Welcome to our ChancesToChange movement

Dear visitor,

ChancesToChange is a wildly original board game and it is also a movement to create heaven on earth for everyone.

How can we allow the interaction between our soul, the soil and our society so that we respect life in all its complexity and arrive at a win-win-win situation?

Life unfolds with the chaos that accompanies the change that is happening. It is a huge invitation to embrace the chaos and release all our roles and ideas about who and what we are and even how we serve.

We play with a consciousness, an invitation to become aware that we all are from one source and that all is connected. The light is there for all of us, no one is excluded. Through our ChancesToChange movement we know there is a divine plan spread out in the collective field. We all see a piece of it and we have the choice to stay with that piece or joyfully expand our perspective to allow many pieces to come together into a greater whole. This can be the recipe needed for our society to become vibrant and alive in alignment with our soul and the soil.

– Veerle De Bock