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 Post subject: Whaw My Body Speaks to Me!
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 7:41 pm 
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Imagine listening to your basic self, the voice of your body and how this can create a platform of equality amongst peers and even with complete strangers!
Imagine generosity to be the key in order to ignite your and others desire for lifelong access to resources for health and education!

The entry to our biggest gifts can be our frustrations. They do not fuel our projects, they offer the design, the start.
• So please journey with me through my frustrations and how they contribute uniquely to the unfolding of this new project.
• Those frustrations lead us to five how-questions.
• Intention is the key feature to open our desire for lifelong access to a learning track.
• The actual prototype with the practical steps

What frustrates me?

A huge territory of my frustration is about world class faculty and guru’s. Each time a coach/teacher/guru announces a teaching, a new practice or a tool, I perceive an inner desire to co-create. Often when I follow a course I want to be seen and acknowledged. I know this has to do with my amazing need to be special and yet it is more. We all have the right to be special, in our own way and what is the fact is that we ARE all special, no doubt. If I put you with your unique way of being, teaching, experience above me, I do underestimate my own specialness and I create a space where you have to live up to my expectations.

I often feel frustrated when people ask me for advice with regard to processes unfolding in their bodies. Because I regularly notice that the major issue is not listening to our body. I know that it is not always evident and yes, our body has a voice, our body is a living being with a huge ability to regenerate, grow, expand.

Another big frustration is my relationship with money. I need money and I disguise money at the same time. I want to trust the abundance of my/our resources with regard to money, time, energy and attention. I want to design for generosity.

I feel frustrated because in order for us to fully access our potential, we need complete access to health resources –classical or complementary –and to lifelong education. There is an entanglement between our hidden potential and our resources on the one hand and our access to health resources and education on the other hand. Consider the possibility that we all have a huge yet uncovered potential and that we use this to exchange it for access to health and education. I can see that our intention is the key to unleash this entanglement.

I experience pain and frustration when I notice this ongoing split between our mind and our body, our soul and our life on earth, mind and matter, science and spirit. This split that prevents us from using what we know to heal ourselves. I trust that as we explore, remember, understand this intimate dance between our soul and our body-mind, we will enable health and well-being in all areas physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, ecological.


I am frustrated through the inequality between the have’s and have nots, the different ethnic groups, those who know and those who don’t, those who have power and those who don’t…. Imagine that you can see another human being as whole and complete and equal to you, in whatever configuration that other one is manifesting physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, socially.

Where do my frustrations lead me?
It leads me into five “how can I/we questions…” those type of questions inherently move us into what Jim Rough, the founder of Dynamic Facilitation calls choice-creating. Choice-creating gives us access to this future that wants to emerge.

1. How can we imagine a whole new education and health system?

What if we constructed a whole new education and health system that is for free as you give what you have to offer and ask for what you need.
Everybody has something to offer, no matter what age, race, social background, knowledge you have. Because each of us came into this earthly realm with a specific offer, a gift that is related to what we want to learn, explore.

It makes no sense that health and education as tools to assist us on our journey are not accessible to all of us. We need them both to unleash our potential and free our gifts for the world.
It feels a principle that health care and lifelong education are basic human rights.

Two important ideas that I want to mention here are the power of volunteer work and the fact that we all have needs. Through volunteer work we tap in a huge compassion potential, as Nipun Mehta
explains. And we all have needs, that is nothing to be ashamed of, through acknowledging that I have needs and you have needs, I can better understand you and myself.

So even if you are a skilled teacher, a master on your specific territory, you still have needs, if you do not acknowledge them, they go undercover and might create a huge blind spot that might compromise your gifts.
So every one of us is at the same time a learner and a teacher.

I imagine a whole new education and health system based on gift economy and the premise that we all have something to offer.

2. How can we feel equal?

What can be the entry? How can we learn to feel equal, to see and feel through the eyes of the other? I propose to use our physical body as an entry. I have three reasons.

First, we all have a physical body and health is something we value highly. Certainly when we don’t have a healthy body. Health is not a given, it is not something you can pay for with money or good deeds.
Second, remember my frustration of how often we neglect our physical bodies and forget to listen to its messages and to acknowledge our physical body as a living organism.
Third, we often give our mind power over our body, which is creating also a tendency to objectify our physical body and that almost automatically makes that we easily objectify the other.

How can our physical body become an entry? We start from the sensing into each others physical body, learning to listen to the body of somebody else and receive the images which that offers. A generative dialogue feeds our connectedness.
We see the other as a whole and complete human being with a physical body, an energy field with a set of vibrations that represent thoughts, emotions, expressions, feelings, sensations, images and ideas.

Knowing that the energy is generated and closely intertwined with the physical body and that consciousness which is present in that energy field is a feature that we all have. With a higher vibration of consciousness that we can call the soul or the higher self or whatever. These two types of consciousness so to speak dance with each other and have the ability to mutually strengthen and inform each other.

I can feel equal to you when I am able to see you as whole and complete and expressing yourself in a unique way through your energy consciousness.

3. How can we handle resources in a new way?

Money is valuable as a means to exchange trade. We can extend money into what more generally is named resources. Resources are money, attention, energy and time.

We all have resources at our disposal, I trust that the power of generosity can assist us to access our resources and allow them to naturally flow, to nourish others and to be nurtured by them.

Generosity is a way of being that cares for the highest good of all, ourselves included.
Generosity will generate generosity and create value in a whole new way.
There is the trust that whatever you need will be fulfilled and will be taken care off.

I/we can handle resources in a new way by coupling them to generosity.

4. How can we all become leaders?

In our human body there is no part/organ/tissue or area that is the leader of the whole. Every part has its unique role that it fulfils within the whole of the living system, there is no hierarchy within the body.

Many of us live our lives as if our brain is in charge. That is not how our body functions. In our body most of the decisions with regard to our behaviour are taken at the level of the cell membrane of each of our 50 trillion cells. And this does not give them a special position, they are in constant connection with the inner part of the cell and all the organelles and all the surrounding cells and tissues in order to create the highest good for all.

You could imagine that in the social body as in each individual body there is a possibility to let go of the idea that there should be a hierarchy, that there have to be leaders. In the social body, each cell or individual can take the responsibility for their own life and health. We are all self-responsible and in connection with our inner circumstances and each other in order to create the highest good for all.

Our physical body teaches us that sometimes certain parts take on a specific task, role in order to accomplish something in our life. Our brain can help us move through a learning experience by taking on the role of integrating our thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, expressions.
In the social body, we also occupy different roles. The roles do not use a hierarchy to exert power over other parts of the whole.

We are all learners and teachers, leaders and followers. Consider the possibility that even world class faculty are learners in certain areas of their lives and how astonishing and human it would be if this could become visible.

Our physical body teaches us how to embody a new type of leadership, in which we choose to occupy certain roles for a specific amount of time. When we extrapolate this onto the social body, we have the keys to learn to self-organize and represent wholeness.

5. How can we design our learning track?

Being willing to break through my/our comfort zone.
Life itself often sets us far beyond our comfort zones. At the same time, however, this triggers a strong impulse to protect our identities. When we are unsure of ourselves or our ability to perform well or measure up in a new setting, we often retreat to familiar behaviours and styles. The moments that most challenge our sense of self are the ones that encompass the greatest possibilities for growth. By viewing ourselves as works in progress, we can take responsibility for our own learning track.

Setting goals for learning (not just for performance) helps us experiment with our identities without feeling like impostors, because we don’t expect to get everything right from the start. We stop trying to protect our comfortable old selves from the threats that change can bring, and start exploring what kinds of leaders/human beings we might become.

Most of us have personal narratives about defining moments that taught us important lessons. Consciously or not, we allow our stories, and the images of ourselves that they paint, to guide us in new situations. But the stories can become outdated as we grow, so sometimes it’s necessary to alter them dramatically or even to throw them out and start from scratch.
A learning track enables us to be reminded of our stories.

The life pulse is an amazing cosmic principle that is allowing us to embrace introspection, outward experience and stillness. The life pulse is priceless in designing our learning track and to allow us to make use of whatever happens to us and around us as teachings.

The invitation is, for each of us, to experience ourselves as a work in progress, a lifelong learning journey indeed. We are at the driver seat of this amazing complex fascinating endeavour to become our beautiful astonishing potential and assist each other to do the same.


What is the feature that will make a human being want to access this amazing field of lifelong learning and health resources. There needs to be commitment and courage in order to be open and willing to learn, to grow, to offer and to receive. This force that allows us to embark on this journey is what we call intention.

Intention is the most important force and we all have equal access to it.
Intention is our commitment to accomplish what we have to do in this incarnation and take as much time for it as we need.
And our intention is affected by all what happened to us and around us, by all what ever has and still will happen to us.
Intention is a very complex thing, I might have been killed by you in a dozen life times and now I am in power and you are not, so how will my intention be? Or I received a role in the play called Earth, in the poorest of circumstances, where a human life is not worth much, how will my intention be?

How can I/we affect intention? With true generosity with regard to my/our resources. Our resources are as we already defined money, attention, time and energy. When we can bring true generosity in the world through a gift economy with regard to our resources we will blow away what blocks the original intention of those around us. It will open the journey for inner transformation. Generosity has many faces and is intertwined with our creative force. Being a volunteer is generosity, listening empathically and generatively is generosity.

Truly listening and enable the other to think for themselves is deep generosity and allow magic to happen in you the listener and in the thinker.


Consists at this moment of three subtypes, the calling, the learning core group and the field of possibilities.

1. Calling:
Why: We all have a physical body, these workshops share a fascination and understanding of the innate intelligence of the body. A body which guides us, informs us, assists us to experience life and manifest our potential.
How: Use all of who we are, no matter which role we take on in order to create a learning environment.
What: Workshops of one day inviting participants with the entry to learn to listen to their bodies.
Title of the workshops: “Wow, my body speaks to me!”
Spreading of the invitation through social media and directly one on one e-mails and group e-mails.
- Circle Practice
- Coaching circles where the case giver offers a physical disease or challenge
- Guest House Facilitation
- Mindful walking
Location: Belgian Coast, De Haan
Price: 75 euro lunch included

2. Learning core group
Why: Create a safe space for ongoing exchange and learning, access of our potential through our physical body
How: Create a prototype of a new learning and healing environment, collaborate in order to bring change from a place of connectedness.
• The steps:
o Intention: for positive change
o Attention: where do we direct our energy?
o Repetition: we enable ourselves to build new neural pathways by moving through the same stuff over and over again with the loving kindness of a small caring group.
o Guidance: learn to listen to inner guidance and receive outer guidance.
What: Group process
- hosting processes for each other
- Try out new initiatives in a small group
- ask for what you need, offer what you have
- reflect back on what happened to us and around us in the time in between the sessions
- how what we did unfolded, what we learned
Location: Belgian Coast, De Haan
Dates: Once a month, invitation through doodle, from 9.30 am till 6.00 pm
Price: 50 euro, bring a dish that you can share for lunch
Participants: minimum 4, maximum 7

3. Field of possibilities:
- Social media-supported conversation spaces can twin with small group in person gatherings/workshops, small group practices. We can connect through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

- Empathy walks in order to get to know our local communities. Creating possibilities to connect the participants with the local communities by deep dives into what is actually happening.

- Enabling contacts with local activists, initiatives, hubs so that learning and exchange can happen through inspiring living examples.

- Using coaching circles to hold space for deep listening-based coaching practices, listening to each others deep issues with regard to our physical processes, our life tasks, our practices.

- Design our own learning tracks as a group. Allow action learning by enabling us as individuals, small groups and community to participate in new prototypes.

- There is a whole realm of teachings/treatments/understanding that can become part of this project. I can see: In between life hypnotherapy, Family Constellations, New Space Technologies, Channelling, Healing, Classical Medicine with its tremendous insight in the anatomy and physiology of the body, ….


We are all equal, as we all have a physical body, five senses, consciousness. We each have a particular constellation which makes us special and holds space for our unique gifts and offerings.

The invitation is to start from the sensing in the physical body to heal the split between our mind and our body and to create a platform of co-sensing through the physical body and from there co-create our lifelong learning journeys.

Our lifelong learning journey connects us with each other and in farther and ever wider circles of others.
The key feature to ignite intention for lifelong access to health resources and education is generosity with regard to our resources.

My role is to be a host for this to unfold.
My hope is to create a core group of volunteers, based on the spirit of “what can I give”, aligned with the design of generosity.
I see this project as a bunch of trees where the roots will connect in support and nourishment. The branches will be the outer initiatives that spread in the world. Each new workshop will add trees to the initial bunch of trees and somewhere that will become a wood. We will spread out our actions from this initial workshop day steadily and resilient.

These workshops can be held anywhere in the world. If you want to help organize one contact me.
If you are inspired, have comments, want to participate, want to connect please reach out

With passion and love

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