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Date(s) - 14/01/2017 - 18/01/2017
All Day

Villa des Roses




How exactly does this work?

We create a safe container, a Guest House. You engage in a journey to remember your wholeness, to unfold self-organization and to reconnect with the evolutionary purpose of your human experience. We work with groups of 6 to maximum 9 persons. This journey leads you ongoing through 7 stages. When you are finished your begin again:


  1. Start with finding your inner silence;
  2. Connect with your personality;
  3. Ask yourself how you can deal with what happens to you and around you;
  4. Allow chaos, let go of what you no longer need and create space;
  5. Get inspired
  6. Pioneer and refresh;
  7. Bring the newness into the collective field.


When you are ready to join us 

You will facilitate and be facilitated, host and be hosted, challenge and be challenged, experience and be experienced. More of your unique “you” will emerge as you get to know your physical body, live the U process, deeply delve into the life pulse and much more yet unknown tools and techniques that will be offered in the moment. You will access your authentic power.


Ready to sign in?

You can participate in our GHF training, from January 14-18th 2017, in-person or online, so that you can either choose to come to Eygalières or participate from your home (the groups are always 6-9).

Either way we invite you to confirm your seat through a subscription here and by a deposit of 100 euro paid on Chances to Change: IBAN BE17 0689 0226 4321 BIC GKCCBEBB with your full name and GHF January 2017

We have 10 spaces in-person available and 10 spaces online through zoom.


Organization and facilitation of the training:
Next to your deposit of 100 euro this confirms your seat in-person or online, we propose that you decide for yourself after the training what you want to offer in return of what you received, regardless whether you attend in-person or online via Zoom. This payment can also be done on the same bank account. We will create an opportunity for this to unfold through a ritual of completion.

Lodging and food:
25 euro/day for a bed in a shared room (If you want a separate room there are B&B’s available in the neighbourhood). Vegetarian food, prepared together at a cost of 20 euro/day.

More info needed?

You can contact any of us through the website.




Air travel: Marseille Marignone

Car rental: about 50 minutes drive to Eygalières.

There is a shuttle from the airport to Vitrolles, where a train can bring you to Orgon (more info on In Orgon you organize for a taxi Claude Machado, for telephone or email look:

(around 25 euro)


Rail travel:

By train TGV station of Avignon or TGV Aix-en-Provence

TGV station of Avignon has connection to a train bringing you to Orgon or you organize a taxi: Claude Machado, for telephone or email look: (around 50 euro)

Car rental: about 45 minutes drive to Eygalières.

TGV station of Aix-en-Provence has a shuttle that brings you to Marseille airport. From there see above.


The house:

Sheets and towels are provided.

There is limited access to WIFI.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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