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Date(s) - 20/06/2015 - 24/06/2015
All Day

Villa des Roses






The Women Are Medicine is intended to create a space where women from all walks of life can connect and participate in circle together.

We will work in ways that honour our sacred core as women. We work with the elements and we work with conscious intent to work with nature –including our own – as sacred.

We can choose for a slow Earth arrival day. Gently moving into a second day rousing our, passion, desire, anger – “Here I am” –our Fire. On Water day we dare to release, feel grief, and on the last day we can dive into Air – gratitude, celebration, and flight, exploring our warriorship as women.

Rather than one or some leading and others following, we spend time together each day sensing in ourselves what we need at this time – then welcoming others to share in that space. We are showing up with our struggles, inquiries, edges, needs, and inviting others to join us in that.

We will be based in the beautiful green space of the Provence, where we can draw from and connect to the elements common to us and offer what we know across beliefs and cultures. We will work with daily practices that welcome our bodies and hearts into the centre with us, inviting women to bring their gifts and contribute into what unfolds.
New Doc_1-2We invite women who are prepared to step in and co-create this gathering with us, to result in ever widening circles of women impacting positively on our selves, our city, this beautiful land, the continent of Europe, and our Earth.

Spring equinox is a time to go inward before coming out strong for the new season.


Join us for a conscious start, expanding into spring, a gentle stretching in anticipation of a new summer’s coming.


What are the questions? 

How can we move with “inner lightness” through whatever is?

How can we do the inner work necessary to bring healing into the world?

How can we support each other?


Beginning on Saturday afternoon 20th of June at 16.00h and ending on Wednesday afternoon at 16.00h with the possibility of a community building activity in the village of Eygalières


We invite us all to co-create and self-organize around our food. Please bring specialities from your culture and land with you, bring your most joyful and juicy recipes with you. Ask us to provide what you cannot bring with you. The central piece in the house that is receiving us is the kitchen!


Villa des Roses, Chemin de Tourredon in Eygalières, France

There are different accommodation options. You can choose to stay in a B&B nearby. There is space in the house for those who have special needs, there is a possibility to add mattresses in the rooms and lots of space in the garden for tents.

Airports nearby are Marseille and Nîmes, railway station is Avignon.

Gift economy

We want to celebrate Life and our Gifts together. We want to practice gift economy and generosity. The minimum fee to participate in this retreat is 200 euro which covers the accomodation, the food + drinks and a place for you to put a tent (bring your own bedding). We invite you to be creative and choose to design for generosity. You can pay somebodies fee, you can provide a meal for the whole group, you can pay somebodies travel expenses and so on….

Dear women even if you cannot be physically present your generosity is very welcome.

Bank account : Chances to Change: IBAN BE17 0689 0226 4321 BIC GKCCBEBB






The contact info of those who are physical present:

Jasmin Nordien:

Katrin Kohlbecher:

Lia Verrees:

Undine Whande:

Veerle De Bock:


Assistance at the rim:

With regard to info around B&B’s, travelling

Joost Declerck:



Bookings are closed for this event.

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