How can we make Conscious Choices?

Posted by on May 25, 2020 in Chances to change

There is an ongoing, never-ending weaving happening between our true self and all the aspects of our human self. This kaleidoscope creates our reality. It is often so hard for us to make a conscious choice. What does that mean to make a conscious choice? For those of you who have played the C2C game, you will already be familiar with the steps that take us through the game, and for those of you who have yet to play, we felt that including all the steps would perhaps be too much information and detract from the unfolding story.  When you have the opportunity to play with one of our facilitators, the rhythm of the game will become clearer. This is the story of a woman – let’s call her Anna – who has trouble choosing whether to move to a new house with her partner or to stay where she has been living and loves to live. She’s all too aware of these opposing sides within herself:  one side absolutely doesn’t want to move and is afraid of losing her ground if she does. She experiences the new house as too open, unable to protect her.  Anna feels she will be disconnected from her family and friends if she lives there as she sees herself as someone who doesn’t easily create new relationships. On the other side is a part of her that looks forward to having a new adventure and exploring a new environment – this part loves to have new experiences and is excited about life. To help her understand these opposite sides of herself, Anna agreed to play the ChancesToChange board game. Two aspects, two blue cards Anna’s first insight into her reserved side was through the painting on the card of ‘being’. It spoke to her of being ungrounded and yet feeling completely safe and at home. Something very precious was being held in her hands. On reading the card, Anna was struck by the realisation that what she, Anna, is protecting is her true self – “it’s precious and I care for it” she said. As she sat with this awareness and the question offered by the card, she also realised :  “I want to be seen and I don’t want to be seen – I have both sides.” In her next card – the card of ‘relationships’ – representing her adventurous aspect, Anna had the impression of an outwards expanding form and an inwards contracting form, holding a tender place in the middle. Reading the card, what touched her most was the importance in relationships to first care for her own self and from that place move out into relationship. We imagine that many of you can relate to Anna’s dilemma.  Let’s take a moment to sit with what is unfolding here. The magic of listening to our human self Our human self...

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The magic of one meeting with the ChancesToChange board game

Posted by on Apr 25, 2020 in Chances to change

How the actual vibrational state of a player is affected in a subtle way through imagination inspired by paintings and the sound of carefully chosen words. We already know that magic happens as you play the board game – it functions as a ritual, assisting you to pass through specific aspects of your life. And we’ve been wondering what the mystery is that unfolds? In this article we will follow two women who both played with the game; they played with a different version of the game on two consecutive days. The first woman played with the version for organisations and the second woman played with the full vibrational version. What happened in common to both is that they had the same blue card. Let’s start by bringing them both in with the question “what’s here now”. They were then invited to blindly choose a blue card from the deck and share their reflections on the painting. When complete, we invited them to read the text of their blue card out loud followed by any reflections. Their turn was completed as always by asking them to check the matrix. Let’s get started! What’s here now Our first player is dedicated and highly skilled. She loves the organisation she belongs to and at the same time feels she loses so much time in preparing and learning new skills that she doesn’t get to the things that really matter to her. The Coronavirus crisis at this moment offers enormous freedom to her and her colleagues; they need to reinvent how they do their jobs and set their own boundaries. Everything is available in this enormous library of life and which book is the one you need? She doesn’t perceive herself as a leader – she is a part of the greater whole and that requires a great deal of compromising with many needs and expectations. What she brings to the game today is: “I lose my own voice in service of the ‘we’!” The second player also connects to what’s here now for her. It is her experience at this moment that she still hesitates to stand in the light. What she brings to the game is: “What is my fear to be in the light?” Reflections on the painting Both women blindly choose a blue card from the deck. They both receive card number 10. The first woman comments on the painting of the card are: “I want to bring in my own colours which I can see at the right side of the painting, and there are strong algae like structures that are invading me. My own colours disappear.” The second woman has a different perception: “I perceive cheerful colours, joy and fire. I discern three parts in the card which are inspiring each other; here and there I see how they gently touch each other. I see waves...

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How can the ChancesToChange board game be of service to you?

Posted by on Apr 1, 2020 in Chances to change

We are listening to your unique experience and how you give meaning to what is happening. We are shapeshifting a field of fear into a flow of joy, ease and love. These are special times. What is your current story? What is underneath the Coronavirus outbreak? What might really be happening? What is the essence of the Corona outbreak? Maybe it is the choice either to go for fear or to go for joy, ease and love; the choice to stay in survival mode or to go for new opportunities.  Fear brings more fear and limitations on all levels of our being. Joy, ease and love create health and the possibility of new beginnings.  What if we experience the Coronavirus outbreak as a flow where we can choose which forms with their related functions we create. What will we cover in this article: Experiencing the Coronavirus outbreak as a flowThe major players of the board gameWhat gives you strength and power in these timesThe dance between our small self and our true self Experiencing the Coronavirus outbreak as a flow Flow, form and function is the movement in all of existence. If we are willing to consider the possibility that the Coronavirus outbreak is a flow of life force we open up to many possible choices with regard to the forms and functions that are able to unfold. We give our self the possibility to be responsive to what happens in our life and to live with ease and joy. Yes there is the fear and yes there is the reality of people dying. It is important that we don’t underestimate the fear in the collective field, it is dense and sticky. It is invisible and contagious. Our small selves are very susceptible to fear. Each of us has his or her unique way in which our small self processes fear. Some of us experience panic attacks, some of us try to control, others stay calm and try to fix, analyse, rationalise. Some will become angry or blame. These are all survival modes related to, and triggered by, the field of fear. There are a lot of ramifications caused by a collective field paralysed by fear or being governed by fear.  Fear has no power in itself, but when so many people, organisations and systems invest in fear, it becomes overwhelming. We are allowing fear to have authority over us, creating a loop of fear. The only solution is to move our attention from fear-based choices towards our true self, aligning us to what really matters to us. What is the underlying message of the outbreak, what is it bringing us? If we consider this outbreak as a flow of life force, we are able to see it as part of the intelligent design of the earth and all life on it and as part of our evolution. This is the...

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The Corona Virus a Threat or a Treat? Part three

Posted by on Mar 18, 2020 in Aspects of life

How can we expand our awareness to reach beyond our day-to-day reality and access a huge hidden potential which has always existed outside time and space?  It is fascinating to witness what is happening to us and around us in this moment. The corona outbreak unfolds globally and affects countries and people without any exclusion. This creates a web of fear that is fed by many of us and related to a whole variety of reasons. These reasons are the effects of the infection and the effects of all the measures taken worldwide in attempts to limit the spreading of the virus. What does the infection mean for you personally, for your loved ones, for the ones you rely on for your daily needs? Are you afraid to die through the infection? How is your life affected by the measures around the outbreak? How much authority do you give to fear? Fear has no power or effect on itself, it receives power over us by the energy we individually and collectively give it. In this series of articles, we meet the fear and the Corona Virus and all that comes with it by playing the ChancesToChange board game. We even dare to assume that the Corona virus might be our chance to change! Let’s start with summarizing. What did we discover so far The first article gently starts by inviting us to centre and to listen to our body and its innate wisdom. We realise that our body might welcome the corona virus as a long-awaited guest. The article brings us the awareness of unity consciousness and of the fact that the Corona virus is a form of consciousness belonging to unity consciousness just like you and me. Unity consciousness is an aspect of being human and points to the fact that all our thoughts, feelings and actions affect all the consciousness around us and that we in turn are affected by all the consciousness in the universe. The second article brings us in direct contact with the Corona virus as it speaks to us through the collective field. Many of us would name that channeling. We will further elaborate on this in this article. The Corona virus shares some pretty amazing content around who and what it is and how it serves the evolutionary purpose of all life! The blue card of movement reminds us how all our choices affect the health of the earth and all life on it. How there is freedom when choices are not based on fear. The second article completed with a great deal of interesting and intriguing questions and there are more questions arising. How can we have new experiences related with the outbreak of the Corona virus not based upon the imprints in the collective field but on the essence of the collective field? How can we live our lives to...

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The corona virus a threat or a treat? Part two

Posted by on Mar 6, 2020 in Aspects of life

What if this outbreak offers us a whole new way of being and has the possibility to create an impact on the health of the earth and all life on it? Are you ready to continue our engagement with the Corona virus? Are you willing to consider the possibility to change the prominent story of the Corona virus? What if the Corona virus is not a threat? What do we take with us from the first article in this series? The possibility that the Corona virus is a long awaited guest in our house and an inner knowing that all in creation, also viruses, is consciousness and originates from the same source.  The Corona virus outbreak causes a lot of disruption in our social life, our health and our economy, locally and globally. We know where it starts, we have no clue how it unfolds and what will happen next. There is a great deal in the unknown. What is happening in our sourcing week with the ChancesToChange community as we play our organisation into being? A player throws a yellow dot The image shows you the instructions we follow this time. In the silence we all centre, we observe and listen to what is happening to and around us. We are engaging with the collective field. In the collective field we leave imprints of what we as humanity create and have created. It also contains imprints of all our other lives, of archetypes, family and system constellations. It is a rich archive and is our playground as a human being. It is where we engage with other life forms, such as the corona virus. Through the listening to the collective field we are able to receive information from this field. This is what the player receives as a message from the corona virus: “I am here with a purpose. I have been laying dormant for eons and now is the time. I am not a mutant, I am pure DNA, pure and very ancient knowledge and I come to the surface in this very precise timing. I have been waiting, I have been observing and I have been witnessing. I have been everywhere and nowhere. I am part of a whole new way of being, a new way of doing and knowing things, whatever that might be. I am old, very very old. I have always existed and came with the first spark of life to the planet. I exist beyond time and space and there beyond time and space I deliver my offering. Children are often able to see me, understand me and acknowledge me. I have very strong vibrations. I am lonely, I am old, even ancient and what I offer is something completely unheard of, it is something that has been hidden, asleep for a very long time.” We are deeply touched. How does this...

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