May you use the Body Tarot as a way to know your self and life as a gift, to experience the magnificent presence that you are.

The Body Tarot: Major Arcana is a deck of cards that reflect and reveal the dynamic evolution of being human. The major arcana is the first in the series of the Body Tarot. Each series is designed to serve as a mirror for you to see more clearly who and what you are. The cards are a tool for discovering and exploring the energy-consciousness of your body and your life. From the microcosm of the cell to the macrocosm of the collective and cosmic realms, the Body Tarot offers you a creative, colourful inquiry into what it means to be human.    

The cards invite you to be with what is present in the moment as you listen to the intelligent design of your body. The reflections you receive can gently open you to a deeper knowing of your physical body, your intelligence, your beliefs, your spirituality, your thoughts and feelings, your health, your healing processes, your gifts and your relationships with other life.

Body Tarot Major Arcana is available for sale: in the US through Sarah and Sherry, in the UK through Leila and in Belgium through Veerle, and any other country through connecting with us.