The Corona Virus a Threat or a Treat? Part three

Posted by on Mar 18, 2020 in Aspects of life

How can we expand our awareness to reach beyond our day-to-day reality and access a huge hidden potential which has always existed outside time and space?  It is fascinating to witness what is happening to us and around us in this moment. The corona outbreak unfolds globally and affects countries and people without any exclusion. This creates a web of fear that is fed by many of us and related to a whole variety of reasons. These reasons are the effects of the infection and the effects of all the measures taken worldwide in attempts to limit the spreading of the virus. What does the infection mean for you personally, for your loved ones, for the ones you rely on for your daily needs? Are you afraid to die through the infection? How is your life affected by the measures around the outbreak? How much authority do you give to fear? Fear has no power or effect on itself, it receives power over us by the energy we individually and collectively give it. In this series of articles, we meet the fear and the Corona Virus and all that comes with it by playing the ChancesToChange board game. We even dare to assume that the Corona virus might be our chance to change! Let’s start with summarizing. What did we discover so far The first article gently starts by inviting us to centre and to listen to our body and its innate wisdom. We realise that our body might welcome the corona virus as a long-awaited guest. The article brings us the awareness of unity consciousness and of the fact that the Corona virus is a form of consciousness belonging to unity consciousness just like you and me. Unity consciousness is an aspect of being human and points to the fact that all our thoughts, feelings and actions affect all the consciousness around us and that we in turn are affected by all the consciousness in the universe. The second article brings us in direct contact with the Corona virus as it speaks to us through the collective field. Many of us would name that channeling. We will further elaborate on this in this article. The Corona virus shares some pretty amazing content around who and what it is and how it serves the evolutionary purpose of all life! The blue card of movement reminds us how all our choices affect the health of the earth and all life on it. How there is freedom when choices are not based on fear. The second article completed with a great deal of interesting and intriguing questions and there are more questions arising. How can we have new experiences related with the outbreak of the Corona virus not based upon the imprints in the collective field but on the essence of the collective field? How can we live our lives to...

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The corona virus a threat or a treat? Part two

Posted by on Mar 6, 2020 in Aspects of life

What if this outbreak offers us a whole new way of being and has the possibility to create an impact on the health of the earth and all life on it? Are you ready to continue our engagement with the Corona virus? Are you willing to consider the possibility to change the prominent story of the Corona virus? What if the Corona virus is not a threat? What do we take with us from the first article in this series? The possibility that the Corona virus is a long awaited guest in our house and an inner knowing that all in creation, also viruses, is consciousness and originates from the same source.  The Corona virus outbreak causes a lot of disruption in our social life, our health and our economy, locally and globally. We know where it starts, we have no clue how it unfolds and what will happen next. There is a great deal in the unknown. What is happening in our sourcing week with the ChancesToChange community as we play our organisation into being? A player throws a yellow dot The image shows you the instructions we follow this time. In the silence we all centre, we observe and listen to what is happening to and around us. We are engaging with the collective field. In the collective field we leave imprints of what we as humanity create and have created. It also contains imprints of all our other lives, of archetypes, family and system constellations. It is a rich archive and is our playground as a human being. It is where we engage with other life forms, such as the corona virus. Through the listening to the collective field we are able to receive information from this field. This is what the player receives as a message from the corona virus: “I am here with a purpose. I have been laying dormant for eons and now is the time. I am not a mutant, I am pure DNA, pure and very ancient knowledge and I come to the surface in this very precise timing. I have been waiting, I have been observing and I have been witnessing. I have been everywhere and nowhere. I am part of a whole new way of being, a new way of doing and knowing things, whatever that might be. I am old, very very old. I have always existed and came with the first spark of life to the planet. I exist beyond time and space and there beyond time and space I deliver my offering. Children are often able to see me, understand me and acknowledge me. I have very strong vibrations. I am lonely, I am old, even ancient and what I offer is something completely unheard of, it is something that has been hidden, asleep for a very long time.” We are deeply touched. How does this...

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Corona Virus a Threat or a Treat? Part One.

Posted by on Mar 3, 2020 in Aspects of life

Shapeshift a prominent story through accessing the wisdom of your body and your inner knowing. Apply ChancesToChange as a way of living. The Corona virus is our prominent story at this moment. It affects all of us locally and globally, it also affects our sourcing gathering here in the South of France with the ChancesToChange community. ChancesToChange is a wildly original board game and exists since December 2016. The board game serves as a doorway to wake up and live your life to the fullest. Since its creation we play everything with regard to our organisation into existence. In this article we first have a look at the prominent story of the Corona virus. Afterwards we take  you on a journey while we play the ChancesToChange board game. You receive insights in what happens when a player throws a red dot and when a player throws a blue dot. What is the prominent story of the Corona virus? The prominent story of the Corona virus is that it is a threat for individuals, communities, countries and the economy. The information we daily receive is about the numbers of people affected in each country, about the speed of the spreading of the infection and how it affects us globally. The Corona virus does not seem to make any difference between good or bad, colour, race, beliefs, ethnicity, wealth. Our collective answer is a combination of actions in an attempt to try treating the symptoms of the outbreak on an individual and global level. We try to find a vaccin against the virus or find all kind of alternative procedures to strengthen our immune system. We try to prevent the spreading of the virus by locking down villages and cities, even locking down countries. We fight, we protect, we separate, we are afraid. The most important ingredient of the prominent story is fear. Fear to become ill, fear to die. Fear that our economy will suffer, fear that are lives will be disrupted. Fear unites us globally these days and is the reason we exclude and separate our self and others to a fascinating extend.  Playing the ChancesToChange board game and meeting the corona virus Whatever happens to and around us always affects the game. So does the story of the Corona virus. This article shares some of the extraordinary insights and fascinating possibilities we receive as we play. We are all somewhere on the board and we play at this moment using both dice, a numbered one and a coloured one. The numbered one allows us to move on the board and the coloured one adds specific instructions depending on the colour we throw. A player throws a red dot The image shows you the instructions we follow. We go into silence and we connect with our body. We sense and we listen. Our body is wise and so much...

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A Gateway to Break Free from the Powerful Practice of Reviews!

Posted by on May 9, 2019 in Aspects of life

A Gateway to Break Free from the Powerful Practice of Reviews! A story of your experience is what is true for you in the moment, it can be “made to stick” and reveal a unique quality of how you serve. This blog article takes you into the world of reviews, a world that seems to control us and define our experiences. Do you care about the reviews people write about you or your services? Do you write reviews? Here is how we will explore and meet this world of reviews: A review of my recent experience in a restaurant What makes an experience stick? Is what I need also what you need?   A review of my recent experience in a restaurant My experience in Bistro Heritage made me smile. This is my story or if you wish, my review. I enjoyed the food and the wine and yet that is not really what made me experience joy. What made me leave the bistro with a smile on my face was the effect the gracious attitude of the maître had on me. In a short period of time I noticed him spontaneously filleting a sole for one of his young customers. A little while later he passed my table and saw my puzzled look regarding the piece of rib in front of me. He gently proposed to cut it in smaller pieces for me. It was a generous offer, he did not parent me. I felt grateful and cared for. Later in the evening I witnessed how he offered another couple a glas of rosé out of a magnum bottle. He saw their own bottle was empty and their meal not yet finished. This review shares the story of my experience. It is personal, it is unique to who and what I am. It is related to what sticks for me!   What makes an experience stick There is a lot of information available on what sticks and what doesn’t stick. The Heath brothers take you on a special journey in their book “Made to Stick”  They list a series of factors that are important if you want your organisation, product or restaurant to stick: SIMPLE-UNEXPECTED-CONCRETE-CREDIBLE-EMOTIONAL-STORY Lets have look and match these factors with my story above. It is simple, this maître sees an opening and he acts upon it. It is unexpected, he got my attention. It is concrete, I understood and I remembered it afterwards. It is credible. I believe that this way of being is what will create a more beautiful world. It is emotional, because it is about care and love for others. It is a story that can be spread into the world. This is remarkable! What if what makes us smile, sticks with us because it follows all these principles the Heath brothers mention! What is also remarkable that many reviews are limited...

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How to access and travel your own dimensional highway?

Posted by on Jul 10, 2018 in Aspects of life

In this exquisite journey on earth your soul incarnates through a soul channel. This soul channel is your highway through the different dimensions. Let’s start with the question: in which dimension do you live in? The picture shows us the different dimensions as described in our previous article and the three different possible positions to live in. We can live in the third dimension (3D), the person at the left side of the picture. When we are confined to 3D, we appear to forget the access code for the other dimensions. We often believe we can only return to the spiritual world after death. We are sometimes even convinced that the human world represents hell and the higher dimensions heaven. We can also completely live within the spiritual dimensions as the person in the middle of the picture shows. This person has accomplished what we consider enlightenment. There is however no connection left with the earth-bound dimensions and the treasures and opportunities of life as a human being. We can also live positioned in the fourth dimension (4D), the person at the right side of the picture. We are captured in the powerful flow of consciousness which may offer us an entry into the higher vibrational levels and we might become lost in the lower vibrational levels. Within the whole continuum of vibrational levels there is the possibility of what might be called psychotic symptoms and episodes. A psychotic symptom or episode can be a channelling of a higher vibrational being, an awakening, an hallucination, a delusion or a split personality. And between these three extremes there are endless positions available to you. How can you understand where you’re living and how can you find entries into more dimensions? Let’s approach this step by step: • The meaning of dimensions for a physical body. • What is the “I” that knows? • How is the “I” connected with your soul? • What is your soul’s purpose? The meaning of dimensions for a physical body The next step on your journey with your experience of life as a human being, is the understanding that your body functions holographically within the intelligent design of the earth and all life on it. This means that your body is surrounded and permeated by the same dimensions which surround and permeate the earth. Your body can access all those same dimensions. With their consciousness, the earth and your body contribute to the dimensions which surround them. This is a bold statement and a very important one! They ceaselessly contribute with their intelligent design to the evolutionary purpose, to the wholeness and the self-management of the bigger whole. The earth and your body are continuously affecting and being affected by the earth-bound and spiritual dimensions. So you see, the earth and your body are not simply playthings at the mercy of a powerful universe. What is...

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Life as a Human Being: The Structure of our Playground!

Posted by on Jun 6, 2018 in Aspects of life

The flow of consciousness organises itself in a magnificent structure to serve you as a human being and offer you the possibility to experience and integrate. You embark on this fascinating exploration with a card from the ChancesToChange board game. This card describes the triad between soul, biological family and your spiritual family. Your soul is an immortal aspect of you. Your soul is a record of all your feelings, emotions and actions throughout your entire life and all of your other life experiences. Your biological family is your parents, their parents, your ancestors and any children you may have. The spiritual world is part of the unseen reality of life through the universe and the galaxies. It is inhabited by spirits that have different gradations of light and darkness just as it is on earth. This article sits with the important and challenging question: How can you weave those three aspects throughout your life as a human being? To help your understanding of this fascinating question, the content of this article has been set out in four sections: What do you need to experience life as a human being? How does the playground look? A close-up of the earth-bound dimensions. A close-up of the 4th   What do you need to experience life as a human being? You definitely need a planet to live on and a body to partner with. You also need a playground with boundaries in space and time to allow you to experience and fully live your life as a human being. The starting point of all this is the flow of consciousness organizing itself into a structure that enables you, as a spiritual being, to experience what it is to be human. Consciousness is the fabric of everything. Out of consciousness all else is created and everything returns to the source of consciousness. Consciousness begins to create the intelligent design of the earth and all life on it. As you have heard in many creation myths or origin stories which can be found in religions and indigenous cultures. Our bodies are an integral part of this intelligent design of the earth. All that consciousness creates also has its own part of consciousness contained in it. This enables a further unfolding of the evolutionary purpose after its creation.   How does the playground look? A dimension is a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension. Inhabitants of each dimension have a different perception of what happens in the universe and in other dimensions. As you can see above some dimensions are more related to the earth and some dimensions are more related to the spiritual spheres. In order for us to have the fullness of our experience as a human being...

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