dare to offer ‘ourselves’, we give birth to ‘us’. We are individuated and at the same time ‘one whole’. We transcend our psychological perspective, the deeply rooted split between the individual and the whole, the mind and the body, the deep cause of duality.

We engaged on a special journey together, we are no longer the same persons as when we started our online workshop. A profound change happened. When we relate our experience back to our inner box and its four quadrants, something very exciting and mind blowing unfolded.

How do we transcend the different perspectives of our inner box through ‘Guest House Facilitation’? We can discern different ways and ‘of course’ they are magically and profoundly intertwined and mutually affecting each other.

We transcend our objective individual reality. We allow the ‘unknown’ by letting go of our preset ideas and concepts. We really listen to each other. Dynamic Facilitation and Theory U invite us to open our mind and reach that fabulous level of Presencing. We let go of the old and are ready to let come the new.

The social, economic and material perspective is transcended by the creation of the ‘we, the people’ movements. We achieve this through the new and renewed techniques of enabling space for meaningful communication to unfold. This movement is flavoured through the collective experiencing. ‘We, the people’ is referring to our inner and outer communities. ‘We’ are a ‘Guest House’ and every guest is welcome.

The subjective cultural ‘we’ is shifted through how we tell our stories. Data are continuously collected and reflected back.
I truly trust we are ready for a new way, in which we can let go of the stories and simply move through the vibrations that accompany our deepest hidden emotions, which is much easier. When we identify ourselves through our stories, we re-injure ourselves. It becomes very difficult to write new stories. When we however are able to move through the vibrations, almost automatically the stories are changed. We have unloaded the attached painful emotions. Does that make sense to you?
The process changes you and allows you to learn from the future as it emerges, which innately makes that you rewrite your past.

Our subjective psychological ‘I’ is transmuted through healing the split between body and mind. We allow the life pulse to engage with ‘us’ and we become whom we have always meant to be. We transcend and include this part of our inner box through thoughtfully explore our beliefs and discover the underlying feelings and emotions. We reconnect our fabulous amazing sacred bodies with our precious mind. We are individuated and whole at the same time.

Our table is transcended and includes more insights.

Allow the ‘unknow’, connect with Source, let go of preconceived ideas, judgmentsEXPANSIONEXPANSIONAllow ‘we, the people’ movements to arise.
STASISEXTERIOR, ‘IT’ Objective description, scientific research. Physiological. BehavioralEXTERIOR, ‘ITS’ Institutions, systems. Social, economic, material. StructuralSTASIS
STASISINTERIOR, ‘I’ Personal meaning. Sense of self. Psychological, subjectiveINTERIOR, ‘WE’ Shared values. Relational. CulturalSTASIS
Healing the split between body and mind. Being individuated and whole at the same timeCONTRACTIONCONTRACTIONLearn from the future as it emerges and allow our stories to be rewritten

You have witnessed an interesting journey that combines all these fabulous technologies and tools with the Guest House. What does that signifies?
We unite the inner work with the outer work. Whatever thought, emotion, feeling or sensation arises in the group or in any individual is taken into account.

The powerful invitation is to bring in as much of ourselves as possible. Dare to become vulnerable and allow ourselves to be seen. Facilitation becomes an art. ‘Guest House Facilitation’ is there for you to explore, enjoy and apply.
Are you ready to make your own unique mix of ‘Guest House Facilitation’?

Warm regards

(You can read more about the beautiful intertwining of our inner box and the life pulse in Becoming What is Changing: Exposition)

Author:  Paula Adams [ Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:53 am ]

I love this article Veerle, thank you for posting it. It is helpful to me as this is what I do in a healing somehow (only there is not so much talking) and you have articulated it. thank youxxx

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