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Date(s) - 18/01/2016 - 22/01/2016
All Day

Villa des Roses




Our incarnation on Earth as spiritual beings is a huge endeavour, an intimate relationship of our soul with a physical body. Our body has an infinite intelligence and is our most intimate partner. Our physical body generates an energy field and carries the energy consciousness of our ancestors in the physical line. Our soul comes into this incarnation with a specific energy consciousness form our spiritual family. This fascinating mix is what we call our personality and an amazing tool to live our life. We need a school of life, a school for the mystery, which is this life in relationship with a human body. A school where we are participating, engaging, learning, teaching, following, leading, inventing, inspiring, sharing, self-organizing, connecting.

A Mystery School for Life as a complex, participating, interconnected, interdependent, continuously changing and evolving system.



A Mystery School to Experience Life in an Open Learning Environment. The basic ideas are wholeness, self-management, evolutionary purpose, life pulse, Theory U, energy consciousness and embodiment and walking our talk.

I aim for a diverse group of people, men and women, from different backgrounds and expertise.

Our organism will be a New Type Organization applying the ideas of Frederic Laloux (he wrote a book “Reinventing Organizations” on his experience with organizations that apply a whole new way of allowing structure to follow form).



I initiate new gatherings of people who want to sit at a cradle of A Mystery School for Life in our house in Eygalières, January 18th till 22nd 2016.

During our gathering we will allow the form of A Mystery School for life to expand, to ground. We will let ourselves be surprised and when ready see where we fit in, if we want to contribute and how we want to contribute with our own unique resources.

I envision groups of maximum 7 people.



If you feel called to come and play let me know so that I reserve you a seat (

If you want to stay connected at the rim and receive further information let me know as well.

And please feel free to share this invitation.



  • Finances: It is a gathering to sense, play and co-create. The finances cover the costs. General costs: 125 euro for the organization and hosting for the five days and the preps before. Lodging: 25 euro/day for a bed in a shared room. If you want a separate room there is a list of B&B’s available in the neighbourhood, you arrange the payment yourself. Food: Vegetarian food, prepared together at an approximate cost of 20 euro/day (4-8-8). Payment on: Chances to Change: IBAN BE17 0689 0226 4321 BIC GKCCBEBB
  • Proposal for a light structure for the five days. Guest House Facilitation for two days to move through the U. Guest House Facilitation is a practice that easily enables us to deeply listen to each other and connect with Source. We take turns in facilitating the wave. Our starting question is: How can we create a Mystery School for Life? We diverge and converge as much as needed. The next two days we play and co-create in an Open Space technology, allowing us to prototype and embody our ideas and projects. The fifth day wrapping everything up.
  • We plan to create an online E-book of A Mystery School for Life, with more detailed documents on what is emerging through the online and physical gatherings.




Bookings are closed for this event.

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